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Matrix 40mm M203 Grenade Launcher for M4 M16 Series Airsoft Rifles (Model: Short Type / Black)

45 Customer Reviews

by michael z. on 06/19/2022
"secures well to the rails on my m4 with no wobble. the locking mechanism holds well and easy to access, Im left handed and i have no trouble hitting the release lever
by Ian R. on 02/08/2022
"Great product, gor it for my brother on Christmas and it works great, if I used a rifle I would buy one for myself aswell
by Sean B. on 05/12/2021
"Solid launcher, decent quality for the price. Functions just like the real thing for that added immersion factor. Only negative like others said is barrel clamp. I tried to attach to a Specna SAC-01 with rail attachment and the clamp wouldn’t reach the barrel. Also the thicker rail adapter pushes the launcher down enough that the trigger almost touches the guard, which looks and functions kind of weird. You can kind of see the difference in the pics from the rail mount to barrel mount and the amount of space for your finger. There are no instructions on how to undo the barrel clamp. You have to move a spring clip from around a pin, then depress that pin to release the clamp. Not difficult, but not obvious on how to operate.
by Joseph B. on 02/06/2020
"so I see this fits underneath the barrel of your gun. I have a charger that is supposed to go there does this mean my gun isn't compatible or that the launcher itself has a battery holder in it?
by Lucian H. on 09/27/2018
"Required modification to attach this to a Krytac, as well as some internal adjustments to fire the no -reset grenades I have. That said, It attaches quick and easy, feels sturdy, and hasn't had any issues with accidental discharge or shell ejection. for what it costs, A+
by Samuel B. on 05/24/2018
"Strong awsom looking launcher
Spread (could hit the guy nexst to you)
Multi mount
Colors to match your gun
Great lock and release system

Barrel clamp sometimes dosen work (to small)
Thats it
by Bramley B. on 09/10/2017
"Great grenade launcher. I love the light weight. Served me well with my king arms m16a3. Recently I upgraded to a KWA VM4A1 with a quad rail system, and I swapped out the mount. I love this feature. I can use it with pretty much any gun with a rail, or any m4 without. Great buy
by jacob r. on 07/02/2017
"Got the m203 long it fits amazing with my apex MK4 rifle love the light weight it fits 40mm shells snug and I would recommend this to anyone who loves running a m203 but hates the weight don't get me wrong it still adds some weight but not as much as a metal m203

Well made
Three types of attachments for different types of rifles ( ris rails under barrel etc)
Light weight

Don't come with shells
Orange tip(but is easy to remove)
You don't have one if you like m203
by Keith K. on 05/11/2017
"The 203 lanucher arrived today. I couldn't wait to install it. Very easy installation. The only thing i had to remove the front sling mount. Fits on the M4 great. Love the look. Now have to get some 203 rounds to try it. Thanks evike, fast shipment arrived packed and on time. Your order staff are spot on, keep it up the great work.
by Alex I. on 04/02/2017
"Excellent value for the money and works great with any shell! The plastic is very strong and easily puts up with a lot of abuse. Have been launching evike balls with multipurpose shells over 150 ft. Don't hesitate to pick this up. And my orange cap also flew off after a few shots, but i"m not complaining!
by Jack M. on 02/26/2017
"To be honest this is probably the best launcher on the market currently. I purchased the long/black version when it was only $45.00 and have had a blast using it. It gives your gun that intimidation factor as well as makes a pretty loud noise when it goes off (for me at least). As the video says its incredibly light and I don't see it breaking on me anytime soon. So if you're thinking of picking this up as a fun purchase, do it!
by Jason R. on 12/04/2016
"This is a cool launcher that fits many different platforms. Shoots well and feels solid. Good weight and looks very cool.
It is loud! But that is based on the shell you use.
Orange cap comes off!
by Randall T. D. on 10/17/2016
"I have just received it in the mail today. This thing looks great right out of the box. It has a solid feel, look, and makes your weapon of choice look beefy and more intimidating.

I test fired it at some cans using Pro-Arms 48 round shell and was happy with the results. Great grenade launcher.

Solid build
Great look
Great feel
3 in 1 for many mounting options

Did not come with instructions... but youtube shows you anything :)
by Daniel E. on 10/14/2016
"Overall, this is a great launcher. It fits on a gun and makes cheaters call 'hit', just like it's supposed to. It has a good weight to it, and everything is sturdy.

- Launchers a lot of beebees at once when needed.
- Can be attached to anything with a barrel or RIS (this is a generalization)

Was skeptical about the barrel not being metal but I have came to enjoy the light weight. The barrel is made out of very strong material and I don't see it breaking on me.
by Jason K. on 10/14/2016
"Overall a well-built airsoft launcher!
Everything is nice and solid with very little wobble, and the included adapters will bolt this to ANYTHING.

I personally have attached this model to the lower RIS rail on my G&G CQB_R Blowback M4.
The fit is very tight and the launcher barrel is similar in length to the rifle's "silencer"

Fits almost all barrel types
RIS adapter for generic mounting
Solid feel and construction
Very efficient "spent shell" retractor