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EMG / Salient Arms International 2011 DS Airsoft Training Weapon (Model: CNC Full Steel Limited Edition 5.1)

62 Customer Reviews

by Kyl M. on 01/02/2020
"Great gun great accuracy looks amazing kicks good love this gun thanks evike
by James K. on 01/30/2019
"The gun feels great and runs very smoothly. The first CO2 mag leaked but Evike customer support was very helpful and they sent me a new one very quickly.
by Liam S. on 12/18/2018
"I won this in the box of awesomeness and it bieng my first EMG product, I was blown away. The weight is amazing. (I can’t imagine how heavy the full steel version would be). It came with the Co2 magazine and since I live in colder climates,this is great. The one complaint is the magazine. The Co2 is a little hard to screw into the mag without pliers,but that isn’t too much of a surprise. The one that I received had a leaky magazine,but Evike covered that so I’m happy. If you got through this review without dying of boredom, then congratulations!!! Thanks for taking the time to read this.
by Christopher R. on 11/08/2018
"I finally bought this pistol about three months ago after eyeing it for a good while. My first side arm was an EF 1911 so I was looking to upgrade. Man oh man does this thing perform. I bought the 5.1 Green Gas version. It feels so good in your hand and has a really great weight to it. It feels solid to grip and aim with. The magazine has a really large baseplate that you have to take off to fill it with green gas, and thats kind of annoying. I use .28s with it and I have never touched the hopup and it shoots far and accurate. The flat trigger feels really awesome and allows for some good rapid fire which this pistol is very capable of.

Good weight
Solid Grip
Mag Capacity both bbs and green gas
Good range
Mags are below $30
I could go on and on

Lare Baseplate, and having to remove it to fill with gas
(Personally I love the look the baseplate gives it)

Also, Evike recommends a Matrix hardshell holster, DO NOT BUY IT FOR THIS PISTOL. Buy a Blackhawk Serpa CQC for 1911s.
by ron o. on 09/10/2018
"The 2011 DS is a very robust and has a hard kick very accurate love all the marking glad I pick this up to add to my Airsoft Arsenal it's very well built with alot of feature like the real steel I'd recommend it to anyone thanks Evike for designing this gun ....
by Craig F. on 09/01/2018
"won this in a box of awesomeness, gun feels good in your hand has a nice weight to it, had no problems when testing it out fired straight and powerful. easy to load and gas up. thanks Evike.
Craig F
by Allison E. on 08/07/2018
"I have owned this gun for over 12 months and it still never fails me. I have dropped it, smashed it into walls, had dirt and dust caked on and in it, but after some thorough cleaning, its as good as new. I have never had a single problem with this gun !

I highly recommend this gun if you're looking for something that will last you a very long time, that is robust, and that can effectively reach a short to mid range with amazing accuracy.
by Brian Y. on 07/05/2018
"This pistol is WOW! Feels real, finish feels real, shoots amazing!
by Wesley S. on 06/13/2018
"I have been using this pistol for about 3 months now and here are my thoughts.

Well made, by far the best I have used and fired when it comes to Airsoft.
Shoots consistent, accurate.
Good range

Handles well.

con: None
by Jeff L. on 05/23/2018
"This is an amazing piece of arsenal to add to your treasure chest of tools. This pistol is so nice it will make all your other pistol and your friend's pistols look bad. For reals.
by Joseph T. on 05/09/2018
"Ok so first off this is my first Gas Blow Back pistol.

I won this in the Players Choice box of Awesomeness, and I have to say it preforms as well as I could expect. The Gas mags have a good solid feel to them and they hold gas very well usually there's enough left in the mag for 3-4 additional shots.

One caviot, WE Hicapa mags DO fit, but you will need to modify the base plate on the in order for them to slide in enough to fully lock in place.
by Blanca F. on 03/22/2018
"This is by far the BEST GBB I have ever owned. Right out of the box, it shoots super accurately, and is extremely gas efficient, I got around 1.8 mags worth of gas for around 8-10 seconds of WE TECH brand green gas. This gun is also extremely good looking, it has all the correct markings and trademarks that a real SAI 2011 has, I think it's worth every single penny! My setup, includes an ACE 1 ARMS RMR sight from JKARMY, and a Olight PL-2 Valkyrie Tac Light, this is one of the only lights I know of that will fit this guns rail, These kinds of Hi-Capas are known to have rails incompatible with most attachments. That's all I have to say, it's a great gun IMO just buy it if you have the money, its perfect, the internals are great, the accuracy and range is great too, it's a beast of a pistol.
by Wyatt H. on 02/15/2018
"This is by far the best gbb pistol Ive ever bought great accuracy and great range must buy for all airsofters
by Tim E. on 10/13/2017
"Just got it in yesterday. I like the look and feel of it alot. It has a nice sound and kick to it and so far the efficiency on shots is great. Havent got to test how many mags it empties on one co2 but I am sure it is close to two on what i have tried so far. The co2 turn screw to pop the canister is really hard to turn with your fingers.Dont know if that is just the mags i got but I just used like a metal clip to help turn it. Great buy and for the high mag, surely worth it. My favorite side arm so far.
by Brian W. on 08/03/2017
Hard kick
Awesome weight/feel
Turns heads
Fits Blackhawk "Omnivore" holster
Real-steel trademarks
Accurate with tight groupings

Had to grind down the rail for my real steel sure fire X300 ultra weapon light (That was painful).
Orange tip was a bear to get off. I scratched up my barrel removing it.