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Swiss Arms Licensed 226 Collector's Edition Spring Powered Airsoft Pistol (Color: Black)

13 Customer Reviews

by Hank W. on 05/12/2022
"The P226 is my favorite model of handgun so naturally I had to have this airsoft replica. It is quite nice as others have said but I wish the bottom half had more weight to it, as it is it's pretty top heavy. Also the magazines have a bb release button on the top which would make it impossible to put in my leg holster but it's okay because I don't have any extra mags for this pistol. It seems like the only way to get more mags is to just buy another pistol. The slide pulls back very smoothly and the trigger pull is very crisp. My only real issue is my particular gun fires up and to the right of the iron sights but it is still very consistent and accurate otherwise. Overall a very nice plinker and replica.
by David L. on 01/22/2022
"This is not only an excellent classic style SIG P226 replica, it's also and outstanding spring pistol that feels great to use. This is the exact same design that Cybergun has been selling under manufacture by KWC for years, originally under their HPA (Heavy Powerful Accurate) Metal Slide line a decade or so ago.

The slide pull is smooth and has a quality feel, weight is very balanced, trigger pull feels good, and firing motion is solid start to finish. The hammer is hollow on one side but it still feels solid. The magazine is a rather loose fit but this can be remedied by adding a small square of thin adhesive foam to the non-spring side to allow it to fit more solidly. The spring catch on the magazine is also a bit of a pain to lock down and it must be manually flicked back into position once loaded, as it is not automatically engaged once inserted like with most pistols. Aside from that everything is spectacular and the gun truly is powerful and accurate.

Only negative is that the picture that is shown is not exactly what is shipping these days (the black model anyway). Instead of the SIG Sauer P226 engraving on the slide, it'll have the Swiss Arms name and logo. I suppose that's fine, it's still licensed by the same company (even though neither Swiss Arms nor SIGARMS still exist in name), but no P226 marking anywhere kind of stinks when that's what is shown.
by Nasir B. on 05/15/2021
"This gun is really pretty. It has everything you could want in an airsoft pistol except for of course a slide release. If you don't pull the slide back all the way, it does kind of lock there, but any "intense" action like inserting the mag or flicking the gun forwards will send it forwards. I guess you can make-believe or whatever.

Functioning hammer and safety, really clean iron sights, and I'd say the weight fits me perfectly so I'm happy, and for the price, it's definitely high quality. Comfortable grip, and it does of course look really good compared to a real P226. A great buy for it's price
by Christopher M. on 01/30/2021
"I love this gun, it's one of my favorites. For starters, it's a really nice replica of the P226. Everything is where it should be, including the safety and mage release, just like on the real gun. The hammer also functions, for aesthetic purposes. The slide is metal and the lower receiver and magazine are plastic. The magazine has a bit of weight to it, but I wish it had a bit more as the gun is somewhat top heavy. Firing it is nice, the gun has nice action. It shoots a bit higher than I'd like it to, so I wish the hop-up was adjustable. It would probably work itself out if I shot from farther back, but I'm limited by the confines of my apartment. But, that's easy to adjust for. All said, this is a really nice gun for the price.
by colleen h. on 10/13/2020
"best spring airsoft pistol you can buy so good.
by liam h. on 07/27/2020
"its a very good solid pistol and the metal slide feels very nice and it can shoot very far and acurute this is the best spring aisoft pistol ever
by Ben D. on 03/10/2020
"So despite Evike saying it’s a full metal pistol is false, it has only a metal slide. I was worried this would make it top heavy but it’s very well balanced. The magazine is also metal, or parts of it are, this makes the weight even more evenly balanced throughout the gun and makes it damn near close to the weight of a real gun. It looks very nice, imo it’s one of the nicest looking pistols you can buy. Fits very comfortably in the hand and the slide has just the right amount of resistance. One of my favorite parts, the safety actually locks up the whole gun... no my last one didn’t have that

Looks nice
Reliable safety
High quality construction

Trigger and hammer feels a bit cheap
Hammer is only enclosed on one side, the other side you can see where it was in the mold... this is an easy fix tho
by Gagik M. on 09/18/2019
"Thank you so much, I am very pleased. This gun is the best I have ever had.
by John V. on 08/25/2019
"This is the best air spring pistol I have ever seen!
by Ryan H. on 12/22/2018
"This is the best spring pistol I've used! The title is misleading though, this is not a full metal pistol.

Good Power
Metal slide
Quite accurate
Feels great in the hand

Mag rattles in the handle
Not full metal, despite evike saying it is - it's only a metal slide
by Fanny M. on 10/23/2018
"Metal slide, plastic frame... (NOT FULL METAL) BUT I digress, it works fine shoots great and is pretty fun to mess with when I'm bored
by David K. on 06/28/2018
"Surprisingly durable and high quality. This is probably one of the best spring pistols I've ever seen. Solid construction and you can actual take out the pin (with a little force) to take off the slide. You should definitely get this as a fun toy but it could probably even he a decent sidearm in cab with .12s.
by Daniel H. on 05/06/2020
"It's not FULL METAL like title says. Only Slider is metal. Shoots good though.