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Colt 100th Anniversary Licensed Full Metal M1911 A1 Airsoft CO2 GBB by KWC (Version: 370 FPS Version)

75 Customer Reviews

by Manuel R. on 03/27/2021
"After my 20 minutes of using this, I loved it. However, it was short lived after attempting to remove the orange tip, I ended up melting it into the gun.....
by David or Virginia H. on 01/17/2021
"Very strong, full metal, everything we hoped for. Look forward to trying them out on a Milsim.
by David C. on 12/27/2020
"I bought one of these used and beat the living hell out of it in sub zero temps in alaskan winter, gearboxes cracking and battery’s useless, but this gun never failed once, I’m currently on this page buying another simply because mine is so beat aesthetically. 10/10 most durable airsoft gun I’ve ever used.
by Matthew P. on 12/13/2020
"This was My Beginning Pistol and I love it! Full metal everything feels just like the real thing I’ve had it for 2 years only damage I had was the o-ring in the magazine after excessive use but it is easy to replace 10/10 pistol if you love the 1911 model this is definitely for you if your just starting off!
by James H. on 09/17/2020
"Pistol is very good. Full metal everything except the grip.
Feels and acts like the real 1911. 10/10

You are able to take off the orange tip if you like And add a suppressor or anything I’m pretty sure it’s 12mm
by Shawn f. on 09/03/2020
"Absolutly amazing gun this and the tanfoglio are both rocking 1911's for the leaky mag cut off a bit of the finger of a latex glove or equivalant put it over the Co2 cartrage with a little bit of gun oil that does the trick. Now if only the can find a way to implement a real ejector, I would buy a few of these
by Marcus M. on 07/28/2020
"The airsoft pistol I always wanted, like the colt trademarks on it and shoots awesome with .20g bios.

It goes perfect with my WW2 D'Day reenactment gear and my Vietnam reenactment gear

If there are any reenactors out there, this pistol will fit most of those era's holsters.

For example

M1912 holster

M1916 holster

M3 shoulder holster

M7 shoulder holster etc.

Other then that, it is an awesome pistol!
by Garrett R. on 04/30/2020
"Got this gun In December, overall it's pretty good but you run out of co2 pretty fast, idk if the mags leaking or not but you have to change co2 pretty much every 4 games (I use this as a primary because I play with a riot shield). With there were larger mags though.
by Tyler B. on 12/31/2019
"I bought the 370fps as my go to sidearm (I also have a HK USP N2 full size) and at the same time by buddy bought a Biohazard M9 and was giving me crap that my gun would break quickly with its high FPS. I'm proud to say that after the same amount of use his slide has blown off and mine is still going strong. Not to mention that this gun is excellent for outdoors use and an absolute terror they are afraid to go against.
by Joey R. on 11/25/2019
"Iv got one that's six years old and it still works fine. I got to clean it up but that's all the maintenance needed.
by Grayson J. on 11/10/2019
"The pistol shoots amazing and has a very high fps for a pistol but the slide never locked back for me out of the box and after about 6 months of use a spring in the slide got caught on something and now the slide cant move all the way into position. Overall amazing gun but through use may come some issues (as expected with all airsoft guns) I do recommend this pistol and i think my case is rare because i have not heard of this happening to other owners.
by Santiago M. on 07/23/2019
"This guns build, performance and durability is outstanding. It’s a well done pistol
by Song L. on 12/14/2018
"After all these years, I finally had the courage to purchase this gun, and let me tell you. It is the best airsoft gbb pistol you can buy for the price. It's a classic gun and you will not regret the looks of it. The recoil is awesome and shoots really hot. The first shot of every CO2 cartridge is usually over 400 FPS and will hang around 350 FPS until at least the 3rd or 4th magazine. I am able to shoot 6 magazines loaded with 12 .20 grams 6mm BBs before the CO2 cartridge is dispersed. Although the magazine can hold 17 BBs (as advertised) I recommend not loading anything past 14 or 15. I've been using .20 gram BBs, but I think the gun shoots too hot for such a light round, BBs tend to curve upwards at about 30ft even with the hop-up on the lowest setting. This could be just my airsoft pistol, but I recommend shooting at least .25 gram to .30 gram bbs.

~shoots very hot and accurate
~classic gun and great for the price
~great recoil
~easy disassembly/easy cleaning
~full metal

-magazine is hard to load if you have short nails
-additional magazines are a bit expensive
by David C. on 07/18/2018
"This is a 11/10 airsoft gun. If you have any doubt about buying, JUST DO IT! (recommend .20g bbs)

-laser beam accuracy
-1-4 mags for every co2
-great kick (a kid could shoot)
-good range

-hard to load with short nails (with long nails its fine)
-sometimes when i rack the slide, and a bb is already chambered a bb falls out. (rarely)

great buy!
by Tyler L. on 07/13/2018