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"Operator Profile PVC Hex Patch" Player Class Series (Class: Sniper)

13 Customer Reviews

by Joshua G. on 01/04/2019
"Looks great! It's pretty small, so you can fit a bunch of these easily on your plate carrier.
by Joshua G. on 01/04/2019
"Looks great! It's pretty small, so you can fit a bunch of these easily on your plate carrier.
by YA BOI DAVID S. on 05/25/2018
"I just realized there is no patch for the Pyro. I still love the Team Fortress 2 related patches though
by YA BOI DAVID S. on 09/20/2017
"I love it. Great patch. Idk if I'm the only one that got the TF2 reference. These are the patches each of the classes wears on their shoulders. This made me laugh because I've played the game almost since it came out and still play it a little. Great Product and a good boost in morale.
by Jonathan R. on 08/25/2017
"i Got the Assault class. and gotta say love it looks great will be buying the medic one soon!!!
by Kyle D. on 02/23/2017
"I got both the assault and the support patches, as I run both. I have to say, they stick well and look great.
by Andrew G. on 11/10/2016
"Great patch I just added to my collection, too bad there's not enough vehicles to repair on the field! Haha
by Andrew G. on 11/10/2016
"Yup another one for my collection! It looks very good on my IFAK, as well right next to the other 3 operator profile hex patches I got.
by Andrew G. on 11/10/2016
"Another great patch from Evike! An awesome way to show your support lol
by Shannon w. on 09/14/2016
"This patch makes me 99% better at sniping.

But for real tho, cool patch
by Andrew G. on 07/08/2016
"Awesome little patch to add to my collection!
by Tamer K. on 06/19/2016
"Before I put on this patch, I was but lowly infantry. I could only use carbines, shotguns, and DMRs. I only had my SG 553 and a M412 REX to fend off against the onslaught of the Chinese army. Until, I put on this patch.

Suddenly, an RPG appeared in my hand, and a blowtorch in another. A helicopter was gunning down a friendly tank. I took care of it, then went to my tank's aid and... blow torched it.

There was an enemy medic sneaking up behind me. He had the Stealth boost. I reach for my carbine, but it wasn't there. It was replaced with an FN P90. I pointed it at my enemy and a wave of .57 rounds engulfed him whole.

Engineer best girl.
by Andrew B. on 10/03/2016
"Pretty good, considering i'm the only guy in my friends group that can actually fix airsoft guns.