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KWC MAC 11 CO2 Powered Airsoft SMG

8 Customer Reviews

by Seth R. on 05/28/2021
"Very good gun

Extremely accurate and the disassembly is so easy
The only downside to this gun is that there isn't a fully automatic select fire option.
Other than that the gun is light and overall one of the best guns I've had below $100

Would definitely recommend
by Josiah P. on 12/20/2016
"KWC Mac 11 Co2 DOA NBB SMG! It clocks in at 450-550fps with .20g bbs, oh no it's not your standard cqb specialist weapon, but it can perform with the best AEG or GBB out there. It's only semi-automatic however it holds a realistic 46-50 rounds in an extended magazine, and is dead accurate at 100 ft point and shoot. It is gas efficient thanks to its NBB feature and it is Range efficient thanks to its 6.04mm tight bored barrel, but the best feature is it's co2 DOA operating system that allows for reliable and stable shots everytime. I am pleased to make this my primary weapon. Quality SMG at a affordable price...who needs full auto anyway?
by Cyrus F. on 03/08/2024
"Listen up: this gun is a sleeper. You will not find much this cheap that is this effective. I got two of these for my kids and they have been great for over 2 years now with high round counts.
Externals: nothing special, but the plastic is very durable. You CAN'T break it without trying. The stock is somewhat delicate, but if you treat it with respect, it's fine apart from flaws in the original firearm's design. The butt part is steel, but the rails are pot metal. It's very good pot metal and destructive examination revealed a fine grain with no bubbles.* There is some slight slop in the outer barrel.
Internals: the barrel moves and has a fixed hop. It is decent. The mechanism is DAO. The only openings to the environment are the muzzle and mag well, so internal maintenance is not likely to ever be needed. The sights are atrocious, but that's a problem from the real one as well.*
Performance: Shoots more accurately than most pistols but not as good as an AEG. Mush of this inconsistency is due to the loose outer barrel and the variability of gas pressure. Shimming the outer barrel really helps accuracy. Stock, think pop cans at 20-30 meters first try. Shimmed, you can get to 50. Velocity seems above what it advertised, but I don't have a chrono. It hops .23 and .25 well and overhops .2s. Gas efficacy is good, Look for 200-250 shots on a 12g. It holds gas forever, too. You SHOULDN'T leave it charged, but it will let you get away with it.
Things to look out for: The seal on the co2 piercer can go bad if you don't lubricate it periodically, especially in cold weather.
Gripes: The mag is single stack and holds 26-28 BBs. It ought to be double stack/50 round. It's also fiddly as all get out to load and can't really be loaded by speed loader. This drastically erodes the combat effectiveness of the gun. I guess that's where the corners really got cut for the price. While this might sound major, it's not THAT bad, i just wish it were better.
Overall: This would be a killer backup/secondary or an acceptable primary, especially for smaller shooters. It is dead reliable, even in weather so horrible you would not want to play in it (It's worked fine down to -40). The low entry cost is attractive, just remember that CO2 and spare mags will push that cost up in the future. My boys have mostly outgrown these, but they still shoot them in yard frequently. I do not regret getting these, and they eat LPEGs and springers for lunch at a similar price point.

* I modified the guns heavily a year ago, giving them fixed stocks, rail systems, and silencers. The results will hang with many AEGs until the spare mags are empty.
by Manuel F. on 02/10/2024
"For the price, I'd definitely say this thing isn't half bad. The charging handle doesn't actually move, and neither does the fire selector, both are only cosmetic, however, the stock does extend, and is metal. The gun has what seems to be a double action trigger, meaning it's slightly heavier than a typical semi auto trigger but it's definitely manageable, and means all you have to do to fire is put your mag in and pull the trigger, no priming necessary. As far as gas consumption goes, this thing is great, I was able to get over 7 fully loaded magazines off of one CO2 canister which is great! My biggest complaints are the magazine release and the insertion and removal of the magazine, which are rather gritty compared to other options, but on the plus side spare magazines are somewhat cheap so this would be great as a starter cqb gun.
by solstice r. on 05/17/2021
"it works, just consider it a PCC not an SMG
_no full auto
_double action trigger (like a snub nose) heavy trigger pull
_plastic body
_carry a allen key with you to change c02
_conserves co2 well get 3 mags per cart or more
_hits decently hard and fairly acurate
_extendable stock gives some stability
overall 4/5****
by Mason D. on 12/18/2021
"good for the price

very cheap stock

good fps

overall 6-7/10
by Elisa W. on 01/22/2021
"As non-blowbacks go, this is a halfway decent gun, however buyer beware: as of the writing of this, the description on Evike says it has a 42 round mag, but in reality it actually is 26 rd. This is probably a simple mistake based on the fact that there's likely a 4.5mm steel bb version of this that DOES have 42 rd capacity, and they got the info mixed up. Aside from that, it does have a bit of a sharp drop at the end of the bb's trajectory as it has no (or maybe fixed) hop-up, but still has pretty good range regardless. Perhaps the most annoying detail for me was how hard it is to load the bbs in the mag; it has this weird thing where you have to pretty much load them one at a time while tilting the mag forward, which would be pretty hard to do during a game, and to make things even worse, the spring in the mag has to be held down while loading, as appose to sticking like most do. And because the co2 is held in the mags, that means extra one are expensive ($20 bucks in this case). Overall, I'd say it's halfway decent, but probably not worth the price in light of the above annoyances.
by Lane P. on 03/31/2017
"I bought this gun expecting nothing good but I've had for a year or two and it's a lot of fun, still not worth how much I spent, I'll rate 3/5, decent but don't advise.