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6mmproShop CTS Carbine Battery Stock for M4 M16 Series Rifles (Model: Black / Stock Only)

34 Customer Reviews

by Joseph R. on 09/30/2020
"10/10 best stock, fits my echo 1 gat buffer tube for echo 1 gat. I have tried 3 other brands of stocks and none would fit my echo 1 gat buffer tube, the 6mm pro shop one fits! So happy finally made my gat into a short barrel rifle.

Solid construction, no wobble, sturdy plastic feeling not cheap plastic.
by Stephen M. on 04/07/2020
"Awesome stock. Tons of room for batteries, I'm currently running 2 separate stick batteries, one in each side, and stock tube is empty. Has a little wiggle, but overall solid. Has a sweet rubber buttpad.
by Johannes T. on 03/03/2020
"It is a great stock. I bought it with the EMG buffer tube TM spec (electric blue) and the fit is great. It does not move at all if you don't want it to and when you actually move it it is smooth and stiff (in a good way).

You only need 1 tool to put it on the buffer (that I had) and that is either a small hex wrench or a punch pin tool. I used a punch pin tool and removed the pin that was holding the latch mechanism together and it was quick to reassemble after doing so.

The aesthetics are great, it is a very good looking stock and feels great to the shoulder. The battery compartment is roomy and has well enough space to fit most batteries (especially nun chucks).

Great product.
by Andrew M. on 02/09/2020
"Got this stock for Christmas to replace the old stock I had on my SR-16 since I bought it. Putting it on will be a bit of a challenge. Tools and brute strength is what would be recommended for the assembly as there is an annoying spring you have to get in the right place and fit a bolt into it without shifting the spring out of place. All I had to do was Indiana Jones the bolt with a screwdriver that was small enough to fit into the hole the bolt is supposed to go into. But other than that, once it's all said and done, it is firmly attached to your gun with no intentions of moving unless you want it to. Rubber padding makes it comfortable and versatile. Taking the padding off is strange at first but if you do it once, you can do it easily without a struggle. I would highly recommend this stock to anyone who's interested in getting a new stock for their gun.
by justin w. on 05/30/2018
"love this stock....its on all my rifles ordered 4 total.....fits g&g perfect...for my G&P I had to modify just a little
by Paul W. on 04/01/2018
"Fits VERY TIGHT on my BRO 15, rubber back plate pops off a little too easily if you slide the buffer tube down too fast.
only downside i had was i needed to pull the set pin back with a pair of pliers to get it onto my buffer tube.

Looks great
Super Tight fit

Difficult to install
by Tonathiu A. on 11/03/2017
"an excellent product of very high quality at very low cost and an excellent brand is nothing more to say that it is recommended to buy it very comfortable
by Alex H. on 09/14/2017
"No wobble.
Hard to install.
Put something between the tab and the pin bar. Pull on tab, and then install.
by Xavier L. on 08/18/2017
"It's a tight fit. At first I thought it would fit my m4. But with a little force and patience I got it on. Very comfortable and well made, not bad for the price you pay for it.
by Curtis P. on 07/26/2017
"Ordered this for my G&G CM16 SRXL (M4) and it is amazing. My original stock wasn't big enough to hold my 7.4 nunchuck battery. This stock fits big batteries very well with plenty of space. No wobbles. It was difficult to put on at first but you'll figure it out. Took me about 20 seconds and then I got it. The extra angle of it fits nicely into and onto your shoulder. I tend to rest it on my shoulder (since I used to paintball) - very comfortable. I get a ton of compliments from others every time I play.

Best stock I've owned so far!
by Carlos L. on 07/06/2017
"Super Comfy
The stock fit very tighly on my m4 and it does not wobble at all! Little tough to get on at first but it is solid, the butt pad it very grippy too so it won't slide on you like some other stocks. Overall totally worth it
by Lorin S. on 05/12/2017
"This is a great simple stock. I got t to fit on an AK, it fits super tight but its a good thing. It is also WAY easier to get a 9.6 battery inside. I love it.
by George M. on 05/02/2017
"Love it best stock for the 18$ I got it for if your in a budget this is your item. Great maneuverability.
by Robert K. on 04/17/2017
"This stock is excellent. It's narrow enough to not be annoying like a standard crane stock, but has the same capacity since the tubes sit lower and closer to the center. This stock also fits tighter than every other stock I have, which eliminates stock wobbly. I really like the style of the back plate since it rolls onto the shoulder very easily.

Dirt cheap
Tight fit, no stock wobble
Same capacity of a standard crane style stock and narrower

Sometimes the tight fit keeps the lever from locking, allowing me to pull the stock all the way off.

Other Thoughts: the rear battery compartment has a portion exposed. This can be good for anyone who wants to use a battery pouch for a much larger battery without compromising the stock itself to fit your connector through.
by Jason S. on 03/27/2017
"I love how this stock looks and functions. Battery swapping is a breeze.