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The " SWAGG Pack" (Edition: Wave 5)

380 Customer Reviews

by Isaiah D. on 03/16/2021
"It was pretty swgg not gonna lie
by jack c. on 10/22/2020
"this swagg pack is worth for a add on to your order i was happy with the bbs patch and barrel cover also mask.its better than getting a cheap gun that you can not use thanks evike
by Angela A. on 10/08/2020
"Imagine my surprise at getting the mask plus pistol box. Sadly, the pistol is a little springer job that doesn't get above 100 fps and the mask is a size small that might fit my cat.

All the same, I got the swag pack to fill out my order for free shipping and the possibility of something useful. In that regards, it was $10 well spent instead of the $30 I would have been paying for standard shipping.
by 23534 rolling fork way gaithersb m. on 09/29/2020
"got a small full metal m1911 springer in mine. overall happy and received more than spent. don't buy unless you are purchasing a larger order due to the cost of the 4lb shipping
by Diego R. on 09/24/2020
"I got the lower 4 items
BMG .25 g airsoft bbs (10 dollars)
Evike mask Large (usually 8 dollars but on discount for 5)
2 Epopper Targets (2*4= 8 dollars)
Barrel Sock Game Over (3 dollars)

Total of 29 dollars in stuff. I was banking on getting the barrel sock and I am not disappointed. The one thing I dont like was the mask, it does not have a nose adjuster, and the mask concaves on breath. Besides that, I would recommend if you need a couple of more dollars for free shipping or making a large order. Worth the risk if you ask me.
by Eli C. on 09/23/2020
"mines 6.10 lbs along with a metal pistol i ordered on the side i am a first time airsofter do you guys think this could be a small pistol or a SMG AEG such as the mp7 option? please let me know you guesses
by Kevin O. on 09/17/2020
"it is a gamble that no matter what you get more than $10 worth of stuff. I would of liked the option to pick your mask size since it is something everybody gets. They are honestly good quality mask but mine is really tight on me and fogs my glasses
by Richard R. on 09/15/2020
"I ordered several, and while I DIDNT get lucky and win an aeg or even an airsoft gun at all, I did get a barrel cover that I funnily enough needed for my first upcoming milsim experience. Thanks, Evike!
by Zander A. on 09/10/2020
"I got an m4 in full working condition. For only $10?? amazing buy and totaly worth it. Thanks evike
by Jordan H. on 09/10/2020
"I ordered a SWAGG PACK fully convinced I would get patches etc, but figured it's worth a shot for something more...And I won't say what exactly I got, but I will say I am very happy and it was actually fun not knowing what patches I was going to get. Like I said fully convinced myself patches was all I was getting. I did NOT get patches. Although I DID get the EVIKE mask which is very well made. And I DID get an awesome AEG open box. Well worth it and FUN as heck.
by Cristian C. on 09/09/2020
"Got a BAR10/M700 from JG works love it
by Ben B. on 08/28/2020
"Bought two, got a nice mag and a cheap spring 50.Cal, second one got me a Non blowback Glock 19. Rather pleased with this.
by Cole H. on 08/28/2020
"Got a emg hellbreaker out of it. $18 I won’t soon forget. Didn’t expect to win a gun but it was a nice surprise. Labeled as open box but it was super clean. Minor scuffs. Very impressed.
by Graham G. on 07/01/2020
"Totally shocked to get one of the Demolition Ranch UDR-15's! Sweet gun and my sons are both very jealous, but hey.....this was for Father's Day right?

Thanks Evike! You guys are all right!
by JR C. on 06/24/2020
"Got mine today. I got the magazine package. Better luck in the fiture hopefully!!! It was 5 pounds in the shipping details.