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Element "HERO" Airsoft UV Hi-Flow Extreme Sports Tactical Airsoft Goggles (Color: Mirrored)

24 Customer Reviews

by Andrew P. on 09/04/2018
"I love these goggles and they're glorious for starting airsofters

-comes in many colors
-fits well on most faces
-can be adjusted
-Has darkened lenses for outdoor airsofting

-Fogs up pretty easily (anti fog spray is reccomended)
by Andrew P. on 09/04/2018
"I love these goggles and they're glorious for starting airsofters

-comes in many colors
-fits well on most faces
-can be adjusted
-Has darkened lenses for outdoor airsofting

-Fogs up pretty easily (anti fog spray is reccomended)
by Jon Jovi A. on 08/16/2017
"Great goggles, been having mine since I started playing airsoft which was 2 months ago, & they never failed on me. For those who wears glasses, like I do, I have a big frame & these goggles fits perfectly over them. The goggles are starting to wear out, so I'm on my way to get another one!
by Logan b. on 07/21/2014
"Very good, I would compare these to high end masks and goggles. I haven't field tested the so I don't know if they fog but they are very comfortable.
by Matt M. on 01/07/2010
"Hero Arms Goggle, These are excellent goggles! For $20 bucks you can't beat the price, very sturdy feeling goggle. I got these with my new G&P Sentry AEG and dig these. They look cool too. So I highly recommend them, they have a side vent to lower the possibility of fogging. I swet like a devil in church, so I need plenty of venting or I'll fog up like a cold window. So these goggles are awesome, buy them swet hog! Keep on keeping on airsoft.
by Nayr i. on 09/19/2009
"I sweat alot when im in all my gear and packin heat so i needed some goggles that dont fog and fit over a helmet. these were them. they actyualy do fog, but they clear in about ten to 15 seconds. they are actualy alot smaller, lopro and sporty looking, but flat black and clear so they look like combat goggles. they have no rubber seal but it's better that way so the air can filter better, no bbs are getting in through the sides. tryed to put them on our helmets and they all fit perfectly expet one of my team mates does not have a cover, but has velcro patches on it wich help the googles stay, but he thinks it's to sketchy to mount on a uncoverd helmet.


Great price
Actualy stop rounds and dust
fog very little
fit over MICH helmets and onto face perfectly
look great and are relitivly small for low profile look


Dont fit over a PASGT helmet and onto face very well, but fit ontop fine!
Dont stay on a noncoverd helmet very well
by Zach S. on 04/02/2009
"Some people below have said they didn't like these, But I got these and I cant see any reason why anybody shouldn't like these. I got the reflective lens instead of the clear, the lens is very nice, can see everything clearly, it wont break its solid. Strap is adjustable and also comfortable. It has a nice foam padding around the goggles which make them very comfortable and they have little slots to keep them ventilated so they don't fog. And they greatest part about them, they don't fog! These are fantastic and at only $20! Awesome.
by Vladislav K. on 12/02/2008
"Very nice build, they won't crack/break/shatter. $20 is a small price to pay to keep your vision. :)
by Jayme F. on 12/02/2008
"Deff not good with glasses. Super cool goggles, Nice fit, unless you have a big nose or a thin face... The lens is not cheap plastic, they have super awsome ballistics, dont have to worry about getting shot in the eye with these babies, will never shatter. They fog up just like any other goggles, expecially when wearing a mask, unless you divert your breath somewhere else. The fog clears really fast though. Easy to clean, comfortable, awesome goggles.
by Brandon A. on 10/28/2008
"this looks great are they glases or the goggle becouse of the feilds i have to go on
by kathleen n. on 09/11/2008
"where do you get the mask i went on cactus hobbies and they dont sell it there
by Juliet R. on 08/25/2008
"Nice goggle. One of the lowest profile goggle you can find so it is nice and close to your face for you to use iron sights. I use it for snowboarding too. Much more comfortable and simpler design than some of the bulky goggles.
by Davis B. on 06/11/2008
"I have a pair of these for recreational. I feel more safe using these than a shooting goggle and its quite comfortable. I would never use this or any goggle in a game because I don't want to get hit anywhere above my neck. I strongly recommend using a full face / paintball mask always for games.

It is a good shooting goggle because it has a strap that goes around your head (won't fall off), fully sealed and it is not too heavily shaded.

Shot the lens a few times and it can stand 350 fps firing.
by Brian H. on 05/15/2019
"decent pair of goggles but need anti fog spray if you are playing humid weather.
by Aiden W. on 05/25/2017
"I just recently got a pare of these goggles and had to tinker with my mesh mask so they'd fit under my helmet but other wise these goggles are a good buy for the price

Pros- Vent extremely well and didn't fog up on me ones
The size of the lens doesn't do much in the way of vision distortion

Cons- Hard to fit over or under a mask without messing with the mask a bit
The strap is lackluster about tension