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Pre-Order ETA June 2021 Cybergun FN Herstal Licensed FNX-45 Tactical Airsoft Gas Blowback Pistol by VFC (Color: Black / Gun Only)

26 Customer Reviews

by Misty M. on 12/27/2020
"This gun is fantastic. Everything about it is amazing for the most part. My only problems were the hopup spring broke very easily and the extra magazine. If you want extra magazines buy them separately cause the extras that come with the gun leak a lot, freeze extremely fast, and dont even have the same fill valve as the stock. The stock mag is great though and if you buy seperetaley u get the same kind as the stock mag.

Now for the best part. The gun out of the box isnt sluggish but the cycle isnt the greatest and can seem a bit slow at first. HOWEVER, in the back of the nozzle is a screw that doesnt do anything and weighs more than the nozzle itself. It is there to add more weight to the gun and nothing else but if you remove it the cycle is crazy fast. It becomes a competition gun without having to buy anything. Add a 120+ buffer spring, an upgarded nozzle from wgc shop, and buy another nozzle return spring, cut it in half and add it on top of the stock spring and this gun is hetter than any hicapa or any gun you can find. Its crazy. Just remember to buy magazines separately
by Tyler P. on 05/25/2020
"Man I love this gun. I have it in both black and FDE and swapped the slides. I have 6 mags and have never had an issue with them, but I understand that they are leaky and prone to breaking if dropped for lots of people.

I have upgraded 1 of them as much as I possibly can with the available options. It kicks harder than any airsoft gun I've handled yet and that's what I was going for. Hoping to find a custom slide for it someday.

It shoots amazingly accurate w/ the TB barrel and Mapleleaf 60degree bucking I have in it. I 3D printed a new blowback housing which reduced the weight pretty drastically for the slide. It handles the extra weight from larger suppressors and an RMR just fine and cycles quickly every shot.

It's just a beast of a gun. A joy to shoot and show off to people. You see FNX-45s few and far between in my area so I definitely am happy to call this my main sidearm.
by Song L. on 08/17/2019
"The FNX-45 is a solid gun. However, it is picky with BB weights. .20g BBs are too light for this gun. .25g BBs and .28g BBs will perform much better. However, with heavier BB weight, you'll lose FPS. The licensing on this gun is by far the best I have seen. It looks just like the real thing with trademarks where they need to be, no white paint. The threading is 16mm positive(clockwise) so finding a mock supressor may be hard. Frame is polymer and slide is metal with vital parts being metal (slide release, internals, etc). Did I mention the gun was ambidextrous? Yes, mag release and slide release is ambidextrous! However, there are always cons. A few problems I have ran into with this airsoft is the serial number plate, located under the rail of the gun. It fell off on the first shot. Mag release and slide release are hard to use. If you are a lefty, using the right slide release button is tricky because it pushes in (It's not suppose to) and doesn't work correctly. The left slide release works fine. The mag release, however, can be hard to reach due to the size of this gun and it can be sticky at times. The gun can be bulky for small hand users. The biggest problem I can see with the FNX is the fact that the hopup unit and inner barrel is held onto the outer barrel via a spring, tugging the outer barrel will stretch out the spring and you will have to buy a new "hopup return spring". This will leave you with a out-of-commission sidearm for a few days until you can replace the hopup return spring.

good trademarks
large mag capacity (25-26 rounds)
nice weight
RMR accessibility (Ace1Arms)
SilencerCo Opsrey Suppressor Accessibility (Ace1Arms)
Left- hand user friendly

Polymer frame (reliability/longevity issues)
poor hopup/inner barrel assembly
sticky ambidextrous controls
by Jay V. on 04/03/2018
"OUTSTANDING !!!!! Best of the Best right here. Wish I could put up a pic. of mine with red dot on it !!!!!!
by Carson K. on 12/18/2017
"I actually traded someone for this gun but I really enjoy it. It has a hard kick and it may sound like a gas leak when you put a mag in but its nothing to worry about it will stop after the mag is all of the way into the gun. It is worth it but I do recommend a second mag if you do plan on getting this gun.
by JD S. on 07/26/2017
"Absolute Beast of a Hand Gun


Great Blowback feels like a.22Pistol
Very accurate
Very consistent FPS and High rate of fire.
Accommodates RMR sights
Looks awesome
Feels awesome
Large size makes it easy to handle and operate, especially with gloves on.

Hard to find a holster for (there's only a couple choices for holsters).
Must buy an adapter in order to use it with a RMR sight.
Parts for this gun can be a bit difficult to obtain.
by landon s. on 02/07/2017
"At first I thought it would suck because the slide does not travel very fast but the more I used it the faster the slide traveled. It also has an amazing kick! I wold really recommend the the kaos holster for quick drawing of the pistol cuz it's a pretty big pistol. The only thing I do not like about it is the 16mm+ theads. I have gotten a ton of compliments on it too. I think it is a must have.
by Seth E. on 02/05/2017
"I've carried this gun through several games where I have used and abused this thing and it has not failed on me. I had one game where (due to me failing to secure it in the holster) i dropped it in three mud puddles and it kept going despite being full of mud. The mags hold more than enough gas to get you through every bb. The recoil is strong and crisp and the trigger is smooth and responsive, you can really throw some rounds with this thing I was able to deliver a fire rate comparable to a few g18 c's on the field. The metal thread protector was easy to remove with a little heat and since it was metal I was able to simply burn the orange paint off. My only complaints would be that the serial number plate on the rail fell off during my first game, and there is a tiny spring that connects the outer barrel to the inner barrel/ hop-up chamber that I can't get to sit right but it doesn't seem to matter. So tldr
Reliable (seriously it won't stop)
Solid construction
Hefty but not too heavy
Good recoil
Mags hold lots of gas
Good rof
Nice trigger pull
Good thread protector
Not a 1911
Small spring I mentioned above
the poor glue on the serial number
So if you want a reliable sidearm that will turn heads look no further this is the gun for you
by Cameron P. on 09/14/2016
"I recently bought this gun on sale, and I must say that it is well worth the sale price and even the full price. I am not kidding when I say that this pistol is a masterpiece... Anyway, here is a list of some key features that potential buyers should be aware of (both good and bad):

+ Lightweight
+ Amazing range and accuracy (the BAXS system works surprisingly well)
+ Trademarks are (always) sexy
+ Very high quality build material
+ Solid blowback functionality
+ Enlarged trigger guard for "glove shooters"
+ Extremely comfortable to hold and shoot
+ Decent sights (and, of course, ease of installing a micro red dot sight)
+ Highly responsive trigger response
- Spare magazines are expensive
- Threading is not common --- 16mm positive (keep that in mind if you plan on getting a barrel attachment)
- Thread protector is unnecessarily difficult to remove --- I had to heat it with a lighter for about 5 minutes before twisting it off with pliers
- The spring that connects the inner and outer barrels together can become easily lost or damaged when field-stripping the gun

In all truthfulness, I immediately regretted buying this pistol after having realized that I couldn't reasonably afford it (I was drunk and unaware of this at the time), but after having received it, all my regret and doubt just flew out the window. If all of this is any indication of anything, it is that you shouldn't hesitate on purchasing this top-tier firearm.
by Pat C. on 09/03/2016
"I bought one of these back in Georgia from a friend of a friend for $100 barely used. I. Love. It.

Compared to a WE Samurai Edge M9 I used, this was a major upgrade for me, let me tell you why:
1. Crisp blowback action
2. Gas efficiency (I used about 3 mags worth of ammo after just 1 fill)
3. There's a wider entrance for the BB's to insert them that makes it ALOT easier to load BB's into.
4. The sound you get from shooting this thing! (Sounds like a BRICK!)
5. I don't know if it's just me but my hop up in this was easy to adjust and it only took small nudges to activate it without over-hopping

But like all guns, it does have a few flaws:
1. The Slide Release does not work fully (Only resets the hammer halfway but it's not a problem for me)
2. The Slide Release and safety lever is pretty rough and feels sticky at times
3. Threaded barrel is a pain when you first try to get it off, but is still easy if you do the hot water method

The gun itself had impressed me so much I overlook all of it's petty cons, it will serve you well if you do decide to buy it, but only with one.....

CAUTION: It was hard for me to find spare parts, and I still can't find any, but I believe a few of the parts can be replaced from it's real steel counterpart. Don't take my word for it though, just take care of it and it will serve you fine, if not boneyard it is.
by denise s. on 06/11/2016
"Ok so I've had my Fnx for a while I don't know like a month I think but anyways the gun it's self is well constructed nice wheight grip feels nice.... Their is really no cons on this gun but the only 2 cons I got with the gun are these ok.... 1.the thread protector is increadably hard to remove I've tried every thing and it does not budge. 2. The spring were the inner barrel hooks on to the outer barrel... I've stretched mine and it was a pain in the A to find their is literally no one who carries it so if you mess that spring up your gun is a boneyard luckily the guys at evike hooked me up with a new spring from a different model so I got lucky... So I do recommend this gun just becareful not to stretch that spring -CHRIS
by tanner j. on 06/10/2016
"so i have owned my fnx for about 1 week now and i must say, although having many doubts from some possible issues such as range, accuracy, gas consuption, and reliability, it is a SOLID pistol. the gun recoils a lot for a airsoft pistol and is fairly accurate with ok range out of the box, with a great efficiency with propane. you can get plenty of shots per mag with a solid snap from the slide that is somethings else. i have outfitted it with a lam unit from evike, a angels custom 6.01 inner barrel, and even the 6 inch black osprey suppressor. the gun does not have ANY problem running the suppressor in the least. the pro and con list is as follows

- great gas efficiency
- super nice clear fiber optic sights
- good accuracy (although if you decide to do the 6.01 it will rival aegs with its range)
- litterally the best trigger ive ever felt out of box on a airsoft pistol. it is incredibly short and light
- great recoil
- looks killer with accessories!

it is honestly hard to think of a single thing wrong with it but i guess i will list 2 nit picky things that are related to each other, but are not bad enough to effect the over all rating of the gun as i see no problem with them because i dont really use them.
- the safety/ decocker is stiff. the safety is incredibly hard to engage but not hard to disengage
- the double action trigger feels very chincy. almost like its broken or breaking, but it is just how it is.

over all i highly recommend this to any and all players wanting a solid sidearm that is a bit less common than a high capa, "glock", or beretta.
by Kyle H. on 12/04/2015
"This gbb is excellent. It surprised me when I first fired it because of the hard kick. It feels like shooting a real steel .22 handgun. My first concern though was that it might be inefficient but that doubt was quashed after being able to shoot through at least one entire mag without a gas fill even on a cold day. It feels sturdy but lightweight and seems like it could take abuse without being compromised internally or externally. All in all a great gbb. Use .25g pellets for the best accuracy.
by Oliver L. on 08/14/2015
"I've tried out this gun at the Evike Superstore, and purchased one and received it yesterday. I have not had the chance to shoot mine yet (I forgot to get green gas :/)

FN Trademarks
Gas Efficiency (I live in New England and get 4 mags of bbs per fill)
Large, but comfortable grip

The thread protector is glued to the barrel, so you cannot disassemble it without voiding the warranty (Not that you need the warranty, this thing is literally a brick) but it would've been nice if Evike had painted the threads, and included the orange protector, like on a CZ P-09 Suppressor Ready, which is also a good gun.

That's pretty much it, hope this is a helpful review, and I definitely recommend this to anybody who is a fan of FN Herstal, or is into using airsoft guns for video game style builds, Black Ops 2 Tac-45 baby (No I'm not a CODsofter, I just really like FN, lol)!
by Christian G. on 06/17/2015
FN Herstal trademarks
High rise sights for a better sight picture of you're utilizing a mock supressor
Ambidextrous slide release
Steel upper slide(or so it says)
45. ACP markings
Threaded barrel(duh)
Ambidextrous mag release
Feels lighter than it looks
Unique mag
Comes with extra different backstrap
A hidden rail in front of the rear sights that's covered by a tan piece that's screwed on
Expensive mags.....$40
Gas fill port is in a weird place, behind the mag
A thread cap seems to be glued on the threads
(Nothing to do with the pistol, but I ordered this gun very early Thursday morning with 2 day shipping and still came on Monday.....come on Evike)
I like pistols with some weight, it's actually pretty light but still an overall good, and modern pistol
It's worth the money