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AGM M14 SOCOM Airsoft Spring Powered Rifle Package (Color: Black)

7 Customer Reviews

by Gavin M. on 04/10/2018
"This is my first spring rifle and I think its amazing. So much fun and well built. It's also accurate, but it is hard to pull back for a bit and the instructions are not a big help. There's also a weird twist thing near the magwell that I have no idea what it does. Overall worth every penny would buy it again.
by Gavin M. on 04/09/2018
"This is my first airsoft gun I've order off this cite and it's superb. I'll give a quick run down,
Feels and looks real.
Comes with attachments
Very accurate
Kinda feels weak but is very sturdy
Very affordable
Magazine only holds around 40
Instructions are written mostly in Japanese
Hop up is kinda cheap..
Hard to pull back at first

Overall I think this is a great spring rifle for beginners it's affordable and not only that it's a M14, it's beautiful.
by jason w. on 01/03/2018
"great gun for beginners but I also found it a dick's sporting goods for 20 bucks
by Dru W. on 06/25/2016
"for a spring its great
good for indoor sniping(I know sounds not real)
Great feeding
easy assemble
ok flashlight (just use another if you are a front liner, but good sniping light)
OK red dot recommend different sight but its not bad

Hard pull back(gets easier over use)
Sling doesn't stay with heavy motion though it is plastic and clothe(the adjuster is plastic sling points are metal)

OVERALL: really good spring for under $50 so if u want a reliable cheap spring buy it but also get a different scope if u are gonna snipe.
by David S. on 12/21/2016
"just came in the fps is low but nothing few modifications take
by Harley B. on 11/16/2019
"First of all, know you're getting what you pay for. I bought this for my brother who wanted a throwaway gun to get into airsoft. If it was anymore expensive i'd give it a worse rating


-Hop-up is practically non-existent, it just dosent work
-Magazine was broke before I opened it, ended up having to take it apart and cleaning it out, the spring was full of gunk
-Gun broke within 30 mins of light play, it wouldnt cock back because something in that mechanism broke.
I took it apart and found everything but the barrel is plastic, and the barrel is just aluminum.

In all? Unless you're using as a cosplay or throwaway gun, i wouldnt get this
by Mark W. on 10/16/2019
"Here is a pro-con list:

Not bad for a spring starter weapon
Not super loud
Range isn't bad, but mine shot to the right

The BB falls out of the barrel if you point the gun down when cocked
It's really hard to cock
The scope was trash
One of the batteries for the flashlight and scope was missing and one was corroded
The flashlight isn't bad, but it's not good
It's pretty heavy, not sure if it's a con or not

So, over all, this gun is pretty good for the price, but is really hard to cock. And I must say it again, IT'S HARD TO COCK!
In a field filled with AEG's, you won't last long.