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Angel Custom Upgrade Pro Kit for WE TM KJW Hi-Capa 5.1 Series Airsoft GBB Pistols - 150%

5 Customer Reviews

by Sam L. on 04/12/2016
"I bought this because I was having issues with my Marui Hi-Capa and was hoping that something in this kit would fix the problem, and it did!

The loading nozzles is a replacement part, not the best for my Marui, but good for WE and KJW. The piston head is nicely made, ported, high quality and the o-ring that comes with it is of high quality. The cylidner bulb is good, oring is good, when installed I notice my FPS goes up, this is also better than the stock TM bulb beacuse the TM one is plastic.

Recoil spring - 5/5
I am very happy with the recoil spring. It is stronger than a stock TM, a stock WE, and a Guarder 150% recoil spring, just as expected. I am using this in my TM and am very happy with it.

So far, good buy!
by Ted R. on 04/12/2016
"This is a great kit...
Parts are precise and seem of great quality
Springs are strong
Noticeable difference in blowback speed, power, range, feeding, etc.

Gas Consumption
OMG: Maybe 1.5 mags on a good day
by Travis H. on 04/12/2016
"This is an absolutely fantastic upgrade kit!!! It does exactly what it's meant to do and totally blew me away. The power output of my pistol (WE 4.3 1911 Desert Warrior) has increased quite noticeably but sadly as has it's gas consumption with the added high flow valve installed. Also the main recoil spring for this cannot be used properly in a 4.3 1911 simply because it is far too long and prevents the slide catch from working due to half cycle (enough to chamber a new round but not enough to for the slide to go all the way back). Which that is an easy fix if you have something that can cut it down to proper length such as wire cutters (don't use cheap ones trust me!) or a dremel to cut the wire shorter like I did.


Increased power
Stronger parts
Faster trigger response
Greatly increased recoil thanks to those hefty 150% springs


So far none at all except for the spring modification I had to make in order to use it in my gun.
So 4 out of 5 stars because it was advertised to fit in both models and in fact doesn't
by Michelle R. on 04/12/2016
"This is a nice kit. Both springs worked well. My full metal Hi Capa 5.1 stopped locking open on an empty magazines after the initial installation of the recoil spring, but after 100 rounds or so, started working again. One other note on the springs is that mine were blue, while they are pictured and described as red. I can't imagine who would get upset over spring color, but I did notice the discrepancy.

The nozzle/bulb work nicely, but given the price of this kit, it would have been nice to have had the spring and clip preinstalled, rather than having to cannibalize them from my stock unit. It took me a fair bit of time to get that done, and it seems the manufacturer could have taken care of that for pennies.

I haven't used the piston, but it looks to be nicely made.

All in all, my gun's performance was noticeably better after the installation of these parts, and I think well worth the money that I paid for the kit. It turned my "OK" HiCapa into a nice, crisp shooter. Like others have said, I gained a few FPS, got a nicer recoil, maybe a faster ROF, and now go through a little more gas.
by Cody W. on 06/06/2016
"I was pretty disappointed with this kit overall. I run Hi-Capa's only most of the time i play and do a lot of modifications and adjustments to them not only for myself, but for others as well. Point being i have plenty of experience with this model pistol in regards to disassembly, re-assembly and identifying problems. Having said that i do not consider myself a professional tech.

Here is a breakdown of the different parts, ill start with good:
1)Springs - all 3 springs in this kit work great. No installation problems or binding problems after thousands of rounds of use.
2) Teflon Coated Valve - this piece installs just fine and work. However with it being metal it does tend to break the plastic housing that keeps this valve inside the air nozzle. I have broken 3 of these housings since February 2016.
3) Loading Nozzle - this was a big waste. This nozzle is in no way, shape, or form an upgrade. It is simply a replacement. In addition it did not last half as long as my WE or stock TM air nozzles did under the same conditions. I have cracked 2 of these nozzles since February.
4) Piston Head - this was extremely upsetting to find that this piston head does not even fit inside an Angle Custom, TM, or WE air nozzle. Meaning if you install this piston head your gun will not cycle. Even using it with the air nozzle it comes with. The o-ring to too large and causes the nozzle to bind and get stuck very often. Sometimes it will not ever begin to cycle. Big waste of money. BTW i did buy two of these from Angel Custom. A red and a black. Both have same problems.
5) Screws - both the screw for the piston head and the very tiny screw that secures the floating valve inside the air nozzle do no fit well. Air nozzle screw sticks up too much to fit inside the blowback housing. Piston head nozzle seems to work, although it doesnt sit all the way down inside the piston head.

All in all i did not see any performance upgrade from this kit outside of slightly better cycling action (springs) but to get that to work i had to put back old OEM parts (air nozzle. piston head)