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Avengers Full Face Mesh Mask (Style: Black God)

8 Customer Reviews

by trey p. on 03/19/2018
"Great Mask

Adjusts well so fit is good
Looks great
No fogging lenses

Hard to get a sight profile but may just be this mask type
A little hot outside could use some more ventilation
Coating is reflective in the sunlight, needs a flat clear coat applied
by Adrian G. on 12/06/2017
"I love this mask. It was my first mask for the sport and all I get are these types of masks. I can't be happier with this product.
by Russell B. on 09/11/2017
"This is the best mask (Mandella Style) I have bought, I'm 14 and 125 lbs and once I tightened the straps it fit perfectly. I also really like the rubber where your face rests in the mask, it's a lot more comfortable that foam.
by Tim H. on 08/13/2015
"I love the mask, I play airsoft with this mask every time I play, the cool thing about it, besides the awesome look, I wear goggles on the outside of the mask, my goggles DO NOT fog up, its awesome. the rubber forehead plate is kinda uncomfortable, but I bought a welding cap from my local welding shop and it fixed the problem, so no complaints, I also shot the screen point blank with a 25 g bb with the black spray painted cardboard behind the eyepiece, just to see if it would go through, it did dent the screen, and there were a couple of small fragments so wear goggles please. I would like to note that I have never had a mask with mesh eyepieces, I took a risk on visability, I was worried that It wouldn't be clear, but I see just fine out of them, so im very happy with this mask and would recommend it to anyone
by Tyler G. on 11/30/2017
"Pros: Looks Great, Comfortable, Good Protection, Don't have to worry about fogging goggles Cons: Straps fall off easily, Vision isn't the best especially if using a scope, Gets hot when used outdoors, If BB hits eyes it has a chance to bust in your eye which sucks unless that's the kind of kinky thing you're into
by Austin W. on 11/07/2016
"This mask is pretty okay. Having used it in my main loadout for four months, it worked as it should, protecting my face and looking intimidating.
The mask's eyes is really my only problem. You won't be able to see all around you like with goggles, you'll have more of a sort of tunnel vision.
by Christopher S. on 06/01/2016
"This mask is pretty cool, I've had it since December of 2015. It covers your entire face and looks amazing when wearing lots of heavy looking gear (you look like a juggernaut) It has its pros, and its cons tho..
Looks awesome
Feels awesome
Full face mask
No fogging (wire lenses)

Feels kinda cheap
Can't look around much
Limited view
Straps on the back fall off easy and feel flimsy

3.5/5 (so I just rated it 4..) Its great for the price and looks awesome, so if your looking for a mask with a budget, this is the one
by Zachary B. on 11/22/2015
"Expect to use super glue at some point. The piece of the strap that snaps onto the mask is plastic and could easily break. Also, bbs could fit through the nostril holes, but it is an astronomically small chance someone will shoot dead-on at your nostril, so you dont have to worry about inhaling a bb. Your ears are not completely covered, but put a hood on underneath the mask, and problem solved. The mesh eyes give you super vision, since they don't fog. Also simply looks cool. I get multiple compliments on it. All around, totally WERF the price.