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A&K M870 Type Full Metal 400 FPS Airsoft Training Shotgun (Version: Long Version / Black)

11 Customer Reviews

by jerry t. on 05/27/2019
"Bought this gun on sale at a price of $65.00, I must first start by saying WOW, what a fun gun to shoot, and the range on this thing is amazing, I loaned the gun to a friend as we played yesterday and this gun was shooting farther than his sniper, I would recommend this gun to anybody that is looking for a shotgun.

Pros: Great price, metal and heavy, feels realistic, shoots straight and far

Cons: None
by Justin M. on 05/23/2018
"I just recently bought this and its really strong and incredibly accurate great for both indoor and outdoor as ive found out. The ONLY problem i have with this is i like to modify and upgrade my guns and sadly there arent any parts just yet or there may not be im just hoping that maybe soon there will but besides that i highly recommend this gun i bought two.

Pros: Durable
Nice weight to it id say about 8lbs
got a good sound and feel when shot
Mag makes it pretty nifty so you dont have to carry a bunch of shells

Cons: Weight (not really for me bc i like that but for others maybe)
lacks modification
by Eric C. on 06/28/2017
"Nice full metal shotgun with realistic weight!

Metal in oppose to plastic like some of the other stuff out there
Takes magazine
Shoots accurate and far!

by Colin D. on 03/08/2017
"Works Will, ignore the one star reveiw i putt throw at lest 10 mags no scews came out and no play between resiver and barral. But the mag jams so it does not tension the bbs. So make sure you buy a new mag as will:D
by Phillip B. on 02/15/2017
"I just received my new shotgun and I have to say that I am very pleased. The quality is amazing. It shoots great. The only regret I have is that I waited so long to get it. I should not have paid attention to the negative reviews. Thank you Evike for making this available.
Phil Blease
by Alex R. on 11/04/2015
"Do not underestimate this thing! This is the weapon for someone that likes to sneak around because while you don't have the spread normally associated with a shotgun, this gun can very easily outrange any other secondary and most CQB primarys. I use this in an open field and outdoor wooded area. This will have the enemy thinking there is a sniper firing because it's silent. I use this at a range beyond pistols but under DMRs like using most carbines and rifles. If you keep the screw tight on top the hopup is accurate; not much deviation in groupings. As with any springer, it gets easier to pump over time as the spring settles. The body is HEAVY please realize you will get tired if you don't sling it. This shotgun really thinks it is a sniper, it REALLY wants to be one. It will fool anyone who's getting shot at by it. I have had this for over a year now and my advice is to keep the hopup oiled, keep the barrel clean, and make sure your screws are tight at the end of the day. It will not fail you.
by Antoine P. on 03/20/2015
"As promised, heres a very detailed review.

This is well worth $100, and can possibly be able to compete up against AEGs. The only plastic parts are literally only the orange tip, and the air piston inside (which is very very durable plastic). Everything else is solid steel, and the wood furniture adds a classic Sheriff style look and feel.
Now I know real 870s don't have the magazine sticking out, but really, who cares?? In the heat of battle, whos going to notice?? If youre a film maker looking for a good prop, just take the mag out and youre good to go (As for the ejection port, I would recommend that you find a life-sized picture of a real 870 online, print out an image of the ejection port, cut it out, put a layer of clear tape over it to make it look shiny, and then put it over the ejection port of the gun... presto!)

For the lot of you complaining that this is only a single shooter and not a trishot, first of all, its like using slugs, shotguns dont always spread so much. Second of all, trishots will burn through your ammo 3 times as fast... think about that (yes I also have a trishot).


Full metal, literally, except for the...

...Real wood furniture, very classy.

400 fps (if your friend is a pu$$y just say its only 350)

Accurate (didnt even have to adjust the hopup!)

How is it accurate without sights you ask? Dont underestimate the bore-aim...

Heavy (about 10 pounds, same weight as a real one)

Solid (barely rattles so its great for stealth)

Nice sharp sound when you shoot it (I know that on youtube reviews it sounds like my mom farting, but thats only because of the cameras microphone. In person, its more like a loud sharp sting)

Has two sling points (which yes are also metal), sling it on your back mad max style! :)

Magazine feeds very smoothly, and it wont drop out 2 bbs when you reload, feeds down to the last round!


.............*crickets chirping*..........

Thats right there are no cons :)

Actually-- Id really appreciate it if they made the magazine tube longer, but its no big deal, still cool ;)
And a little heads up for you film makers, the orange tip is impossible to remove so youll have to use electrical tape or something.

Still, in the case of playing airsoft, there are NO cons :)
by Alec M. on 06/08/2016
"I purchased this gun a couple years ago and thought I'd share my experience. When I first received the gun, I had no idea how far the hopup adjustment screw needs to be turned in before contacting the bucking. This led to bb's rolling out the barrel. When I did turn the screw in far enough, the gun shoots accurately up to 100 ft with .25's. HOWEVER, the gun I received had an inner barrel that wasn't centered within the outer barrel. This led to bb's hitting the orange tip and ricocheting. I solved this by cutting off the end of the barrel.

With regard to build quality, the links between pump handle and the piston are metal as well as the "feet" of the piston and cylinder that contact these links. However, the set screws that connect these links to the polymer pump handle strip over time and need to be epoxied (minor issue). The hopup unit, cylinder, and piston are all plastic while the trigger sears are metal. The gun has zero wobble in its furniture.
The magazine is fully metal and was a rather snug fit. It takes some force to insert/remove with precise alignment.

Overall, I recommend this gun to anyone on a budget who doesn't mind a few basic modifications. This gun is very accurate for the price with decent outdoor play range. Just remember the hopup screw needs to be really in there to function.
by Joel S. on 03/16/2015
"I just received this gun about a week and a half ago and shot about 500 rounds with it. I've now used it in battle once. It's heavy when you first pick it up but you soon get used to it. Not for those who are much of a field runner or close quarters battle fans since it is a bit heavier than most shot guns and the BB's tend to roll out (once pumped) if the barrel is aimed downward. That to me was pretty annoying. I ended up running to each position before pumping the gun to avoid losing my chambered round on the floor.

Pros -

Magazine Capacity

Cons -

Magazines jam BB's easily
Loses chambered BB if moved too quickly
Magazine gets stuck inside gun if not loaded perfectly

Overall - Good gun. Shot accurately in moderate wind from about 35 yards. (which is great for a shotgun). I haven't clocked the FPS yet but will do so next time I go to the Arena. I estimate the speed at about 370 (with .20g) but I'm no wiz. This gun is worth the money.
by Jeff B. on 09/13/2017
"This gun performs amazingly well. I bought one off the shelf in a shop that had a 75' indoor test range and was able to ping every target easily after a few test shots. It's super accurate to the point that you could mount a proper scope and use it as a silly sniper rifle (did it, works like a charm).

I'm rating the gun at 3 stars though because the internals are plastic, and the hook on the piston that catches on the trigger system sheared off over a disturbingly short amount of time, making the gun unreliable after only 4 sessions, and useless after 6 (roughly 15~18 hours of play).
by Christopher S. on 05/03/2016
"I normally don't write bad reviews, but I just have to write this one.

I was super excited when I received this gun, hoping I had finally found my dream shotty. Unfortunately, no.

It is all metal and wood like it says, so it looks great, but it is a really poor field gun. It jammed on me several times when shooting. The pump is very hard to move around. Not like the spring is too strong or anything, it just does not move smoothly. It is also hard to click back in place when you are done pumping it for a new shot.

Now comes to the really bad part, after I had shot half a mag, the gun litteraly fell apart in my hands. The bottom tube that you move the pump back and forth on to cock it, came unscrewed from the receiver. I tried screwing it back in, but it just wouldn't stay. Another issue to note is that there is a large amount of barrel wobble between it and the receiver. Oh and the barrel has no spacers inside, so the inner barrel is just wiggling around in there. If you are willing to deal with all of this, go ahead and buy it. I have to admit it has great range and the hopup can lift COR3 .43g bbs.

Overall, I could have just received a lemon as there are other good reviews about this gun, but I would not recommend buying it.

*currently raking in the kills with my $50 cyma tri-shotty*