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A&K SVD Dragunov Bolt Action Sniper Rifle w/ Folding Stock

5 Customer Reviews

by Denton A. on 09/01/2020
"I purchased this gun while it was on sale for $119 dollars and for the price I'd say its an amazing rifle. The pull back for the charging handle is firm and sturdy as well as the rest of the full metal construction or the gun (minus the hand guard and the grip). The only problem I had was when I pulled it out of the box it couldn't keep a BB chambered_ If the problem happens to anyone else in future all you have to do is tighten the hop up, which is a tiny allen screw under the bolt. Other than that it shoots strait and hard, easy pushing 400 or more fps. I lined up four chunks of cardboard together and it shot straight through all of them. Great gun definitely worth the money.
by luis m. on 07/24/2020
"So Iordered this rifle on July /8/20 and when I first got it it had some problems, the safety was broken, and the magazine was very wobbly I thought it was going to fall off. But I called and asked for the repair but they could not fix it so they sent me a new one. I must say I am very satisfied! The rifle feels great and shoots even better so in my opinion I would very much recommend this rifle.
. shoots great
.has a good weight
. cocking the gun back is satisfying
. cheek rest is annoying “but can be removed”
.The hop-up is complicated to adjust “ but rifle came with adjusted hop-up”
Over all ill give this rifle a 5 stare rate!!!
by tyler m. on 12/14/2016
"Works Great no problems
shoots far
legal FPS
easy to bolt
Grip is small
heaver than my gbb SVD

other than that it does what it needs to i am gonna upgrade it soon tho
by Brandon F. on 05/13/2016
"I received this gun the first of the year and I liked it. A week after I got the gun, I took it to a friends house and shot it a few times. I was rather disappointed when I shot it and the BB didn't travel very far (this may be because I haven't adjusted the hop up though). To remedy this though, I adjusted the sights to the max and I was able to hit around the range I wanted but had to aim lower for closer range. Other than that and the fact that my mask made it hard to rest my head on the cheek-rest, it worked well for the first few months. But, recently, the gun has been jamming a lot lately. Now, I've never had the problem in which the BB slides out the barrel when ever I aim down and pull back the slide but, the gun jamming on me in the field is no better if not worse. If you're new to the game however, this is a cheap and solid gun for you. But, that being said, it is cheap and I would recommend getting a better gun when given the chance.

Full metal (except for the rail, front sight, and cheek-rest)
Looks awesome
Good for starting marksmen
Easy to disassemble
'Meh' Range
Very long (Not really a con but it does get annoying when you keep smacking the barrel on passing objects)
Jams easy
Not easy to adjust hop up
Despite having ok FPS, it is still considered a sniper rifle (not really a con, just annoying)

(I'd give the gun a 4 if it didn't jam so easy)
by Timothy M. on 04/20/2016
"I think this gun is a very good gun for only paying $100.
1. Very solid, almost full metal except for a 2 or 3 parts.
2. I liked the way the bolt felt when I pulled it back, even though it was much harder than other bolt action guns.
3. Shoots decent right out of the box, I just had to adjust the hop-up to get maximum range out of the gun.
4. The internals of the gun are great for only spending $100.
5. Love the 60 Rd magazine.

1. Sometimes when I pulled the bolt back and the gun barrel was pointing down, the BB would fall out. (Very disappointed)
2. The orange tip at the end seems a little excessive. (But that's just a minor problem)
3. Kind of difficult/annoying to adjust the hop-up.

I'm taking off two stars because of Con #1, that's just ridiculous that the BB falls out of the gun the day you receive it.