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Matrix Hardshell Adjustable Holster for STI Hi-Capa 2011 Series Pistols (Type: Black / Belt Attachment)

29 Customer Reviews

by Matthew M. on 09/13/2021
"Works great. Love the feel and locking mechanism.

Caution! This holster will not work with the AW CUSTOM HX24 "WIND VELOCITY" IPSC GAS BLOWBACK AIRSOFT PISTOL. The gun fits fine but the break on the front is slightly too wide with out shaving it down. Dont make the mistake i did!
by Shannon D. on 08/24/2020
"I bought this for Novritsch ssp1 and it fits perfectly. Thankfully the plastic that it is made out of is very sturdy. I bought the holster and molle mount and it stays on my vest very well. Would definitely recommend,
by David J. on 09/03/2019
"Ive run this holster with the molle attachment for over a year and its still solid best holster for the price fits my kjw hicapa perfectly and great retention on it

The molle attachment can come undone but i put a little super glue on the tabs where it meets the molle and have never had a issue since through milsim events and countless pickup games

By far the best holster for a hicapa for the money
by Nathan H. on 02/05/2019
"Best Bang for Your Buck

perfectly fits my tokyo Marui 5.1 hi capa
included mount

included molle mount is alright however it can come loose. I have yet to dislodge the holster from my belt, but there have been instances of one of the hooks coming partially undone. As long as you pay attention and take care of your gear, you shouldn't have any problems with the holster freeing from molle
by Lucio C. on 12/25/2018
"Fits perfect on AW Custom HX2003!
by Tobi T. on 04/24/2018
"This holster is probably one of the best holsters in the market. It's great for speed-softers out there, and is definitely a good holster in general. My AW custom hx2003 hi-capa fits smooth like a glove. The modular system and attachments allow you to fit your holster any way you see fit, but I recommend getting the belt paddle attachment. The hookings inside the paddle clamp keep your holster secure on your belt, and the addition of the rubberized back keeps a sort of grip against your waist. Overall, worth the purchase.
by Matthew B. on 09/29/2017
"I recently bought this holster, drop leg version, for my WE Hi-Capa 5.1. I used to own a soft/fabric drop leg holster, but after loosing my mags numerous time due to the holster itself pressing the mag release I decided to upgrade.

At first I was a little hesitant to buy this, as it cost as much ($50 for the drop leg) as my real steal conceal carry holster. But I pulled the trigger on it and I am glad I did. This holster is amazing! First of all, the retention is great. I can run, jump, and crawl around all day and not worry about losing my pistol. However, the action to release and draw the pistol is smooth and easy to use, making drawing quick.

My Hi-Capa fit in this thing perfectly. No rubbing, no needing to shave anything off, none of that. Fit like a glove. Plus the amount of adjustability is great for every person who prefers a particular style of carrying their pistol.

If you can get past the price, I highly recommend this product. Best airsoft holster I have ever owned and would buy again hands down.

Easy 5/5 stars!
by Cole T. on 08/02/2017
"I bought this for my WE hi capa 5.1 t rex and it fits perfectly I would recommend this holster to anyone and also it fits my KWA mark 2 1911 as well
by Garrett B. on 03/21/2017
"Great holster. Fits AW Custom Hi-Capa Competition Grade Gas Blowback Airsoft Pistol perfectly.
by Henry D. on 07/22/2016
"I got this holster to fit my WE-Tech T-Rex 5.1 Hi-Capa and it's safe to say that the holster does its job very very well. However, when you are installing this holster I recommend bending the little tabs on the top right and left a bit so they stretch out a bit so it is easier to install because the arrow is a very big pain in the heiny to fit inside one MOLLE strap. But, once you install it is very sturdy and will fall out of wherever you put it. High Quality Polymer too. You might also be able to fit a very short flashlight in there but I haven't tried it personally.
by Tobias V. on 04/18/2022
"All in all, it's a great holster and fits my EMG STI DVC HiCapa perfectly. However, the low ride mount hardware that came in the package did not include a screw long enough to actually mount the holster to the mount. This would've received 5-stars from me if I didn't have to go digging through a grab bag of screws to find one that does the trick. All in all, no complaints.
by Andrew V. on 01/19/2022
"Very impressive for a 25 dollar holster. It fits my hi capa perfectly, however, I am slightly disappointed that the pistol doesn't slide right in smoothly, I have to push it in and hold the slide down otherwise the holster will hold the slide in place and the gun will be cocked with the slide back... maybe its just the pistol I'm using, but other than that, I love this holster
by Vincent E. on 12/23/2020
"Got this for my EMG TTI JW3 Combat Master 2011. Loose and pistol rattles around inside. Pistol will not come out accidentally though. Small modification to narrow the inside and the pistol does not rattle inside it anymore. Good value.
by Ian M. on 03/06/2020
"This DOES FIT a KJW Xcelerator Hi Capa. However the holster is a little too narrow. All you gotta do is shove something (a paint stirring stick works perfect) into the holster that stretches' it width wise. Then bake it at 350 degrees for like 5 minutes. No damage is done and the holster holds the new shape. Then do some slight Dremel/ file work to avoid having the front sight get caught up when drawing. If you own a Xcelerator, you'll see what I mean when you receive this holster. Its not too much work at all.

The retention system works very well, the pistol is not coming out unless you press the button.

Four stars because I haven't ordered a mounting system yet, I feel like this holster only having one mounting hole will be wobbly when drawing. Not sure yet.
by Craig Jr E. on 01/30/2020
"Hilariously does not fit STI DVC 3-Gun 2011 style Hi-Capa parts without modification. For all intents and purposes, this is effectively a SERPA holster, but very inexpensive, and uses a circle index mounting system instead of multi-position screws. I like it, it's held up to several games without dumping my Hi-Capa on the ground.