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ARES Amoeba 140rd High Grade Mid-Cap Magazine for M4/M16 Series Airsoft AEG Rifles (Color: Black/Set of 5)

15 Customer Reviews

by Preston R. on 12/04/2021
"I never leave reviews Bc I think it’s time consuming but this product deserves it. ARES makes some of the best mags ever. I’ve had the same ones for 4 years, never did any maintenance on them yet they consistently feed to the last BB. They’re a bit thick which means w some guns you have to manually remove the mag, it doesn’t drop out. But for this level of quality it’s worth it
by Sayori H. on 08/19/2020
Quick-draw tab
120+ round capacity
Easy maintenance
Easy to disassembly with the bottom screw
Feeds in all my M4s no problem
by Thiery B. on 08/03/2018
"Excellent quality of materials, does not give the feeling of having something plastic. I recommend it
by Emrhys S. on 02/27/2018
"Great Mags, Works perfectly in the ICS cxp mars line.
by Chris F. on 02/26/2018
by Richard A. on 01/19/2018
"Fantastic. Tested them to work in: ICS M4, G&G M4, G&P M16, Jing Gong 416, VFC M16, Magpul UAR, SRC M4, Tippmann M4, they feed upwards of 40 BB's a second and are super durable.

Buy five today, you physically cannot regret it.
by Perrin H. on 12/09/2016
"I've had these mags for about six months now and honestly I think they are great. When it comes to construction they hold up well just be careful not to be too hard on them while loading as they can split. The material may be on the "cheaper" side but I've thrown them across concrete and they hold up great. One of the main draws to this mag however is the fact that they feed any gun. Countless times I've come across people who's mags are a hard fit for don't feed well and time after time these mags have solved the issue, no matter the BB weight or brand.

Pros: 1- Feeds without fail
2- Great Price
3- Built in hook for ease of use

Cons: 1- Will suffer if the spring is not taken care of every ten or so loads
2- "Cheaper" feel and material then some of the better constructed mags (But
normal care will keep them performing well)

All in all these are amazing mags that I will keep on buying as a great backbone to my arsenal.
by Juan A. on 11/18/2016
"I bought these Mag a While back, and had them for about Half a year, but I think these are the best mags on the market. They feed great look great too and there Built from real Polymer and they can just take a beating. These Mag can fit literary any M4 gun or any gun that can take m4 mags. But over all I prefer these mags over the PTS EPM Mags. There Awesome mags!!!!
by Alex B. on 11/10/2016
"I bought these 8 months ago. I've only used them on my Tippmann M4 and no AEGs but, they feed to the last BB every time. The mag pull tabs are a neat feature but they don't stay up on their own. Still very hand though since it's easier to lift the tab and then pull the mag out than just pulling out the mag sometimes. My only gripe is that the glue on the bottom is very strong and the plastic on the screw is very weak so I haven't been able to open them and clean them properly yet. The build quality is fine and through gloves, you really feel the grip on there.

5/5 would buy again.
by nicole N. on 03/25/2016
"I've had the mags for a little over a year and they Withstand all of my abuse
Feed fantastic and are worth the price
by matthew r. on 02/19/2015
"These mags are great! I just received them the other day and the quality is outstanding, they fit in my Amoeba snug with NO wobble!
by Drew R. on 09/29/2020
"These mags feed perfectly, but they don’t drop out of any of my m4’s when I press the mag release button so I can’t give them a 5/5. They also have a large profile, so it can be difficult to fit them into mag pouches.
by Alexander G. on 03/25/2016
"A great deal for some solid mid-cap M4 mags.

They seem pretty durable, as I dropped a couple on some hard surfaces and they still function just fine. Not too Chin-sy of a plastic they use, but probably not polymer level. They feed all the way down to the last 3-4 BBs without a problem, they just drop out of the hopup like any AEG mag would. Also you gota' love that flip out mag-pull, made out of rubber by the way, very secure. No wasting your money on those stupid, overpriced MagPul covers for mags for just a little finger tab.

I've only had one problem, and that's just one of the 10 mags seemed to have some trouble feeding. Perhaps it was my gun, but others didn't have that issue. Maybe I'll give it another shot. Another con I guess you could say are some of the silly engravings they put in, like random bullets and stuff but it's eh. That's just an insignificant visual gripe, though. I'd rather just have the textured grip in the middle and the folding pull tab and the rest plain, would look a lot less weird.

The gun they've been used in is a Valken Battle-Machine TTC, and the colour is damn close to the two-tone of the M4 of that option.

Overall I rate pretty good outta good. They're solid if you need to save money, buy a bulk of mags, you want to use quick-pull M4 pouches (without wasting your money on MagPul products), and for the most part be reliable.
by Michael C. on 04/17/2015
"ok so i had to talk myself into buying these cause their is a cheaper made set of 10 for like a little less...also for one i have bought the cheaper version of these and found these to be better imo

-feels very well made. especially compared to the cheaper versions. while the cheaper version feels decent these feel a little heavier and way stronger.
- imitation bullet window is a nice feature also

-19$ a mag. but from what ive seen most m4/m16 mags are about 10-15 and with these having a magpul feature built in i find it worth it but they r expensive compared to most regular mags.
- friend has a poly xcr-c and doesnt fit so doesnt fit every gun
by Eric K. on 04/04/2016
"As you would expect from ARES. decent externals with garbage build. overall doesnt look bad, but you are not getting metal. they stretch down the middle crevice when you get to about 100 bbs and they WILL break often. overall worth maybe $50 for this, but i do NOT recommend this if you are looking for a long term investment. get yourself some simple plain metal no decal mags from an offbrand and they will work better.

-look nice
-no need to mark your mags cus they look different
-mag release tab (pully thing on the bottom, forgot the name)

-break VERY easily
-cant load more than 100 bbs without risking breaking the mag
-dont feed properly often (i commonly think im out and when i go back to reload find out half the mag is full or the spring inside has -broken or been moved)
-cheap plastic material

buy something else