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CYMA Standard AKM Airsoft AEG Rifle with Real Wood Furniture (Package: Gun Only)

17 Customer Reviews

by Sparky V. on 06/02/2021
"I'm writing another review after using it almost every weekend at a large outdoor field for 4 years. It still works great out of the box!

I started using an 11v LiPo about a year ago and kept it on semii(the high-caps can't keep up with the full-auto-feed). It will need a hopup change in the near future though finally after about 950 hours of hard use lol. This is partly because I stopped cleaning it soon after installing the LiPo. I'm not going to be using it much anymore soon because evike put the NGRS mags in stock and my parents deemed it "safe to order".

I don't know if this gun has been soaked in holy water or if I'm just lucky, but I hope that CYMA continues making this gun because mine has served me VERY WELL.
by Amy S. on 06/16/2020
"It worked well I Until replaced the motor and the Fuse blew so I got a better fuse and sent in to a shop to get the spring replaced and it looks good it functions good and it’s a good gun but the battery compartment is too small get a smaller battery overall great buy
by Andrew R. on 02/21/2019
"I wanted to start out this review with saying this is my first AEG, And Airsoft gun in general ever, So I may glorify some parts of the review because I am so excited to have this beauty, But I will go into deep detail about the aesthetics and looks and feels for the enthusiasts that really just want to real feel to there AEG.

Straight out the box, Didn't expect it to look as amazing as it did, The pictures where they show it don't do it a lot of justice, The wood looked bleach and a lot more pale, and the metal looked more like cast, But this isn't the case when you get yours. The wood is more how you would expect it on any AK, Darker tone and beautiful pattern of wood.
--------This is the Aesthetics part of the review, Only looks and feels-------
-Looking down the ironsights feels great and real.
-As far as Metal goes, Almost all of it consists of it, the grip isn't, but it doesn't feel bad or cheap at all, Looks good as well.
-Going back to the wood, There was some dried dripping paint from what it looked like on the stock and on the front handguard. Also to note the Front handguard seemed to move a little bit if you put force on it, But really not an issue.
-Comes with only 3 Stickers, THEY are all easily removable without ripping or leaving behind any paper.
-The fire mode selector couldn't look and feel better.
-A major like on this gun would happen to be a very subtle detail, The letters are indeed Russian for the Auto and Single, Also on the Iron sight, "P".
-Flash hider seems a bit hard to remove if you are trying to put something else there, but It doesn't look terrible. I'd just prefer a suppressor or compensator to make my AK look meaner.
-Magazines are generally all goodlooking on it.
-1 last thing, SHOOTING IT COULDN"T FEEL BETTER ITS AN AK (Not 47 But who gives a damn when it's an incredible looking AK variation) Will make you smile the first few shots from the feel it gives.
by Lawrence M. on 11/24/2018
"I have had my CYMA AK for about 2 years now and it's going after many battles!
by Spencer R. on 08/30/2018
"I've owned this weapon for about 4 years now and it still functions very well. That has to say something about its durability. It still will get occasional use on the field as a loaner weapon. 5 stars because its managed to survive this long. A fun weapon as well.
by Christopher H. on 08/05/2018
"The magazine has the slightest little wiggle, and the battery well is a tad small, but of the 2500 rounds I fired (all in one session) upon opening this CYMA product, I've not had a single issue with the hopup, FPS, or accuracy.

solid construction, solid gearbox- I'd definitely recommend this as a first for an electric airsoft gun
by Cole C. on 06/26/2018
"This ak is unbelievable with what it offers to the user. This is my second gun and is better in every area except that my first gun is a thompson which people are always like OMG is that a thompson and i'm like "yeah, what about it? It's an airsoft gun" . I ordered this gun a YEAR AGO and it runs beautifully and is hitting right around 400 fps with .25g bb's. this gun has helped me achieve my greatest shots one of which was one shot at over 100 feet that hit a friend right in the head as he peeked from behind a tree

-Real wood (could be a con for smaller people because of added weight)
- metal durability
-endless possibility for load outs (I have a modern contractor, LRRP [Long Range Reconnaissance Patrol /Vietnam] load out for the AK & Thompson), Russian armed forces, and a US woodland surplus load out
-shoots straight
-hits hard
-dumps bb's down range at a good pace
-could be used as a mil-sim gun as is
-mags fit in almost everything including m4 pouches, old US army surplus mag pouches, those cheap bandoleers that you see in Military movies
-mags fit snug
-good internals
-externals are a 4/5

-rear sling mount is very annoying especially if your trying to sneak around and it hits your metal D-rings on your stuff (mount can be removed)

-rear sling mount AGAIN does not look like it could hold the gun when attached to the a single point sling
-charging handle is cheap
-battery space
-go get to the battery compartment you have to take off two screws which those screws can lose their edges and then you have to tape the butt plate to the gun or get new screws
-wood will scratch if you look at it wrong (but gives it a cool weathered effect though)
-after a full day of play, can get annoying having to lug it around without a sling especially if you have a sneakier play style like I do

Final Words: buy it! you won't regret it.
by Justin L. on 06/14/2018
"Must give CYMA gun justice. The importance of a "reliable gearbox" cannot be forgotten. All CYMA items have perfect quality control and if you want higher fps, its only a simple spring upgrade. I upgrade all my CYMA to 400 fps with lipo the day I buy them and they never fail me. The finish on all CYMA guns are great as well.
by Willis W. on 06/01/2018
"This gun is awesome. Just gonna skip ahead and say just buy it.

-amazing hop up
-charging handle makes a cool sound when u pull it back
-feels nice
-looks boss
by Sparky V. on 01/10/2018
"I love this AK!

the only problem with it is that the screws for the back are really short and hold on by ONE THREAD on my gun (if you include the metal back)!

Longer screws are easy to get though. :)
by Cody K. on 10/12/2017
by Aeddon M. on 08/31/2016
"Excellent gun. Durable as heck. Although there is some pot metal, it's strong so long as you don't use it like a club. The real wood and steel are a great touch. The front sight post is fully adjustable for windage and elevation making it perfect for precision shots. If you wear big goggles like me, you may have a hard time looking down the sights, but since this is airsoft I hardly ever use them anyways. I've upgraded mine with a 6.03 tightbore barrel as well as an 80 degree maple leaf bucking and a flat hop nub. I recommend .25s or higher. Also, its FPS is kind of high, but after a while, the spring settles down. I did the coke can chrono on mine and it's around 350-380 now. Even though I did some gearbox upgrades, you probably don't need to, as it wasn't over greased and had a pretty good shim job.

-Full metal and real wood
-Easy to disassemble

-Shoots too hot for most fields (spring will weaken most likely)
-Heavy(about 7-8lbs)
-Small battery space(largest battery that will fit is a small type 9.6v brick battery)
by Richard A. on 02/04/2016
"Bought this gun about 6 months ago. Use it on average twice a week. This gun is amazing. Hits hard with .25g bb's. I wouldnt use .20g bb's the lowest i used is .23 and those are a little inaccurate. The body is solid metal except for the grip, flash hider. The flash hider snapped off after I dropped my gun one game. So I bought a mock silencer. The magazine is a decent size. I would say around 600 rounds. I carry 2 with me. The fuse is easy to get to also. WELL WORTH THE MONEY. THE SCOPE I BOUGHT WAS $30.00 AND THE MOUNT WAS $30.00, THE MAGAZINE WAS ONLY $15.00.
by Daniel R. on 01/19/2015
"The CYMA Cm.048m is a very high end rifle for a very low price. This rifle out performs my ICS M16 in range and power. The rifle has a very heavy weight to it and it feels good holding it in your hands. The wood, while not the best looking, does the job. The hopup is very good and it seems to be decently accurate. I also love how easy it is to disassemble to the rifle.

The rifle does not come with a metal flash hider like some other rifles do, so you have to purchase one separately and the orange flash hider is almost impossible to take off and I have yet to have any luck getting it off.

My gripes about the rifle is that the stock is very small and cannot fit any stick type batteries and it prefers only small types because the fuse in the back of the rifle takes up half of the battery space because it is HUGE. I bought an 11.1v nunchuck to replace the stick type.

The rifle is also very picky with the magazines and it does not fit any G&P mid cap magazines. You will more than likely have to file the back of most magazines you get, including the one that comes with the rifle. My inner barrel that came with my rifle appears to have been cut near the hop-up and there are a lot of scratches on it so my suggestion is to buy a new barrel ASAP.

Despite my problems I rate the rifle a 9/10.
by Jonathan M. on 10/09/2014
"This great for the money. You get a real stamped steel body, all wood furniture, and a great FPS ~380 .25g This gun is great for dirty outdoor play because it's solid and durable. I've had no jamming problems in the motor seems to handle 11.1 V 20c Lipo batteries without any problem. The rate of fire is moderate maybe 15 balls a second/sec. I use this gun as my every day Russia/China/terrorist weapon to complement my M4 for a primary gun when I'm not playing Western based roles.

I would recommend this gun for anyone looking for all-around good primary weapon that will be used and aggressive outdoor play.