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ARES Amoeba AM-013 12" M4 Carbine Airsoft AEG (Color: Dark Earth)

16 Customer Reviews

by Jake F. on 06/30/2017
"This gun is a complete God when on the field but the only thing i would change is the spring, im not too sure what spring it comes with whether its either an m115 or most likely an m120 either way its way up in the fps running at around 425 or so. It might just be mine personally but if this is the case with everyone then that quick spring change comes in clutch so that way you could change it to an m110
by Jake F. on 06/30/2017
"This gun is a complete God when on the field but the only thing i would change is the spring, im not too sure what spring it comes with whether its either an m115 or most likely an m120 either way its way up in the fps running at around 425 or so. It might just be mine personally but if this is the case with everyone then that quick spring change comes in clutch so that way you could change it to an m110
by Jeffery J. on 04/28/2017
"This gun is legendary! I'm not going to go into too much detail considering everyone in these reviews are singing this guns praises. short and sweet:
-Feels great/Great build quality
-Super responsive trigger
-Aggressive look and feel
-Very High RPM
-Surprisingly accurate
-Motor heats up (nothing too bad though.)
-Garbage iron sights (who uses those anyway?)
-Tight battery fit (even with the PEQ box battery.)

All in all 10/10 would buy again.
by ricky k. on 01/25/2017
"Ok, let me just say it was love at first sight when I saw this gun for sale. Now for the stats
This gun looks amazing.
This gun is capable of 430 FPS if higher volt battery is used.
This is a perfect beginning gun for a person who has fallen in love with airsoft and wants to buy a high-end gun.
This gun is lipo ready, it's perfect for a lipo. It can easily handle an 11.1v Lipo.
There's a good amount of parts available for the gun.
The gun comes in two different color ratios, which is a little bit of a pro, as there are guns that come in different camos/colors. but most don't.
You can buy a twist on the black tip for the barrel.
It's made out of aluminum and out of a high strength nylon reinforced polymer, the polymer feels pretty close to metal.
It's consistent
has a great fire rate with 11.1v lipo

The mag it comes with is ok

Battery space doesn't have a lot of room, BUT thanks to AIRTECH STUDIOS, there's a battery space extension unit (
Do not buy the mags that are made by ares.
they don't work :( or at least mine didn't use these ( [these clips are maxed, yes, BUT THERE FULL METAL :D]

Conclusion: I love this thing, it looks amazing, its made out of amazing material, consistent, it's lightweight, and all the pros above.

ALSO JUST A DISCLAIMER, ALWAYS USE 20.g bbs if your gun is over 100$ (good to use if it is 100$)

THIS GUN IS A 10/10 :D
by Mark M. on 03/09/2016
"Owned the gun for a year before deciding to write a review. Functions 100% flawlessly although when the shop tested it the bucking had broke. Previous experience with Ares guns leaves me to believe that this is a common issue. I simply replaced the bucking with a Madbull bucking and from that point it works great. I use an 11.1 Lipo and I have not issues aside from the motor heating up. I now use it as a backup as I now have an ASG Scorpion EVO which performs similarly but MUCH more better. Which to be fair is probably the best stock AEG on the market. But the Honeybadger is a great competitor for less cash.
Programmable 3rd burst
Accurate after tuning the hopup
Small cqb feel but also feels like a full rifle
Can use 11.1v LiPo
Quick spring change
pistol grip heats up
PDW stock needs getting used to
Orange cap took FOREVER to get off
by Blayne H. on 02/07/2016
"I got this gun about 4 weeks ago and put 4,000+ bb's through it and it hasn't jammed once!
Light weight
Trigger response
Iron sights (nobody uses em anyways)
Battery space
Polymer receiver
by eric y. on 05/12/2015
"BUY IT NOW. Ive had this gun for a few months now and it has been amazing. there has been NO problems with it at all. the gun is sturdy and stable. it shoot 380-400 FPS average. i decked mine out with all sorts of attachments and it looks badass. plus its a one of a kind gun!

Pros: Fast fire rate, High FPS, sturdy, looks cool, many upgrade parts, comes with extra rails, ITS A HONEY BADGER.

Cons: Crappy mag (i suggest buying the G&P matal mid-caps), small battery space, hop up is a little weird to adjust.
by Michael C. on 04/17/2015
"LOVE THIS GUN. while i have not yet took it to near by field i have used it extensively shooting targets and what such.. i have a 7.4lipo and a 11.1 lipo for this gun and both perform very well. while the 7.4 fit easy after some play with fitting it in the 11.1 i had to trim some of the interior of it to fit so pay attention to battery size. mine chrono at 365-380fps.

- i run a Valken 7.4 1600mAh brick type
-750 rpm
when i take this to my local field i will probably use this. the trigger response is nice and while the rpm isnt the fastest it is plenty. i never had motor get hot using this or any problems

-Matrix 11.1 1500mAh brick type
could only use full auto for like 10min before it got to hot and had to stop. if using semi might be able to get a full day out of it but dont be crazy with the trigger.

- lightweight..seriously i could carry this all day and im a smaller guy
- very small and compact
- movable rail space
- enlarged mag release...very nice
-trigger response is snappy

- battery space is small...and i mean tiny
-while the hand stoppers are nice and look good (i.m.o) i find em uncomfortable to use but might be because im a smaller guy
- using a 11.1 lipo the motor in the grip gets very warm and the battery connectors also get hot.
- hard to fully colapse the stock with battery in it but it makes it so small its really not needed

thats the only problems ive had but if i encounter most will post them
by Ryan W. on 04/02/2015
"I have purchased this gun from Evike and from the first time picking it up, I knew it would dominate. I mainly play CQB out at Intrigue Airsoft in Kansas City and this gun is just perfect. When I first walked in the door, a huge group of guys swarmed around picking it up, getting a feel for it and not one person was not impressed. Just by others picking it up and messing with it, 4 guys bought them. Intrigue is a semi-auto only and when I was out there, I got accused of full auto because the response is that fast one this. The battery I was using was a matrix 11.1 20c 1500 mAh PEQ type battery which the gun is ready to take but you will have modify the door that closes in the battery. It took me about 4 minutes and did not compromise structural integrity or the stock.
-Micro Switch included.
-Rotary style hopup.
-Tight bore barrel included.
-Looks sweet.
-Comfortable stock.
-Very light, 6 pounds ready to rock (not as realistic but strong and light)
-Modular rail with 4 segments. (more than enough)
-Flip up front and rear sights.
-Battery space (hard to find a lipo to meet that size but a matrix 11.1 20c 1500 mAh PEQ type fits)
-Motor will get hot after excessive fire. (Swapped magnets in the stock motor for some from my Matrix tornado speed and the problem does not really happen any more or go 7.4 lipo)
by Matthew P. on 03/23/2015
"Overall this is a great gun. Light weight, shoots great, great fps the whole nine yards. The description says it has 3 round burst but its not a big deal to me. the rail was a little wobbly when i got it but a quick tighten fixed it. I would definitely recommend to anyone!!
by Aidan S. on 10/24/2014
"Amazing gun!

Looks awesome
Comes with two extra mags
Can be used at most airsoft arenas.

Iron sights are plastic and front sight can easily break
Stock is a little uncomfortable

9.5/10 BUY IT!
by Aden R. on 11/16/2019
"Great gun for a beginner such as myself, it shoots really nice and is such a badass gun overall. Only complaint is the battery compartment, I bought the extension and even it is a pain.
by William H. on 02/25/2017
"Ook, I have had this gun for about a month and it works like a dream except for one thing. Given the fact that this gun has a pre-installed MOSFET it should be able to take an 11.1v Lipo right?....maybe. The fact is, no matter what battery you use, your motor will do its best impersonation of a blast furnace right on under your hand in the motor grip.

1. High (ish) ROF (about 20 or so with an 11.1)
2. Reliable through the heat of the motor
3. FPS is pretty chill (min is about 380) plus the quick spring change comes in major clutch.
4. Quality is key

1.The motor heating up more than your average feminist on Redit.
2. My mock suppressor will NOT come off and idk why.

Hope this helps you guys looking into this. Honestly I would recommend copping yourself a Hell breaker with the same gearbox (which is great) that way the EMG wiring is better and your gun will basically be unstoppable.
by Blayne H. on 01/21/2016
"I really like this gun and any problems that it has are a simple fix. The fps and rps is great. It very rarely jams (only happened to me once), it is light, great for cqb or field games, and has a nice feel. However, the motor heats up easily, the sights are crap, and the battery compartment is small. Honestly though nobody really uses iron sights anymore. Also, there are battery compartment extensions available on the market. All in all, I would recommend this gun, but I'd wait until the G&G version comes out in order to compare the two.
by Ryan w. on 10/25/2014
"Pretty solid and light gun that shoots great for outdoor play.

Came with extra picatinny rails for other mounting on the hand guard
Very Light
Solid feel on the hand guard
Shoots amazingly straight
Electronic trigger responds very quickly
When paired up with Amoeba's programming system, you can use 3 round burst.
When replacing full auto with 3 round burst, you can still pull the trigger multiple times to basically have a full auto
Flip up iron sights that stay out of the way for red dots and if your battery ever runs out for your red dot, you don't have to install the iron sights back on
Stock feels very solid

Magwell isn't that great as all mags have a bit of wobble
Bolt catch is just for show as the charging handle along with the dust cover and hopup cover is attached to the upper receiver so hopup is adjusted by holding the charging handle back and adjusting the dial
Battery Space is minimal, when plugged into a peq battery, it is hard to close the battery cover as the wires along with the long tamiyas connected together try to force out of the battery box.

Besides these few cons, very great gun. Once plugged in and ready to play, the only con that will affect you on the battlefield is the magwell.