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ASG CZ Scorpion EVO 3 - A1 Airsoft AEG Rifle

32 Customer Reviews

by Whit M. on 05/23/2019
"Note-this gun was given to me by a friend. This gun is amazing. Compact, maneuverable and insanely accurate. Throw a MOSFET and 3r burst into the mix, and you’ve got one hell of an AEG. Battery fitment is a little tight but easy to fit with ASG’s 900 mAh Lipo battery. Enough rail space for whatever you’d want. The finish, however, is cheap looking and scratches somewhat easily. The mags have the same disappointing finish, but they fit the advertised amount of rounds and feed well. I like the empty mag cutoff and the charging handle is a nice touch. You can’t HK slap it though, only the bolt release will let the handle go after it is pulled. All in all, the gun performed well, despite its few cons.
by Chris R. on 05/16/2019
"This gun goes great with my krytac mkll crb. Shoots 400fps with .20 grams right out the box. Running a lipo 11.1 that is. Biggest drawbacks are magazine and battery compartment. But asg makes a perfect stick size battery with 1600mah. I made the mistake of buying 2 different style lipos. Still fits but its finicky. As for the magazine size l bypassed that issue with a drum mag by Tapp. Still purchased the 3 pack just incase l ever feel like running midcaps. Have the barrel adapter to throw on silencer or different flash hiders as well as the blacked out metal version of its oem flash hider. Weight of the gun is extremely light. Id have no problem running it all day. Would definitely recommend picking it up if you're even considering it
by Kelly H. on 03/27/2019
"Perfect in every way except one. The battery storage limits the battery type. Best bang for the buck.
by marc s. on 02/28/2019
"I like this gun, a lot. So much so that i bought two of them, one the carbine and this one. I call it the "shorty" at least in my gun log to differentiate it from the carbine and shorty has about 11,000 bb's through it by now. If I'd bought this gun first I doubt I'd have gotten most of the others (MP40, Sterling SMG, Italian MP38) since this gun beats them all - in features, reliability, design, workmanship, just about everything except maybe price.

This is not a cheap gun, of course, but for all that you get a whole lot of gun for the money. The shorty is as accurate as my M16-M203 if not more so, and the rate of fire is crazy high - with the 11.1 lipo it's a bullet hose. My favorite thing to do with this gun is just let loose with tracers at night, lots of fun!

If there were any drawbacks to this gun, it has to be battery access. Shoe-horning the battery in the forearm is just not practical to me: not only does it require too much disassembling just to charge or check, it limits the size of the battery you can use. After a while I just bought the mock AN/PEQ2 box, mount it to the side of the forearm and I can use the large Tenergy 11.1 v lipo (I have not had much luck with the butterfly type so I just don't buy those anymore).

As soon as I bought the gun I bought several of the 375 round magazines and these are much better then the 75 round that comes with it. I also bought a Tapp drum, the battery operated one. At $120 yes it is pricey, but it sure saves a lot of reloading time. The only drawback to this drum is it fires so fast you could probably melt your motor if you weren't paying attention. I did have one problem with the Tapp drum after I tried to load BB's into the wrong hole (the correct port is the oval hole on front of the drum, which when not in use is covered by a small piece of velcro fabric). I was looking for an easier way to load the drum so dropped some bb's down the smaller hole in the mag well portion. The drum then jammed up and wouldn't feed bb's. But I just took it apart (carefully) by removing the 4 hex screws, and gently levering off the back. The plastic gears are covered by another plastic piece, held on by 3 small phillips screws - after removing those then gently lifting the plastic piece out of the way, I just shook out the bb's jamming the gears and reassembled and iot was good as new. (So if you buy the Tapp drum only load it through the oval hole and no other, I guess).

This is a rather pricey, but first-class airsoft gun in every way. Design, materials, workmanship and reliability are worthy of guns twice the price; it has a one year warranty; tracer units, suppressors and muzzle brakes fit with ease (14 mm CCW) has a high rate of fire, and it is surprisingly accurate. I say pick one up before they decide to raise the price of it again.
by Sam H. on 09/26/2018
"Can't be beat. The perfect gun. I keep trying to find better guns, but I keep coming back.
by Carver D. on 09/16/2018
"I don't own this gun, but I have held and shot with it. I love it. Yeti tactical had pouches just for this gun. The selector is crisp, it's light weight and it shoots with good range. I was hitting 50 to 100 rather well. I think. 25 was being used. This gun is the reason I'm giving up my m4 loadout completely. Yes the battery area is crap, but whine if you wish while you could simply just get a peck box and problem solved. It shoots silently and like mentioned in other comments will not shoot or run the battery if a mag is empty.

I highly recommend it.
by Joel H. on 03/14/2018
"Another follow up review after a few months of this gun-- still holding up fielded over 50 times and have not had a single problem, to be expected for those of you just ask My yourself it's kinda expensive, just buy it don't waist your time you won't regret this buy it shoots fantastic, and has never let me down this thin doesn't even need a review it's just 5 star simply put will warn you though it over hops .25 with no hop up on so there is that
by Beaufort A. on 10/04/2017
"More accurate than most rifle size AEGs. I keep the battery in a PEQ battery box. Lightweight, maneuverable. I have missed kills because you can't fire from a fresh mag without working a lever that works nothing like the bolt release on an M16/M4. I love how the gun beeps and has an LED for diagnostics. Stock wobbles a bit when extended. Hard to find mag pouches specifically for this gun. I use a ChiComm chest rig, which holds two mags per pocket. Also have some 9mm mag Ten Speed pouches from Blue Force Gear, but the mags go in so tightly that I am afraid the little lever on the back spine of the mag will break off. At 70 rounds per mag, you go through them quickly, but thanks to the accuracy you don't have to fire as many shots. By this one if you want a gun that gets the job done.
by Joel H. on 09/05/2017
"I have used a lot of Airsoft guns over the years and I was absolutely Blown Away by through performance of this submachine gun it can outperform my full-size M4 any day of the week and the price isn't bad either being cheaper than any of M4 as well if you purchase this gun you will not be disappointed.
by Zach S. on 08/18/2017
"Got this baby a month ago, and unfortunately haven't had much time to use it as I'm shipping out to basic. I'll give a quick lowdown on what I've gotten from "her" (Tl;Dr at the bottom):

This thing is a sports car. It runs better than many over $600 wonderspace guns you'll run into, and it'll out range them here and there too. As a PDW vs many rifles. Yeah
The quick change spring system is a godsend. While I understand how my weapon works, I am definitely not a tech. With the qc system however, even I can chane the spring out with a single tool and a few moments.
This thing screams "LOOK IM NOT ANOTHER M4"
The internals are great, don't touch them, they are god tier
Comes with mid-cap mags (could be a con if you're not into that)
It's not *exactly* the same as a real gun to shoot, but it feels good to reload and fire. The construction is spectacular also, probably would fit a lot of real steel parts.
I love it so much I've named mine...

Can get a bit pricey once you start buying magazines (of which you'll need a few, they have around a 75rd capacity) and accesories
LiPos can be a bit different to newer players
On the subject of batteries, the battery compartment was an afterthought. GET A PEQ BOX FOR YOUR BATTERY. You won't regret it
When the accesories go out of stock, it can be a bit of a wait

Tl;Dr Great gun m8. Buy it if you got the monies. Also, buy a PEQ box, or you'll take ten minutes fo fit the battery in every time (also, there are high-caps I learned, they hold like 370 rounds I think each)
by Hunter F. on 05/27/2017
"This gun is actually insane. The tech work and engineering behind every feature in this replica is astounding, and produces amazing results.

Externals: The gun is made out of an extremely durable polymer, that (I think) is present on the real deal Scorpion Evo. The folding stock makes CQB a dream as well as makes room clearing much easier. The battery space is limited, but I was able to fit a valken energy 11.1v butterfly in it no problem.

Internally, don't touch this gun. Don't upgrade it, don't tech it, just use it. The internals are amazing. This gun is similar to Krytacs in that you don't have to do any upgrades to them. I would not risk ruining an awesome gun just to get .03 seconds faster trigger response or something.

My gun chronoed in at around 410 FPS, which makes it just okay for field use. You will need to buy a lower fps spring to use it in CQB.

This gun outranges many 'field' aegs on the market, and even some polarstars. I was reaching out further than some guys with 800 dollar hpa set ups.

Overall, I recommend this gun 110%. If you have the money, use it and buy this gun.

Pros: all stated above.
Cons: you don't have one.

Other: use an 11.1 lipo.
by Sean L. on 04/01/2017
"Just got this got earlier in the week. Barring a few small cons this is a really great gun. Out of the box it may be the best I've had. It shoots straight and really hard. I did get the steel spring guide along with the purchase and I don't want to blow my gearbox up and the extra $25 is worth the protection.
Love the quick spring change option - wish Krytac had made it this easy. Definitely too hot out of the box to run CQB so I got a M100 and M110 spring to test out for lower speeds - haven't tested yet.
Currently running it on a 7.4v lipo and the response is very quick. Gonna try a 11.1v PEQ once it comes in.
The weight of the gun is very light compared with other metal M4s PDW style rifles.
All I can say is buy this gun and you won't be disappointed. I truly believe in buy once, cry once - you get what you pay for. A $200 gun with $300 up upgrades will just get you a fiddly gun where other weaker parts start to break. Pay up the $400 up front and enjoy!

- The battery holder is a huge pain in the neck especially since you have to open it every time you use the gun to disconnect the battery if you aren't running a PEQ.
- The selector switch, like other have said, is fiddly. Not that big a deal but the one on the right side did fall off on me the first time I was running through a few mags. I would recommend tightening up the hex screw when you first get the gun. I've since tightened the hex screw on both sides and the selector is a big more precise and no further issues.
by Jimmy H. on 01/06/2017
"I recently bought the krytac trident mk2 and loved it but after playing with it I decided to go with something smaller. I was then turned into this thing and wow the weight is a fraction the size is perfect and it out ranges all my other guns. The trigger response alone is worth the cost I haven't touched any of my other guns since and don't think that I will anytime soon 10/10 by far the best aeg I have ever used.
by Marshall S. on 12/29/2016
"This gun's full auto is as crisp as the potato chips in my mom's pantry. This gun is full metal but is as smooth as the silky sheets my mom got me for christmas 2016. I've never had a gun that has had a trigger response faster than this gun, it's as fast as a line shows up on paper when i write with a pencil. i'm not a man of wise words but this gun is as wonderful as my m oms personality.
by Caleb M. on 11/11/2016
"Let me tell you why price should not be a deterrent to buying this gun.
1. Made from high quality materials/CNC machined parts
2. 1 year warranty
3. Electronically controlled gearbox and low battery detection
4. Quick change spring. This gun can do double duty!!! Indoor or outdoor!
5. Really great range and accuracy with unbelievable trigger response
6. Fire every round in your mag.

You don't need to spend any more money to upgrade this gun. Period. This is a nasty little beast.

1.Buy ASG 7.4 nunchuck batteries they fit beautifully. Or get a peq box. Figure it out, it's an easy solution.
2.Mags come in packs of 3 for $60. You will need at least 7 mags (The gun comes with one) to play a match depending on how trigger happy you are. There is a high cap available as well, and if you're not playing milsim, it's a good back up if you burn through your mid caps.
3. I can fit 2 mags in a m4 mag pouch. I prefer a mag pouch with a velcro flap.

Get it. You won't be sorry.