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WG CO2 Full Metal High Power Airsoft 6mm Magnum Gas Revolver (Length: 8" / Chrome)

81 Customer Reviews

by Liem S. on 06/06/2020
"Big fan of this gun, but it is surprisingly heavy. It adds to the realism and is a beautiful sturdy gun. Get extra shells so you don't have to take a minute to reload after shooting 6 times.
by Ethan M. on 07/09/2018
"This gun is the best revolver on evike, and it's performance is better than most other pistols.

Pros: good weight, very accurate, powerful (300+ fps when using .28s), and it looks great.

Cons: 6 shots, but reloading the shells is fast, and can be done when they're still in the gun by squeezing a bb into spent shells through the gap between the barrel and the edge of the cylinder.
by Dylan C. on 12/13/2016
"Good gun but don't leave co2 in for too long or it will wear out the cap and start to leak
by Grant H. on 07/31/2016
"While it isn't a very 'practical' option to take into the field, this revolver is one of my favorite sidearms to have with me, despite it's flaws.
Lets get this out of the way right off the bat; while I adore this gun, it is quite impractical. Only having six rounds at your disposal is a MAJOR drawback, compared to my EF 1911 Tac's 16 shots its almost laughable. But the revolver makes up for its measly capacity in one thing most GBB pistols lack, PURE. RAW. POWER.
On a full can of CO2 this little puppy spits out bb's at around 450-70fps, nearly 100fps MORE than the aforementioned 1911. Along with that blisteringly fast speed, the revolver shoots far and accurate out to about 80ft before the bb's start to wane off their flight path, but most pistol targets wont be more than 30ft away in most cases.
On a side note, avoid using this pistol in close quarters due to its immense power; shooting someone 15ft or closer will leave a welt through clothes and a shallow bloody gash on bare skin. Simply put, don't be a jerk and hurt your friends.
Overall I highly recommend this sidearm; while it isn't very practical with is low ammo capacity and slow reload time, it makes up for it in power, quality construction, and pure gunslinging fun.
-Weighty durable metal construction
-Powerful and accurate
-GREAT gun for the price
-Live out your 80's Action Hero/Cowboy fantasies.
-Low ammo capacity
-Slow reload times
-To powerful for close quarters w/o protection
by Connor B. on 08/17/2015
"No regrets! The gun is amazing in almost every way! The pin that must be removed from the top of the gun to remove the rear iron sight is immovable for me though. Because of this I cannot get the rail on the gun. That is the only con however and I bet it was just a fluke on the one model. A little dissappointing but I'll take it to some local pros to have them take a look at it. Absolutely love the gun!
by Garrett C. on 06/26/2015
"Full metal. 6 shots. Top rail included.
It does say "Super Sport 703" on the side of the barrel.

This gun makes you more operator.
by Nic C. on 06/26/2015
"me n my buddy just got ours in a while back and these things are awesome they got the same range as most of our aeg's ... anything that there isn't to like is that you can only make a target cry 6 times before having to reload ... it's pretty good on co2 but i usually have to use at least 2 a game because we play a lot of games a day ... the only thing i have to say is GET...THIS...GUN...NOW!!!
by Dave J. on 06/26/2015
"Do ya feel lucky punk?...well do ya?

*not rly...*
by Liam G. on 06/26/2015
"I was wondering how many shots this gun gets with one C02 canister and what kind of canister to use. If anyone knows it would be helpful.
by Garrett C. on 01/07/2015
"Full metal. 6 shots. Top rail included.
It does say "Super Sport 703" on the side of the barrel.

This gun makes you more operator.
by Frank H. on 09/12/2014
"this is the best pistol i have ever owned, it fires beautifully, i have never had a problem with it. Your friends will run in fear when they hear the sound of this cannon going off. I have played friends with high end aeg's and have still picked them off with the amazing power and range of this gun. Yes it only caries 6 shots but this is by no means a show piece, and if you use it right those 6 shots will become 6 kills.

great gas consumption
awesome sound
very realistic
amazing range

plastic grips
by bob c. on 09/02/2014
"first off, this gun does not come with a speedloader. but, thats not much of an issue as the speedloader does not work with this gun. the chambers dont swing out wide enough for that.
now that thats out of the way, this gun is a beast, hits hard, accurate as hell, and can work as a back up or long range. for regular airsoft or milsim, i would recommend using this as a back up only because its not a fast loader. but for larping or if you have some experience with revolvers, its absolutely worth it. would like to find a light or laser that can mount under the barrel....
this gun does hit hard, and if youre worried about getting shot with it, youre in the wrong sport. lol. some fields wont allow it.
this is a definite buy, especially if youre willing to invest in a gun belt for the shells.
seriously, this gun can be both a backup, or a workhorse for long range, and its compact size makes it that much easier to use for long ranges. would like to see more parts though.....
by Brandon L. on 11/08/2013
"I got this a few months ago and its certainly worth the buy. Yeah its not as practical as a mag fed handgun, but i like to call this my "execution weapon" rather than a sidearm. It is very heavy, durable, and VERY powerful. It shoots at nearly 500 fps at room temperature with a quarter spent c02 cartirge. That range and accuracy is also very good. My friend shot a guy at about 180ft with only two shots, and he was a guy who didn't call his hits, but the power on this thing made sure that he did.

-very powerful, accurate, and long range
-heavy and durable
-c02 efficient
-very intimidating and unique

-too powerful for most fields
-imitation wood
-only comes with 6 shells and one speed loader
by Alexander B. on 05/27/2013
"just picked this up at my local shop the other day. it is actually cheaper on here, which i will remember next gun i buy. i just go with a basic pros and cons list.

-good FPS (actually too hot for my local field) (shoots about 460-470 with .25s)
-only six shots (goes back to realism, kinda gets annoying, but hey six shots can be six kills)
-looks amazing, definitely a intimidation factor (although i haven't seen the 8" it seems likeit would be too large.

-only six shots (again i like this feature but others don't)
-FPS is too hot for most fields (shoots hotter then my AK)
-speed loader is tough to use because the cylinder doesn't come out as far as it should.
-shells do sit very loose which kills the realism factor

overall a very nice side arm, give intimidation and realism. 4.8 out of 5 (ish)
by Jack U. on 04/20/2013
"I gotta say...this gun is AWESOME! Omg this thing has some power to it and believe me, they run when they see it in the field!

Pros:awesome look
Amazing fps
Full metal

Cons:pain to reload