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Angel Custom G2 SUS304 Stainless Steel Precision 6.01mm Airsoft Sniper Rifle Tightbore Inner Barrel (Length: 380mm KJW KC-02)

19 Customer Reviews

by Joshua K. on 07/16/2019
"So I’ll start off with the bad and get to the good. It is just a weeeeeee bit too short for my well mbo3 however there are little barrel holder/spacers you can buy that cradle the barrel at the very end fixing the problem or you could just wedge foam around the barrel inside the tube to fix it the at home way. This leads me to the good. It’s a great barrel and besides the length being a hair short it’s a drop in replacement and it’s pretty much perfectly clean out of the box/tube which I might add is just an awesome barrel holder for your old barrel. It’s very well made and it definitely upped my FPS and accuracy considerably. I’d highly recommend this as long as you either get spacers or have a different model vsr-10 instead of a well mbo3. If I bought another gun this would be one of the first upgrades I would buy
by Tyler G. on 07/17/2018
"Love the barrel very High quality, just slightly to long though for the Kjw Kc02. Only by maybe a quarter inch but other than that it's great.
by Wesley S. on 12/22/2016
"Hello Everyone.

I have placed this barrel in my uber custom VSR ($1500+ build). This barrel is a major factor in the accuracy of my rifle. I am a avid shooter and take my VSR with me to the real steel range to test the accuracy, whenever i have made any modifications, and have the rifle is hitting a 4" wide x 6' tall post at 100 Meters. I am using a custom TDC mod, RHop, Flat Nub and 490FPS (tested with .20s). I am using .40 ASG bb's.

I would purchase this barrel again over the competitors, as it has proven its worth.
by Mae S. on 03/21/2016
"This barrel works very well with the utg l96 stock hop up chamber. It is polished very well with perfect smoothness and increased my groupings at 100 ft by two inches over the stock brass inner barrel. I also would like to say the material this barrel is made out of (sus304 stainless steel) is very high quality stainless steel and will not bend. If you are looking for a new barrel for your stock l96 hop up chamber, this is the barrel for you.
by Christos D. on 12/24/2015
"Very happy with this product. You will have to clean it frequently. If your accuracy begins to decrease, you need to clean the barrel.

I typically do not purchase Angel Custom parts. I've had very bad experiences with their cylinder sets, pistons, and springs. But their barrels appear to be made well.

I hate to admit it, but Angel Custom manufactured a great internal component. Go for it!
by Steve G. on 12/19/2014
"I've got a few AC Barrels in my guns, and I'm really happy with them. I had one that got sent to me with a blemish on the inside that was shooting wonky, but Evike issued an RMA and replaced it quickly.

I currently have this in my M4 AEG and I can easily plink people off at 200' (Gun is shooting about 415 FPS). I have hit targets farther, but I've had to arc a little bit.

I've got an AC 500mm in my SR-25, and another AC 500mm in my L96. I can hit the fence in my back yard at 290 feet with both of them.

Really solid barrels for the price,
by Tyler L. on 07/24/2014
"Installed this in my JG BAR-10. Works great!
by will t. on 05/14/2014
"T'is a swell barrel. Its really hard to tell how good or bad it is when the HOP UP IS SUCH RUBBISH(this is not the barrels fault)!! But I can't really tell a difference in accuracy, (because of hop up) but i'm sure it would be better than stock barrel, so this isn't so much a review, but more of a reassurance to you that someone else bought the barrel. Its good but the stock hop up isn't. Buy it if you want, but its not mindblowing.

~Its silver

~Shrek has not approved of it YET

(Shrek hadn't approved it as of 5/14/14)
by william c. on 05/24/2013
"so if you own a kjw m700 you need this im using mad bull .43gram bbs this tightened my groups up by about three quarters. the barrel i received had some superficial scratches but it shoots true and if you get a tightbore get a good bucking like nineball or kingarms if you can find it. ps if you can make an h hop for your gun do it !!
by Booligan A. on 12/19/2012
by Booligan A. on 12/19/2012
by Booligan A. on 12/19/2012
by Booligan A. on 12/19/2012
by Kimberley F. on 04/25/2013
"Ok, this barrel is a very high quality one and is well worth the money. But there is one small problem that I experienced. If you buying this piece for an MB03 rifle, you'd have to be willing to make some modifications to possibly your gun. The barrel itself came up a little short, thus allowing for it to not come in contact with the barrel centering device. Though it does say in the description it is made for the MB03, it does exclude the exception of making modifications. All in all, don't make the mistake I made and maybe take time to measure your original barrel before replacing it with a new one.
by Garrett C. on 05/25/2016
"The first thing to note if you are planning on putting this in your VSR-10, is that they expect you to also buy the Angel Custom hopup for the VSR-10 that allows it to use AEG inner barrels. Yes, this is an AEG inner barrel, you have been warned.
So, not knowing it was an AEG inner barrel, i got it for my VSR-10 and tried installing it. I had to modify the hop up a bit, but i finally got it to work. It felt like the gun was shooting better when I had the barrel installed, but when I went to the range and chronoed, it halved the original FPS. Yes, a 200 FPS decrease.

So 1/5 for VSR-10 install.

However, I installed it into a m4 build and it had great results. I don't have a different barrel to test it against but with an m130 spring and a bore up kit, this gun was shooting over 200 feet.

For AEG, 5/5