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Angel Custom AP10 Straight Style Magazine for MP5 Series Airsoft AEG (Type: 200rd Hi-Cap / Single Mag)

11 Customer Reviews

by Kyle B. on 02/15/2021
"These mags are by far my favorite, love these like I love the mp5 short mags. They’re built well, stiff in the mag well just ugh I’m obsessed now I need 3 more lol. I love the fake bullet inserts too
by Alex P. on 12/16/2020
"Works as intended, and looks good. Not the best quality of plastic
by Kellon J. on 10/22/2020
"Great mag and definitely makes the gun stand out more. I wish the pegs on the side to stack mags were removable or maybe redesigned to not poke out as much. They can make it hard to get mags in pouches and when they are in there they can be hard to pull out quickly. overall the mag works well and gets the job done.
by John C. on 04/29/2017
"I bought a gun with a terrible mag that only fed reliably into the gun if i was holding it upside down but this mag fed to my gun fantastically with no miss fires through an entire mag and fit the receiver perfectly If your using an MP5 I definitely recommend this mag.
by Louis R. on 05/25/2015
"I purchased these magazines along with a MP5, and while this is my first experience personally dealing with high-capacity mags, I'll just list the observations I have made.

-High quality material. Nothing shady concerning the price there.

-They have a rugged design too, despite the perception of being more are risk of being broken due to the slender dimensions of a MP5 mag.

- The mag-stacking feature works like a dream. Whether you're combing sets of two or all five or fifty, they're not going anywhere. Probably can make the two-set fit in standard M4 or AK pouches instead of doshing out for more specific pouches.

-The transparency of the plastic never leaves you wondering how many rounds you have left.

-Naturally a faster reload.

-marginally lighter than a metal mag.

-The internals of the mag needs a substantial amount of ammunition to continue feeding. there will be plenty of ammo rattling in the mag yet it won't be enough to squeeze those last precious rounds out.

-While I have limited experience with the winding-action synonymous with high-capacity mags, these seem a little more arduous to wind compared to the rounds each winding action provides. Just a thought.

On the whole, these mags will promptly give your platform an edge in a distinctive, aggressive look and feel, while providing practicality and functionality to the mix.
by Laurent E. on 11/03/2019
"hello, the chargers seem good quality but are a bit too wide for my Mp5 Tokyo marui. for me the big defect is at the level of the tenons mating. these tenons are the weak point of these loaders, they add width but their coupling is problematic with a mp5 because of the bracket on the loading well. I think I'll cut them very quickly to prevent it breaks and crack the charger at the same time because they bring me only disadvantages for an MP5 and little interest on an M4.
by Todd B. on 05/26/2016
by Todd B. on 05/26/2016
by Louis R. on 05/14/2016
"When bought, it is assumed the low capacity of the mags as well as the fact it is unique in appearance are a given. So those points are ignored in the list below. I own only one of these low capacity magazines entirely out of circumstance, but I was thorough when reviewing my one magazine.

-Extremely lightweight.
-Rather durable outer mag.
-Magazine couplers work relatively well.
-Mock bullets are a 3D cast, therefore are extremely convincing and immersive.
-feeds well.
-Simple and easy to dissemble and service.

-Shoddy full-plastic construction.
-Mag easily splits when overfed.
-Magazine couplers inhibit pouch removal/insertion.
-Magazine couplers can separate and snap when handled roughly.
by Chris M. on 09/25/2014
"So I recently ordered one of these to see what they were like and it arrived today, I was thrilled when I saw that it looks great and fit really well with no wobble.

I was, however, not so thrilled when I tried to load the magazine and the spring that pushes the BB stopper forward suddenly shot out of the back of its housing and BB's sprayed everywhere.

Perhaps plastic was not the best choice of material for this part of the magazine.
I am not happy.
by Andrew F. on 09/06/2021
"I got one to try with my E.F. mp5k . when it arrived I loaded it up, and on the second shot it sounded like something broke. So I emptied the mag and a tiny metal wheel fell out. And the plastic looks really cheap. I really like the straight mag look though and the stacking of mags. I think I just got a bad one.