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Colt Licensed 1908 Vest Pocket Hammerless .25 ACP Full Size Airsoft Replica Pistol (Color: Silver)

13 Customer Reviews

by Stephen F. on 08/05/2018
"For the purchase price these are not bad emergency side-arms. When you purchase the bundle each gun comes with some bb's (throw these away), the two pistols, and two extra magazines for each pistol. Overall, great buy and would recommend for backyard use or as an emergency side-arm because they are spring.
by hank S. on 08/19/2017
"I love them I bought them to use in the field as a last resort pistol and they are perfect for that. the size is perfect for that the guns are tight and well built not bad fps for small airsoft pistols the price is great to I also bought .12 gram bbs because a YouTube video recommended them
by Conor G. on 06/07/2017
"These guns are fairly good. They have a 15 round mag and disfuctional sights. The guns are smaller than I expected and the mag doesn't lock in very well.
by Mike M. on 03/05/2017
"I love this little thing. It holds a decent amount of bbs for the size. Haven't had any functioning issues. Perfect little airsoft pocket pistol.
by Tyler G. on 07/11/2016
"I would value this gun at five bucks for what it's performance is. However, the darn thing is actually kinda fun. Really a hoot when you have two so you can do some old-fashioned dueling. The complete inaccuracy helps with the excitement. While I haven't taken this gun seriously for a day in my life, I've had more fun with it than I'd care to admit, and I think everyone should have them. They're really quite fun for some low-speed, close-quarters, high-silliness playing.
by nancy e. on 07/03/2016
"So I've had these pistols for about 7 years they both still work and I carry one on my kit every time I play I just got to say these are awesome they have a very high cap compared to the size of the magazine 14-15 rounds for a pocket pistol that's pretty good an they have very good external build quality but I will say the sights are non functional and they have a pretty high fps for what it is around 290 but the range does leave something to be desired all and all well worth the price .
by Mike M. on 06/21/2016
"I love this little thing. It's great for the price (got mine for $12). It's about what you would expect in terms of power and accuracy, but it works, holds an impressive 15 rounds and is great for a backup to your backup.
by ed B. on 03/23/2016
"Extremely surprising performance. Shoots very far for its size. It's over hopped but the magazine holds around 15+ bbs in the mag. It doesn't pierce cardboard but this is a great gun for backyard skirmishes but do not take this to a field. Over all gave it 5 stars because for its price and size it shoots about the same as a 1911 for the same price.
by Jacob F. on 06/04/2015
"I have about seven of these little bad boys now and they are a blast to shoot! Great for any backward game or even pro games, it could be a last resort close quarter pistol. Get lots of them because of the cheap price and have fun shooting each others! Great buy!
by Joeseph B. on 02/05/2015
"This little thing is a joy to play around with. It might just be the smallest airsoft gun (excluding that weird spring thing that you hold and shoot with two fingers) to be made. Surprisingly, it shoots pretty accurately up to about 15 to 20 yards, much farther than most springer pistols. I have actually taken this to games to use as a backup for my backup for my backup (lol) and gotten a few hits with it as a concealed weapon. You can't expect too much from this little thing seeing as it's a springer. But it makes a great choice for any player looking to fill that mark for free shipping or for something fun to plink around with.

**This gun is GREAT for a small child whose parents wish for him/her to learn the basics to handling and shooting a firearm. It has a functioning safety that works quite well.**

Overall I give this little thing a 5 out of 5 for the role that it fills
by christian c. on 10/18/2014
"Love this pistol it gets the job done and really accurate for such a cheap price point!
by Colin M. on 08/16/2014
"This is personaly my favorite pistol, i love this so much and wouldnt trade it for a kwa gas pistol. I dont always buy pistols but when i don i make sure their under 150fps with .12 bbs. this goes a whole 4 yards, and is so awesome. if your looking to get a cheap and quality pistol get this one.
by Kyle f. on 11/18/2015
"got this for free at sports authorities for buying 10,000 lasted 3 years and counting went thru countless paint jobs accuracy is the worst curves up at 10 feet too much hop up besides that a really good gun will recommend for beginners at airsoft