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King Arms VSS Vintorez Full Metal Airsoft AEG Sniper Rifle

5 Customer Reviews

by Marylou R. on 04/30/2019
"Disregard my last review as it is incorrect, I have discovered that there is no problem with the guns internal as it appears king arms fixed it themselves, instead, the problem is the high cap magazines, buy the midcaps instead, you wont regret it, also don't try to fix the weapon as they already fixed it, as they have failed to mention.
by Bohdan T. on 02/05/2015
"Nice gun after all. Shoulder-stock had a wable had to put 2 washers under the bolt that is on the bottom.
Had a very good ROF but its almost impossible to install Matrix 11.1v 2000mAh 20C Airsoft Li-Poly Battery - Tamiya Connector THEY ARE VERY FAT, Battery barely fits in without plastic clip there is even no room for a electrical tape so DON'T tape them together. If i knew that i would went with 1300-1400mAh so they fit with no problem.
by louann l. on 05/30/2014
"Not bad. 4/5
It looks like a VSS, and looks amazing with posp or pso-1 scope, and has a decently high ROF, fps within field levels.

the extremely noisy hicap mag. (rattle)
doesnt look right without scope, lol.
comes with annoying orange cap glued on, a minute with a heat gun fixed that.

great value for the price, but expect to drop another $200 or more on correct scope (dont cheap out, buy the authentic firefield or Belarus factory models.)
by Marylou R. on 04/10/2019
"First off, the gun looks and feels amazing, it is almost exactly like the real thing, and the stock is real wood.
When you first purchase this gun know this, it is a hard time to get the gun to even function properly, if you do purchase the gun, look up King Arms VSS chamber2 and purchase it as well, there are about 3 videos online of how to fix it, if you don't, the gun will misfeed, dryfire, and the bbs will fall short, once you get it running though it is amazing to use, I would recommend this gun, but be prepared to have that issue with it, but the payoff is satisfying. The battery is hard to fit in but it will work with the battery listed below the gun, and for the love of all that is holy, get the mid cap magazines, and make sure they are king arms magazines or else they wont fit, the high caps have feeding issues sometimes and they make a lot of noise. The midcaps solve these issues.

I recommend this purchase because the gun is beautiful, once you get it running, the bbs actually travel at around 420 m/s, and it is very powerful. Although the installation seems complex, anyone can do it. I don't want anyone to make the same mistake I did. Recap: Get the King arms VSS chamber2 and install it if you want a gun you can game, use the mid cap magazines, use the 1300 matrix batteries, and make sure that the fire selector behind the trigger is functional before you fix the gun *KEEP IN MIND FIXING THE GUN VOIDS YOUR WARRANTY*
by Zachary K. on 05/05/2019
"First off the externals and cosmetics of the gun are good, the metal and wood feel nice, the stick was loose when I unboxed it but I tightened the screw and it was fine again EXTERNALY this gun is great.

Performance wise this gun disappointed. Using the recommended 11.1 battery the Piston broke and now the gun is little more than a noise maker, did not get to Chrono so do not know how hard it was shooting, range wise the range was decentish the bb's curved left and before I could properly adjust the hopup, maybe 30 bb's through the hicap the Piston broke.

Weight is nice.
Externals and cosmetics are nice.


This was my first King Arms gun and if it worked good I planned on getting some other King Arms guns, but after this I will not waste my time with them.