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WE-Tech P-VIRUS Airsoft GBB Pistol (Package: Pistol and UPC Pistol Case)

16 Customer Reviews

by Mrs. Michael P. on 12/04/2017
"This is a very good gbb pistol. It is loud has a nice kick and it is fun to shoot.
by Ellis B. on 08/23/2015
"does this have a threaded barrel. I noticed one in the pic but in the vid it doesn't.
by Brandon L. on 12/08/2014
"This pistol is amazing. It looks really cool and well defiantly catch the eyes of other players. The display case is a nice add on, with the LED lights and all. The handgun is very accurate and has awesome range for what it is, and having the extended mag comes in handy when you're using it as a last resort.

-Looks amazing, especially with the display case
-Accurate and good range
-Fairly low price
-Extended magazine
-Kickback feels very nice
-Disassembles easily
-Very comfortable to hold

-The larger mag release button presses itself in when holstered, so I have to keep the mag out or else it'll just fall out when I'm running. I'm sure if you find a hard shell holster, or did some modifying you wouldn't have this issue.
by Nathan P. on 05/28/2014
"I ordered this pistol on the 18th and got it as planned on the 28th. I had used a coupon and got free shipping so that was a plus. The pistol came in the lighted display case which I think is a good deal, you can rearrange the pins on the grid to fit most smaller pistols and show them of in the case. When I opened the package, I noticed that the magazine included with the gun was damaged on the top and wouldn't stay in the gun. I called the support number and spoke with Thomas who was very helpful and had a new magazine shipped to me as soon a he could, thank you very much Thomas! Luckily I had ordered a spare magazine with the pistol and was able to test it out. The gun performs great, feels and sounds great as well. I am very happy with the purchase. The gun looks like the real thing and even better with the skeleton hammer and trigger. I like the two-tone look of the pistol and would recommend it to mid lever players who know enough about GBB pistols. I look forward to using the gun in battle and look forward to future purchases with EVIKE!

Thanks to Evike for a great experience.
by Josh S. on 12/23/2013
"This gun, (P226 Sig. Replica) is a great gun. The blowback is very nice, it has a little kick to it. It was difficult to find how long I need to fill the mag with propane, but for me it was about 8-12 seconds. The slide is full metal, very smooth, and the lower is very strong polymer. The gun (like on the real P226) has NO safety but does have a "hammer release lever" so you dont have to shoot to clear the chamber. When there is no propane in the mag, it is hard to pull the trigger back (which I like). The gun comes stock with upgraded iron sights, ghost ring, and an extended mag. The only things I have noticed so far that could be a problem is that 1, if you buy MoonDog O-rings for the mags, they are very hard to get in the mag and that there is a piece of metal that on the real gun that covers where the bullets get ejected, it gets scuffed VERY easily and is a different tone than the slide. Other than that very good gun.
Has great FPS (no chrono but it is good) and great ROF.

Great look and feel
Good "kick back"
Good FPS and ROF
Nice extended mag

The metal thing I said
The mag's gas fill

Other than that, it is well worth the price for a WE P226.
by michael w. on 11/09/2013
"This is a nice Sig replica with a lot of features that would be welcoming to its centerfire counterpart, such as the peep sight with the white circle and dot for fast sight acquisition, the nice finish on the metal slide that matches very well with the other release levers, a very ergonomic grip angle with the pronounced, extended beavertail that would be wonderful for full recoil control. Also worth notice are the very well made rail that fits nicely with accessories such as my newly acquired TLR-1 HL 600 lumens weapon light, the aggressive looking brake for CQB action, very clean looking custom hammer and trigger with a very smooth DA action and a long but butter smooth SA that breaks around 3.5 lb or so. The accents on the controls gives it an 'industrial' look to it but very stylish at the same time. The firing / cycling action is smooth and accuracy is acceptable for scenario training and general CQB gaming.
I don't have a lot of experiences with airsoft in general but this this addition makes me wish that my 'real' Sig 226 has some of these nice touches as the WE P-Virus edition.
Overall, a very well made product with some nice details and fine workmanship. I will have a lot of fun with it, especially with the way ammo costs these days for its powder burning counterpart.
Highly recommended!
by BLAKE R. on 04/12/2018
"The P-Virus for its price point is a very solid pistol. The overall feel is good and the mechanisms are easy to reach with your thumb. The blowback is nice and satisfying and the weight helps keep recoil under control. If you get this, get a spare mag however. The O-Ring can blow/split or dry up pretty fast. The mag release also may be a bit stiff, but some oil and use should wear it in.
by Lijun Y. on 01/16/2017
"It overall is a great gun with blowback that feels stronger than a Co2 pistol. 2 complaints are the mag it came with had the O-ring dry out on me and the orange tip is hard to remove
by Alexis W. on 07/19/2016
"This pistol is Exceptional in comparison to most other WE Tech pistols. It's extremely well built, feels good in the hand and looks Like it cost double what it actually does. The Case is a lame gimmick, mine actually broke but I believe it was because Evike didn't put enough packing paper in the box and the box was too small for the gun case.

•Full Metal Slide and frame
•Frame is Polished and gives off an expensive shiny look
•$180 is a great deal but evikes sale for $135 is even better
•We Tech's NG3 System With the new and improved Hop up and bucking,
Precision inner barrel and Fiber reinforced loading nozzle gives the Gun a performance level
way above its price
•Overall design
•Extended mag comes standard
•Realistic Metallic sound when the gun is cocked
•Super Hard Blowback

•Case is a gimmick and cheap and doesn't protect the gun like a case should
•No Trademarks on pistol
•Skull symbol on the bottom left side of the pisto grip isn't from resident evil it's from a video game
•Orange tip isn't easily removable for the Compensator that comes with the pistol
•Sights are fixed
by Christian H. on 10/21/2015
"I have had this gun for 3 years, it is by far my favorite pistol out of all the ones I've used over the course of playing airsoft.
It beats the KWA M93R, the Cybergun Desert Eagle, The Bulldog, the TT-33, A we Tech Revolver, Glocks and M1911's I've Used.

*People will notice how flashy it looks. It is unique and very nice.
*Awesome GBB, really amazing kick.
*Shoots far and hard, I use .25's only and have gotten kills 100 plus feet away.
*Grip is excellent with and without gloves.
*Mags I bought for it (We Mags) work extremely well. the 25 Cap Mags.
*Super fun to shoot, feels right, sounds awesome, recoil is right, everything just feels good when firing
*Propane use makes this thing go the extra mile, seriously.

*Front sight flew off.
*Mag that came with it broke, the mag feed ramp broke off.
*Aggressive tip attachment is heavy and can ruin the threading of the gun if bent
*Big mag release button, can be a problem if you leave the mag in the gun while holstered.
*Carrying case is a gimmick, just looks alright and lights are lame.

Good gun, great price. Recommended for players having fun and wanting something very different. Buy extra mags.
by Jimmy K. on 08/08/2015
"Ok for the price of 135USD i think this might be one of the best hand guns in its price range.
But that does not make it close to perfect.
I will start of with the bad points.
Starting in no particular order 1st: of the gun is slightly wider than a real p226 which it is modelled after and this is common with a lot of we pistols now it is not very noticeable when holding it in my opinion but it means it wont fit many holsters.
2nd: it does not take any other mags than we p226/pvirus mags which is not sold anywhere here in Sweden.
3rd: the mag has a very slight wobble though nothing more than on most entry-mid level airsoft pistols.
4th:it has fake screw heads that is cnc milled in to the frame of the gun which i do not like and i would actually rather see them just leave those areas smooth.
5th:it is a very top heavy pistol.
6th:The decoking function does not work like it should i have had it fire when i try to decok it and with it in the decoked state if so much as a feather drops on the exposed firing pin it will shoot and it once locked up the trigger when that happened but that was easily fixed by just touching the inside randomly.
7th:The lanyard point is very difficult to fit a lanyard on and almost requires a soft mount.
8th:Getting on target was difficult and because of the heavy blowback adjusting and firing a second bb was more difficult.
9th:Sometimes the mag does not seem to seal up that well with the pistol and it leaks out a tiny bit of gas from the sides however i have never run out of gas before the mag was empty on bbs.
Now over to the pros.
1st:The paint finish is just great there is almost no flaws in it.
2nd: Because of the heavy upper of the gun it has a great kick to it and with the extended mag it is sot to top heavy i would say it is almost as balanced as a glock 17 with a standard mag.
3rd:The carry case it comes in is great and i am probably am going to be buying one for each of my other hand guns.
4th:The trigger is crisp and the slide is smooth.
5th:The grip fits great in my hand very comfortable however keep in mind that for them to make it that way it is not at all going to fit in your left hand.
6th:It works great with a higher weight bb i use 0.28 in it and it fires about as far as a standard aeg smg.
7th:the sound it makes when firing is loud and intimidating thanks to the hard blowback and nice included compensator.
8th:I have never run into an issue when firing the gun so far the mag absolutely holds enough gas for all 30bbs.

If you want a flashy big looking hand gun with a heavy kick that still performs well enough to be competitive this is the gun for you.
by Kyle O. on 05/25/2014
"So far the gun itself has been really good, especially for a WE-Tech and the reputation they have for unreliability. The case arrived broken and, similar to another review written, only about 1/4 of the tray slides out. Also, the extended mag came broken out of the box. I think these things happened straight from the factory or during shipment to Evike's warehouse because the box was sealed. Luckily, Evike was nice enough to send me a replacement mag.

I've used the gun for about 3 weeks now and it's been great. It looks great, feels great, works perfectly, and definitely catches the eye of other players on the field. The only issue that I've seen is that the blowback action scrapes the finish of the outer barrel with continued use. Though you can't see it unless you leave the slide retracted. The gun comes with an orange tip with a 14mm CCW thread for adding a silencer. Or, if you wish to take off the orange tip, a pretty aggressive looking muzzle break is included as well.

I can definitely recommend getting this gun, especially at the sale price, as it works great! Just don't expect the case to be in pristine condition and the mag may or may not come to you broken.

Great weight
Great blowback action
Pretty accurate straight out of the box
Looks amazing
Pretty reliable (especially for a WE)

Carrying/display case isn't the best quality
Mags aren't the best quality
The outer barrel gets scratched/scraped due to the blowback action over time
by hunter s. on 01/27/2014
"this pistol is great
every one thinks it looks great (because it does)
it shoots hard and fast
its kinda accurate if you shoot rapidly but a tight bore should fix that
a spare mag i got with it came leaky and the one that came with it needed some oil in the mag
by Blake b. on 06/20/2015
"I love this gun was amazing first few shots. then it went bad the mag feed ramp broke. they did not insure it. (Because i got it from a box of awesomeness) Then i bought the part ($5) and it would not take gas so my box of awesomeness turned to a box of bills. Now i refuse to buy parts for it because i don't want it breaking again and all this re happening please help. (Awesome but mag is junk)
by david p. on 06/03/2014
"First one I got came broken. The case uses plastic bolts, They broken in shipping and the gun then broke. The case needs 6to use metal bolts to hold the gun in place during shipping.

Second gun on the 20 magazine, the take down lever broke.