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WinGun Nagant M1895 Airsoft CO2 Revolver

8 Customer Reviews

by Joe L. on 04/09/2022
"I've gotten my M1895 recently, this Friday to be exact (4/8/22), and to be blunt, i found it to be rather beautiful, and fun to mess around with.

Straight out of the box, it felt amazing in the hand, it's weight made it feel amazing, and it's full metal construction (Disregarding the grips), it felt like you could drop it on some river-rocks and still be able to go to your field the next day. I punctured a Co2 Cartage into it the day i got it, and, even through two days of extensive use, and at least 100 rounds being put through it, it's still firing just as hard, and just as loud as when i first opened the box.

The only possible down-side i can see, is with the BB shells themselves, they have a tendency to let the BB's fall out, however, a little bit of crimping on the end of them with some plyers was a sufficient enough fix to keep them from falling out, and they shot just as well.
by CS K. on 09/22/2018
"Great gun.

Accurate with .20g and .40g BB's. .40g BB's would be better at longer ranges.

Is a double action revolver, but great to use as a single action. You can fan the hammer.

You literally can't lose your cartridges unless you open the loading gate because you can load BB's from the front of the gun.
The gun has a safety, so it is safe to load from the front of the gun without shooting yourself in the face.

You can use this gun with the right or left hand, but I prefer using the left hand because you can use your thumb to turn the safety on and off.

I'm using this with my Soviet Ocelot-inspired costume. It goes well with a portupeya belt.

I am also practicing quickdraw with a cheap tarpaulin holster from Amazon until I get good enough not to shoot myself in the foot with real ammo.
by Carvell C. on 06/27/2018
"I have done some test firing and it is amazing! I will be taking it out to a game very soon and will see how it does.

pros: 420 fps from a handgun. not much else to say about that
7 rds instead of 6 (just in case you are in a fight against a six shooter)
gas conservative. I don't know if its supposed to or not, but it barely punctures the gas cartridge, but is still able to fire at full fps.
Easy to replace cartrige

cons: the handle cover for the c02 doesn't close all the way. don't see it being too much of an issue because it's still secure
can't use ejector rod (not that its really needed as the shells fall out easily)
can't remove cylinder to reload faster (the real steel can)

Overall great gun, cons aren't that big of a deal. I don't know why other people think the double action is heavy (my real steel revolver has a heavier pull and it's just a 38 spc).
by Keenan D. on 06/06/2018
- Built amazingly well. Virtually no wobbly parts.
- Fires hot.
- CO2 conservative.
- Surprisingly accurate.
- Comfortable to use.
- Looks cool.

- The rod used for ejecting shells is more for looks.

- Long reloads, as you have to load each shell/BB individually.

Overall, this revolver is great, and definitely worth the price. Although you can load BBs into the shells while they're in the gun, I recommend buying extra shells, just in case you lose one or two along the way.
by David H. on 02/12/2016
"Amazing pistol! Solid construction and endures a lot of punishment. Took this pistol to a pick up game and let a friend borrow it. The pistol was dropped into muddy water and mud several times, and after rinsing it off, giving the internals a good dry, and re-greasing and re-oiling the pistol, it was just as smooth and just as efficient as before! It isn't the most accurate pistol, but it performs well in a CQB environment, or at short-distance engagements.

- Super durable
- hard-hitting
- comfortable grip
- easy to maintain

- No extra shells currently available on the market
- trigger pull on the double action is a little heavy for first time shooters, but with practice it will get better.

Overall, very satisfied with this pistol's performance!
by Wyatt F. on 08/05/2015
"this gun is worth every penny it shoots a little hot but pps is making green gas 12g canisters or you can mod the shells to shoot 5 bbs at once like i did overall great buy i love it

high quality
packs a punch
true to the original

allen head screws insted of flat head
shoots hot without any mods
by stephen a. on 11/20/2014
"This gun is kick ass very accurate, I'm going to go ahead and say that its no good for field use unless your doing a wild west thing (which would be awesome) but also i cant seem to find replacement shells for it. aside from that it shoots great looks great but some of the paint rubs off easily but I personally kind of like that look. and it runs of Co2 which for me is far easier to get than green gas and i find it far more user friendly. good gun but evike or somebody needs to show me were to get these shells.
by Thomas M. on 07/01/2014
"Being my first CO2 gas gun, I wasn't sure what to expect. This gun arrived in a non descript cardboard box with a small bag of BBs. The gun has shells which you can remove through a gated port and load the with the BBs. The gun has a nice hefty feel like the real one, the action is crisp and tight, and the finish is very nicely done.

I inserted a CO2 12 gram cartridge and tighted the lanyard ring at the bottom of the grip, but not all the way. I tried to install the removable grip but it would not snap in. I then tightened the lanyard ring all the way, charging the gun. At this point the grip side snapped right into place. There was minimal leakage as I tighten the cartridge in to place.

I loaded the shells into the gun and test fired the pistol. It was very powerful and accurate...for a hand gun at least. After a couple times of removing the shells to insert more BBs, I discovered that I could insert the BBs through the front of the cylinder quickly, eliminating the need to eject the shells to reload them.

This gun is a nice replica, well made and represents the Soviet WW2 sidearm very well. I highly recommend this gun to any one into Soviet arms or WW2 weaponry.