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ASG Franchi SAS 12 3-Shot Burst Airsoft Shotgun - Short

5 Customer Reviews

by Stringer S. on 05/07/2021
"I got mine used and i have had it for 3 year and use it at every game it still work like wonder to the day highly recommend for beginners or anyone liking to stomp on guys with hpa while using a springer
by seth p. on 09/18/2020
"This is an absolutely terrific shotgun, despite it being a springer this little thing packs a real mean punch. it was my first airsoft gun that I had ever gotten and I still bring it with me to games to this very day. This gun has always given me really good performance for when i needed it. Granted the sights on the shotgun itself are a joke, there's no way you could fully aim down sights without having the end of the gun directly in your face. So it's definitely more of a hip fire reliance weapon where you just vaguely point the gun in the direction of the guy you're shooting at. and occasionally the bbs wouldn't feed into the gun properly upon cocking it, in order to clear the "jam" just take out the shell, and the bbs will fall out and you're good to go again. Very fast and easy fix. Plus the bb spread aids greatly with the lack of proper sights and allows you to hit more shots than not. You may not have much luck at long range, but in CQB you will absolutely dominate the competition.

overall it's an absolutely great shotgun, and i couldn't recommend a better starter airsoft gun. I'd even recommend getting it even if it isn't your first, just generally a really good shotgun.
by Nathan d. on 01/13/2016
"I bought this gun so me and my friends could play some cops vs robbers with shotguns and gas pistols. Let me tell you this gun is a great buy! It feels sturdy, has a great amount of power and range for a shotgun and honestly it looks pretty Bad A**. The metal barrel and cocking tube make this gun have a sturdy and reliable feeling to it.

- Comes with a well made speed loader, 2x magazines and a sling ( Get a single point shoulder sling works great)
-Good Fps
- Feels great
- Shoots hard and good spread

- The spread of the BB's is different almost every shot/Realistic but a pain sometimes

Overall Amazing gun and you should get it, Great job ASG
by mark m. on 12/15/2013
"this here shotgun is truly an amazing shotgun asg outdid themselfs withthis bad boy i am playing at hollywood sports park main field right? so i go and i see the whole team i go around and get them all out with this baby!. this is a fabulas gun for beginers the pump may be hard at first but you will definetly get used to it and it will seem like nothing this shotgun shooots 3 bbs at 1 time with that 1 trigger pull and it prepels sooooo far away this is definetly worth way more and that evike is offering it for soo low is amazing nice to newbies
by Bryce H. on 08/20/2016
"bought this gun not to long ago and its not really good. My Franchi came with kind of a fluke you have to hold the gun sideways or upside down so when you pump it it actually loads bbs.

Pros: cheap, feels nice has rubberized grips, metal receiver

cons: terrible range, terrible accuracy, stiff pump, stiff trigger