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CAA Airsoft UPG16-1 Motor Grip for M4 / M16 Series Airsoft AEG Rifles (Color: Black)

4 Customer Reviews

by Jacob I. on 02/22/2016
"This is the best grip you'll ever buy it fits on my G&G M4 perfect very comfortably and it is very stylish. Only thing is remember this does not include the mounting hardware so make sure you buy it separately or you won't be able to mount this grip. overall this grip has 0 flaws.
by Alexander K. on 10/25/2014
"Got this in July for my CM16 Carbine. It looks good and feels good. The handgrip that comes with the CM16 Carbine had a few spots that were sharp and often cut into my hand without gloves.

- Looks great and feels great

- Didn't have the same tan as my CM16 (Small con)

Note that with this handgrip, if you screw the motor plate in too far, your gun will not fire. Unscrew it a tad and your gun should start working again. I was confused as to why my gun wasn't working, and it took me way longer than it should have to install it.
by Margery L. on 09/28/2014
"Very pleased with this product. Solid construction, lightweight, and durable. Feels great in your hand. Fits perfectly on **standard** M4/M16 AEGs. As stated in product description, this purchase doesn't include the motor heat plate or any screws, except for two short screws which are visible in the product images. I have no idea what these are for. No complaints on this product.

** = I purchased this pistol grip for my ICS CXP15, unfortunately the split lower gearbox has a different alignment for pistol grips than regular version 2/3 gearboxes, so this grip wouldn't fit on the CXP15. There was about a quarter-inch gap between the grip and the lower receiver and dremeling the grip wouldn't fix that. This issue has to do with the ICS split gearbox system, not the grip, which fits perfectly on a JG M4 S-System (2012 edition) and DBoys M4 (unknown model), both are standard version 2 gearboxes.
by Spencer H. on 06/18/2020
"Overall a very solid and comfortable grip, my only gripe is that it doesn't come with a motor plate and the G&G ARP9 motor plate and A&K plate that I had both didn't fit, I essentially had to mutilate the grip by ripping off chunks of the bottom until the plate would fit. It also was an absolute pain to get onto my ARP9 V2 gearbox, the curved upper section would catch on the back of the receiver/buffer tube and wouldn't let the grip slip onto the gearbox. Once I managed to brute-force it on though it was a very snug fit. I've since bought a different grip, but if you can find a compatible motor plate this is golden.

-Very comfortable
-Strong material (Had to resort to pliers to actually get pieces of it to come off)
-Snug fit against gearbox
-Good looking

-No motor plate, nowhere I've looked carries any compatible plates either
-The upper part of the grip that slides onto the gearbox has a raised inner section BEFORE the lines that slide into the outside of the gearbox, meaning you have to force the grip onto the gearbox before it will slide into place