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Blue Force Gear Ten-Speed Triple M4 Mag Pouch (Color: Multicam)

12 Customer Reviews

by Christine E. on 01/07/2023
"Got these for my p90 mags! They fit perfectly and keep them secure even when running full speed!
by Luke M. on 10/10/2022
"I’ve had this pouch for over three years now and have nothing but good things to say about them. The elastic pouches work great and keep your mags in while still allowing you to pull them out with ease. Even after all the time I used them they still work great. The fact that they’re elastic allows them to fit ak mags although they will me quite a tight fit. Definitely recommend this pouch
by Sean S. on 01/05/2022
"I love these things. I need to get anther one.
by Chelsea J. on 02/21/2019
"If you are looking for a slim look these are the way to go.
by Scott S. on 07/10/2018
"These are just plain great! docB
by Tej M. on 05/05/2018
"They're good, and cheap; so buy them, buy them now.
by Zach P. on 05/05/2017
"Nothing fancy about this pouch, but it works wonderfully! Very snug fit on my PC and for the mags. Have not had a mag fall out while jumping. That being said, the pouch holds mags very well and they are easy to draw, but hard to put back in. Either get used to ducking for cover to reload or consider a dump pouch.
by Matthew V. on 02/28/2015
"I am very impressed. I thought the bungie was going to be easy to pull and put mags into but i was wrong. It is very strong stretchy material and I am glad I invested into it.
by cj k. on 02/19/2015
"Great quality, mags are a little iffy to get in, hopefully you have enough time in between games and that shouldn't be a problem, but they slide out without a problem.
by Brett T. on 11/17/2014
"These things are pretty pricey, but worth every penny.

The Good: All of my M4 mags fit absolutely snug, and it's actually pretty easy to slip them in there as long you do it at the right angle. They never budge unless I'm pulling them out. These are very secure, and extremely quick access pouches. I'd high recommend them if you want to spend the extra dollar.


The Ugly: That price
by Joe S. on 08/19/2014
"Great pouch. No matter what you do the mags won't fall out on you - but they're easy to draw. Unmatched durability and functionality make this my favorite pouch. Only thing I have attached to my JPC along with the BF Gear pistol pouch. Great piece of equipment! Worth the $$$ and I highly recommend! It will not fail you. Looks pretty sweet too. And is far less bulky than other pouches.

Get it!!!
by Matt W. on 02/12/2014
"When it comes to the BFG Ten-Speed pouches I have some mixed feelings. For starters they are a very quick draw without having to fumble with pull tabs or velcro in closers. Which is what I really love about them. On the other hand they are a pain in the rear to re index the mags. I got used to it after awhile but I still found it troublesome at times. These, however, are great for those clutch reloads if you either drop the mags on the ground or in a dump pouch and re index later.

I've also had some trouble with their durability. I had some stitching give out on the middle seam up top. Not a huge deal for me as I am able to fix that.

Pros -
Very light weight
Quick reloads
Very low profile without mags in
They look great.

Sometimes a pain to re index
Show wear from the mags.
Had some stitching give out on me