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Avengers Turbo Fan Airsoft Goggles - Black

8 Customer Reviews

by william r. on 10/07/2013
"These goggle's i've seen on this site, for awhile now. and decided too get them.thinking you only get what you pay for....
but these Avengers turbo fan goggles (in black) are awesome. they seriously work quite well.i was so impressed. i now have my team members all wanting them..they were jealous that i wore them at the last tournament. here in canada.
flat out. just buy these you wont be disapointed..
by Michael S. on 03/27/2019
"First off I'd like to say I love these Goggle's
No fog I'm a big guy I sweat alot and have dealt with fogging for a long time and with these I have no issue

The fan is not that loud and you are about to if it it , I only use the fan when I'm dead or in a long game I can hear everyone perfect although not a good idea to sneak around

They are made of a sturdy plastic and the lens are well made have taken several bbs to the Google's no crack barely can tell

I've used these Goggle's for 10-15 games including a milsim and I'm super happy

Now the negatives there 25$ goggles everything that operates will probably need to be re soldered or adjusted and glued the hard frame is not meant for a smaller person and won't fit comfortable

Pros - cheap
They work
Very sturdy
Fit perfectly on me since I'm a bigger guy

Cons - internals are cheaply done
Not a good fit for smaller people

All in all there worth it
by Edward M. on 05/08/2019
"googles to cumbersome to be worn with helmet, inner padding falls of frequently.
by Emma C. on 04/01/2015
"these googles seem great, the way they feel, they seem sturdy, the eye protection seems ample. unfortunately, the fan on mine dose not work, it never has. this was part of the reason i bought it and i am fairly disappointed.
by Dylan F. on 03/10/2014
"I got these goggles today and I'm sending them back. The plastic doesn't allow the goggles from bending at all and the rubber on the inside that is supposed to seal your eyes are extremely hard and doesn't bend to your face leaving the goggles sitting awkwardly and somewhat painfully on the bridge of your nose. But, these are $25 so I guess that's what you get. The fan did work quite well though!

* Fan works well
* Cheap
* Came with a lower face mask

* Doesn't bend at all
* Not good with a helmet
* Hard inside and doesn't seal face completely.
* Made of really cheap plastic but that's what you get for $25
by David L. on 05/17/2019
"Really badly made, very uncomfortable, not even close to sealing, absolute waste of money
by Ray D. on 09/02/2018
"Terrible product! I wear a 7 1/2 (large) hat and these goggles still have a fingers width gap at the temple on both sides. The face seal is hard foam and does not adapt to facial contour at all. The covers for the battery compartments don't stay in place and the fan does not work as described. AVOID AT ALL COSTS!
by Bruce M. on 04/02/2014
"Folks, for the very first time I am extremely disappointed. I agree with the with the first review on this page, you get what you pay for (or less). The full seal molding came off the moment I attempted to put them on. Even after sticking them back down, they would not stay, I realize I could make a simple adjustment and glue them back in place but soon realized that they would not seal to my face at all. The hard plastic frame would not allow the goggles to conform to the face. I have been purchasing from you for several years, and last week ordered the ICS L86A2 with which I am profoundly happy. Unfortunately with this little travesty I am not and wish to return it.