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Angel Custom Advanced THOR Complete Hopup Chamber for P90 Series Airsoft AEG Rifles

11 Customer Reviews

by Henry S. on 09/17/2020
"This hopup works like a dream. she may be thick but was easy to install once you get the wheel off. now for the screws that hold the hopup to the barrel. do not tork them down too much. Once you hand tighten it just leave it because it stays flush to the barrel. besides that its a great hopup and you do not loose much fps out of it, it actually tightens the group - 5FPS.
by Rudy C. on 02/05/2019
"works really well dont believe the bad reviews gonna do installation video on it soon. feeds great and has a good airseal. over all a solid build
by Roger G. on 03/23/2017
"It's very touchy when u put it together but once you get it perfectly there's no beating your P90s performance my CA90 shoots over 150ft accurately at 400fps with 6.01 AC 250mm barrel and over 200ft with 407mm 6.03
by Jason L. on 08/28/2015
"This hopup system is a beast. I am loving the performance of my P90!
by jack l. on 09/11/2013
"The hop up system id a major improvement over the stock plastic one. My gun jammed because of the hop up system and now that i have this nothing has gone wrong and have gone to about 4 games with it no issues.
by Jonathan V. on 05/29/2017
"This is one of the must have Stage 1 upgrades for the P90. And yes, the stock Air Nozzle was destroyed. I highly suggest an upgraded Air Nozzle; even an metal Air Nozzle if you can. Pair this with an upgraded 6.01 Tight Bore Inner Barrel and an upgraded Bucking, you will be a major threat on the field.
by Brian L. on 09/13/2013
"Put this in my KA p90. Fit perfectly. Better air seal. Got more fps but I am not sure if that is from the hop up or the new barrel I put in at the same time but both are noticeable improvements.

My only complaint is that with the price of this thing they could at least throw in a matching adjuster ring , hop up arm and lock plate. Had to scavenge those parts off my old hop up and i would have preferred to keep them on it as I would like to be able to hot swap uppers from a long barrel (extension and mock silencer) with 3x9 scope to a short barrel with green dot on the upper rail. P90 uppers are easy to swap out.

So to get the setup I want I'll have to order a second "stock" hop up.. just to scavenge the peices off it for this good one. Makes using this good one a lot more expensive.

4/5 for not including the rest of the hop up assembly parts. Wouldn't cost the manufacturer much more and would make a better product.

Other than that, hop-up is great. Works well and very durable.
by Brandon W. on 09/09/2013
"Love the hop up, but have a major problem with it. It works great, just the gun's air nozzle cannot be plastic. It will crack and warp the plastic nozzle. Had to take my gun in and get the air nozzle replaced. I did see a vast improvement in my p90 until my air nozzle cracked.
by chase g. on 05/29/2017
"didnt work well it wouldnt feed looks well built but it isnt
by Dale R. on 12/08/2016
"Poor construction. The barrel hole was milled off center, so when the barrel was installed it was sitting too low and the bb would rub against the edge of the barrel before going in. Made it almost impossible to feed.
Product looks great, but if it doesn't work it doesn't matter.
by Taylor P. on 05/01/2016
"I do not recommend this. I'm hoping I just got an off spec one but the hopup was so loose my bucking didn't seal at all. I probably had about 1mm extra space all around my bucking. Cool color and construction, but not worth it.