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EMG 190rd Lancer Systems Licensed L5 AWM Airsoft Mid-Cap Magazines (Color: Black Smoke / Pack of 5)

23 Customer Reviews

by Duy T. on 06/11/2022
"Works extremely well with the VFC BCM MCMR Avalon AEG. Tested 'em fully loaded with 190ish rounds, all magazines fed through the rifle 100% with no hiccups. They feel pretty solid. 10/10
by Logan M. on 04/05/2022
"I purchased a single magazine at first, to make sure it would fit my gun and feed okay. I'm happy to say that as soon as the red 5 packs go on sale I'm gonna be instantly grabbing that up, these mags definitely slap.

The mag has an extended follower which protrudes beyond the bb opening, helping to ensure you use as many rounds as possible. The clear versions of this mag also allow you to see the feed ramps inside and see how many bbs are in the mag. Both of these are BIG TIME bonuses in my opinion. It's really fun to load the mag into the ol' Odin loader and watch those BBs crawl up the back of it as it fills.
Great capacity too, directly comparable to the Gen 1 Evike BAMF mags which I had previously been using. The BAMFs work ok in my G&G CM16 SRXL but they tend to be loose in the magwell, rattle around and fall out a lot, causing me to lose one. Not an issue with my Lancer Systems mag however, it fits very well into my gun's magwell, actually fit snugly enough where they do not drop free by themselves if you strike the mag release. But it's still loose enough where you could hold the mag release and flick it out of the gun in a pinch, and there's no resistance when detaching them from the gun. Very easy loading and unloading into the rifle.
I've used this mag at two different Airsoft skirmish days and both times I found it to be superior to the BAMF mags, never had one misfire when shooting with it. When I had to reload and switch to my old BAMF mags is when I started having to hold the gun by the mag to make sure it wouldn't wobble around and feed properly. I also somehow got a bunch of dirt in my dump pouch and pulled the mag out and it was covered in dirt, think some got inside too. Wiped it all off and blew on it, loaded it up and it kept working fine.
I can only hope that all the mags in my 5-pack will work just as well.

-Good capacity
-Extended BB follower
-Ability to see how many rounds you have left
-Major drip factor, the plastic 2D dummy bullets inside don't look dumb like many other mags and the translucent red matches fantastically with all of my other red components

-Hard to tell when 100% full because the dummy bullets get in the way
-Might not fit your gun as well as it did mine, always try 1 before you buy more
by Brian N. on 03/04/2022
"This magazine not only looks awesome, but feeds pretty well too! Never had an issue with this magazine in terms of function.
by Hyojun Y. on 06/17/2021
"Fully satisfied with everything. High quality marking, plastic dummy bullets(Not Printed!), Hi-cap alike capacity, and plus good feeding. Also you can check the reload timing by looking at the front of this mag. I recommend you buying some sets of it with your friends. Good quality with decent price.

한국인이시면 믿고 사세요. 디테일 죽입니다.
by Richard C. on 03/26/2018
"Just like the PMAG version but cheaper. They are really good.
by Lorin S. on 09/20/2017
"My new favorite mags!

190 round mid cap... yes!

Looks great. Fits and feeds well in all the guns I own, including my Amoeba which is really picky.

Plus they look MEAN.
by Brian c. on 10/22/2014
"These mag are great! They look sweet and feed Flawlessly in my G&G cm16 mod 0. My gun is bone stock except for the motor. The mags feeds well with high rps. Ive been using KWA mags but these are way better. The followers ( part that is on the end of the mag spring) go all the way to the top. This allows for solid feeding. My only gripe is that they are a little wobbly and dont weigh much. Part of the problem is G&G magwells so its not a huge deal.
by Christian S. on 04/27/2014
"These mags are the tits! They look super nice, feed all the bullets very well (in my CA Scar-l and my friends Umarex HK416D) and holds 190 rounds.

the only "drawback" if you would is that it is very light, about half the weight of an empty high-cap M4 mag made in steel. But if you do not mind this this is the perfect mag, i got 10!
by Mark C. on 07/30/2022
"Came in quick, was testing these with several rifles and so far the major problem is the feed holes don't have a bevel, so instead of linking to the hop up flawlessly they catch on the lips of the feed and prevent full contact with the hop up to release the bbs. Overall do like their appearance, and have taken out the fake bullet models on the mags to make them completely transparent. If you plan on getting these mags, be prepared to get a knife and carve the feed hole to help with slotting the mag into you guns.
by Steven S. on 03/22/2022
"Feed BBs well, look cool, and are affordable. However there may need to be some modification, to make the magazine insert easily. I had to use a ball Diamond bit, in a Dremel, to take off some plastic to make more angle on the bb locking tab. Had a flat spot on the top, with the angle. So was hard for the hop up to let the bbs go in.
by Christian G. on 02/28/2022
"Got myself a pack of 5 of these some time ago. They definitely look cool when used in any AEG but they're picky with magwells and hop up units. You sometimes have to push the follower in the magazine to make them properly fit. I did have one magazine jam up and couldn't figure out why but it was easy enough to un-jam. Haven't used anything heavier than .28s in them and they fed fine aside from the previously mentioned jam. I like them. Get them while they're on sale.
by Jeffrey A. on 11/14/2021
"I first tried this on my Specna Arms Edge and it didn’t fit at first. Just like some other reviewers I had to sand down the top part of the BB catch so that my hop up can press down on the catch and feed BBs. If you want to know if these mags will fit your gun just check the bottom of your hop up to see if it has curved lips. If it does it’ll fit your gun without modification.
by Victor L. on 09/30/2021
"These look great and are solid, build quality wise. I had issues with fitment in my ICS CXP UK1 initially - one of the two magazines I ordered didn't fit in/lock in the magwell due to the hop-up unit not "entering" the magazine all the way - after breaking it in, it seems to be fine, albeit not as smooth as something like an EPM. These are definitely tighter than the average M4 magazine.
by Oliver H. on 08/29/2021
Good quality and feed phenomenally, sturdy and high capacity.
*very* snug fit in most guns, bb catch is very firm requiring a lot of force to put into place. Most of this can be fixed with minor modifications.
by Broden R. on 07/02/2021
"4 out of 5 magazines I bought wouldn't lock into the magwell as the hop up tube couldn't depress the bb retainer in the magazine due to poor manufacturing, I took a file to the bb retainer to flatten it so it could actually be depressed by the hop up feed tube, but only 2 were successful so I have 3 proper magazines and 2 duds, but when I buy magazines am I wrong for expecting them to work immediately out of the box? the high capacity is great and they feed flawlessly if you dodge the bb retainer issue. bit iffy on the quality control and very firm in the magwell, at least for my rifle