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Canik x Salient Arms TP9 Elite Combat Airsoft Training Pistol Licensed by Cybergun / EMG (Color: Black)

13 Customer Reviews

by Derek D. on 06/27/2023
"Great gun... newer to airsoft but not to real steel. This trigger is awesome. EXACTLY like the real thing, reset and all. The break is super crisp. So much better than any other airsoft I have shot so far! Heads up though for the young kids, the trigger may not be easy for them to pull, or a full day of playing might not work for them with this one and may get fatigued fast. But this is a must buy!!! Can't wait for upgrade parts for this... the detent seems a little squirrely but very accurate at 50 ft. When upgrades come out then this will really be able to reach out but definitely only good for cqb right now
by Donald D. on 06/09/2023
"I have the real Deal Canik TP9 Combat Elite. I have a Vortex Venom with Doctor mounting Plate. Since I have the Sight removed form the Canik. I tried it on the Salient Arms. It fits Perfectly, so any of the Mounting plates from Canik for the TP9 Combat Elite should fit on the Salient. I have not tested it yet to see if there is any adverse effects from the extra weight.
by Alysha R. on 01/23/2023
"A great gun it comes with the owners manual, its the best gun I have ever shot I like the blowback it is green gas powered, most of my freinds said it was the best gun they have seen.
by Phillip B. on 07/15/2022
"Very nice gbbp. So much fun. Everyone I shoot with it. I mean show, sorry. Wants one. Functions like a real pistol, if not sure what blow back is. The slide operation is just as real as semi auto pistol. For law enforcement it’s great for indoor training. SIMS are not cheap at any means. All you need for this. BB’s and cans of gas. So easy to maintain and clean. Breaks down like real thing. Trust me you will have with this where ever you are. Want to start thatching you children. This is it. Do drills, clear you own house or neighbors cat. Welll ya know….. this is top notch. Well worth the $$$. Cop for 22 yrs SWAT for 16 man I wish we had these back in the day of pew pew pew. Get one show admin. Let them pop a few off. SOLD,…..
by Richard B. on 07/07/2022
"very good gun shoots well and stays faithful to the real steel counterpart down to the takedown mechanism. very accurate fire out of the box.
by Maxwell W. on 03/18/2022
"Update. Just shot it and shoots really well but might need to adjust it a little. Alps I bought an optics plate from caniks website however the screws that come on the pistol aren't long enough to fit the optic plate on the too so I had to get a longer set of screws so it works perfectly now. Just something to think about.
by jonathan l. on 08/29/2023
"real realistic good for cqb and realism nice strong trigger and good blowback. don’t recommend for a primary or any competition play
by Carlos H. on 02/18/2023
"This was my first ever Airsoft gun. After some trial and error and can say this thing is great for sure! The shipping grease causes the gun to malfunction, feeding issues and hop up doesn't work at all. Once you clean the barrel and hop up unit with some isopropyl alcohol or any kind of de greaser this thing really starts work great.
by Logan D. on 01/07/2023
"Canik tp 9 is a nice starter gun it feels nice in the hand and looks good too. It came well lubed and works well with the few mags I have shot out of it. My only issue so far is the the replacement mag I purchased has been leaking a little bit but it hasn’t been terrible. Shorting the gun was nice nice and accurate out of the box!
My other concern is that there isn’t a whole lot of customization options or upgrade options so it’s a bit sad I’m thinking of a co2 Glock next. But it was a good starter :)
by Jeffrey C. on 02/22/2022
"Have run a few mags through and chrono’d it with .20 bbs. It’s coming in around 340 fps (1.09 joules).

The feel and construction feels REALLY good. I also like the striker fire system they have going with the trigger. Put together a review for more in depth info:
by Maxwell W. on 02/19/2022
"Currently have not shot this gun yet but my god does it feel good. Amazing build quality. Well oiled as well. Looks very very close to the real deal. Give it 4 stars cause I haven't shot it yet but I'm sure it will perform well.
by Brandon S. on 06/16/2022
"After having this on order I finally received it yesterday. Initial feel of the gun is very good. The build quality seems good. Haven't had a chance to shoot yet will update once I do. The reason I posted this review was to give potential buyers a heads up. I received my gun without the pictured thread protector. I have reached out to Evike and currently waiting for them to reply. I will also update once I have heard back from them on this.
by Eric P. on 06/15/2022
"This is just an initial impression so this will change in the future. First off no thread protector in the box as shown in the picture. Secondly the mags have a weird time feeding bbs BECAUSE there is a little indent on the mags follower and a bb needs to be seated on that indent in order to feed properly which is IMO kind of weird and can be a hassle. The hop up arm doesn't add hop at all? I look down in the hop up after adjusting it and I see no change on the nub but I hear the adjustment so perhaps it is adding hop? The gun shoot good and has a good feeling while firing. Because this is a new striker fire system the trigger will feel a bit weird and do not by no means DO NOT weakly pull that trigger. Whats happening is the trigger is pushing on the gas valve so if you slowly pull the trigger it will release gas in the "PSSSSSHHHHHHCT" sound. Just pull the trigger fully. I want to like this gun cause I own a real one buy for the price this ask for it's kinda making it a bit hard to actually like it. I will update my rating after some time shooting but as of now it's "okay" if you're willing to put up with it like I am.