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H&K HK416 Full Size Airsoft AEG Rifle Package by Umarex

82 Customer Reviews

by royce b. on 04/11/2023
hits bullseye every time
comes with high cap mag
good for a 100$ gun
you can not tell it is 100$ i would guess 190$

no bad stuff about it
but when playing with it i slipped in mud and it hit the ground hard and nothing happend to it so it is a 9.9/10
by Zeph P. on 01/19/2023
"I have owned this gun now for 5 years I think and it still works and it has never jammed on me, it runs well in the cold, I have only broke the but stock pad by running it over with a snowmobile. Overall it’s a great gun and it is the most reliable one I own even though it is the slowest one.
Great beginner gun when it used to be $80.
by ALICIA S. on 12/06/2022
"Ok umarex you nailed it on cheap gums.
It is very sturdy and pretty upgradable. Use 9.4 v battery for a high rod and better sound.
I recommend changing the stock bcs if hit to hard it might jam.
I use a mil spec AR 15 stock. I also have fiber optic sights and commando foregrip.
I used a custome faux leather wrap for grip and cheekpad.
So I basically turned my gun to and act looking battle rifle.
Better battery

Oh yeah, 11 yr old engineer
by Ethan A. on 03/27/2022

Overall, this HK416 is essential in terms of starting in airsoft. While most aegs do range about $100 and up, this one is a good bang for your buck for what it's worth. Not only is it for a very affordable cost, it ranges about 250 to 300 ft per second velocity, the fire rate is pretty decent as well, having both fully automatic and semi-automatic firing modes, and of course, it is compatible with most M4 and M16 AEG magazines!!

While I think this is a very good starter weapon for any airsoft who is brand new to the hobby, I would like to State some of the cons so that anyone wanting to purchase this could be aware:

•While it is pretty sturdy, after a while the stock became loose so I'd recommend getting a replacement AEG battery stock, but don't worry, in no way does the stock itself affect the battery or the wiring, even with the stock breaking the AEG worked like a charm.

•the material is a plastic as opposed to a metal or a dense polymer, so I'd recommend being careful, i.e, not dropping or hitting it against any walls, floor is, etc. Other than that, this darn thing is pretty sturdy and it's pretty awesome.

On a more positive note, it's pretty nice for a gun with this budget to have a quad rail handguard, having the availability for accessories and parts such as grips, optics, laser systems, etc. The only thing I'm really unsure of is whether or not this has a threaded muzzle for any mock suppressors or tracer units. But even then, I'm not too worried about that factor.

In conclusion, this is probably a very ideal AEG in terms of a starter, although durability is not its strong suit, no it's not the weakest Factor either. I just recommend you're careful.
by Hendrix B. on 03/27/2022
"This is a very nice beginner gun. Bought this as my first AEG.
by Matthew H. on 03/24/2022
"This want my first electric airsoft gun and it definitely held up, I have since upgraded but this CC will definitely last you a long time
by Duke R. on 12/28/2021
by Liam C. on 12/20/2021
"just making the number 69
by Austin C. on 12/17/2021
"This is an amazing gun it has lasted me a long time
Gun looked cool
340 fps with .12s
M4 mags work for it
Is only 89 bucks.

Cons the fps drops to about 180 with .20 gram BBS and the mag is a Lil tight. But I love the gun I would recommend buying it
by Daemien B. on 03/18/2021
"ive had this gun for 2 years now and it still works great and its really light and fast firing rate helps with rushing
by Mary M. on 01/29/2021
"This gun is a GREAT PURCHASE and I think you should consider buying it.
by Daniel M. on 01/10/2021
"First off it lasted 4 years without the gearbox breaking
Taking it apart after 4 years was kinda sad, it has a v2 based gearbox. Meaning with sometime, yes a hpa set up is possible
V2 m4 standard, ics plastic style hop up/ split hop up(Hop positions extremely well surprisingly)
Replace the light aluminum barrel for something better with a r hop up and put a Green g&g bucking and new nub.
It comes actually roughly built internally. It was able to handle 7.4 lipos
Fps averaged about 250 to 300 with .2 for me after 2 years
I have better gun than it now of course, but it is my favorite.
Was my first one and I played my first game with it.
Pros: Cheap
Cons: It's a starter gun
Very short range
Feels weak
Personal opinion, I am getting another one soon.
by hayden p. on 01/07/2021
"I got one of these a while back, the gun works well and i really only had two issues with the gun, 1 is that the rear sight is kind of bad and hard to see out of, and two i almost lost the butt of my stock when it fell off in a game so make sure to check your stock after a game to make sure you still have it... another thing to add would be that this gun doesn't fire extremely fast in full auto but it ain't an issue for the amount it costs this is an overall good starter gun
by dawson c. on 11/23/2020
"Great gun! it has good fps range, feels good, perfect weight, works great, accurate, easily customizable. the only problem is the sight. It is hard for me to look through.
by Willis F. on 10/14/2020
"This is a great starter gun and is very accurate. It isn't very up-gradable so this isn't a good cheap project gun.