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Socom Gear 50rd Extended Magazine for Elite Force UMAREX GLOCK ISSC M22 SAI BLU Lonewolf & Compatible Airsoft Gas Blowback Pistols

22 Customer Reviews

by vincent s. on 04/19/2020
"These work with the EF glock series, but do ride a little high when seated in the mag well while the slide is back. This results in you having to gently tug down on them before racking the slide, which is not hard to get used to as there is ample grip on the extended portion of the magazine.

The feed lips on all 3 of the ones ive purchased did have quite a bit of flash (thin plastic that occurs on the surface of the component where the parting lines in the injection mold use to make it are.) To play it safe i gently wet sanded the flash down and have not ever experienced feed issues with them.

These are a cheaper alternative to the EF magazines and if you are running an HPA tapped extended mag, its much easier to do so with these, as the fill valve is on the bottom of the magazine (as opposed to the back, on the EF extended magazines.) Replacement parts are wildly availible, which is great, as feed lips and followers will never survive a good drop onto a hard surface. Great mag
by Hayden D. on 06/01/2019
"Very Nice fits in my Elite Force G19 very well, feeds great, and is pretty easy to load. Overall great product, just wish the price was a littler lower, but compared to other products and their respective pricing's this is actually pretty good.
by Charles K. on 12/16/2018
"Bought a single one of these mags a few months ago, and it has served me well ever since!
I have a WE G18C so I can't speak for other manufacturers, but I think it's a safe bet that these mags will work flawlessly in all WE Glocks.
In fact, it works so well that I just ordered three more of them!
Great price as well, $38 for 50 rounds in comparison to the "brand name" Umarex 21 round mags for $40.
by Yichuan X. on 11/17/2018
"Just bought these mags. I must say they fit on basically every g-Series gun. I’ve tried we and the now licensed ones on evike, work with no wobbles. The gas capacity is good when they work, will get you thru at least one full mag. But after some rapid firing, it will only shoot 6 or 7 rounds. This is nothing but to blame myself, anyways great mags, will buy again
by Luke E. on 04/14/2018
"No issues at all from 5 plus hours of use. Feeds great and does not leak in my WE G17. 10/10 would buy again.
by Luis V. on 10/06/2017
"Bought for my Echo 1 Timberwolf, no regrets.
by Michele P. on 07/05/2017
"very good. it holds enough gas to shoot the whole mag and works with all the guns recommended in the title
(using this for we g19 gen 3)
by Jacob V. on 01/16/2017
"Fits nicely in my Tokyo Marui G18c.... Doesn't have the realism but it's good
by David L. on 01/09/2017
"For those who are asking if these fit echo1/ socom timberwolf glocks, they do. I've run these for a few games and these work fantasticly! They do get cold as expected and will bump up your fps since there's a bigger gas tank or well. There really is no issue with them when shooting or reloading besides the thing that pushes all the bbs up having the tip SEPERATE from the actual spring, which is common with WE G series mags. Definitely a recommended mag if you want a bigger ammo capacity!
by Charles M. on 04/23/2015
"5 Star Product!

After months and months of high use these mags hold up great!


Never Mis Feeds
Fits WE G18C, G23C, and G26 perfect (Im sure it will fit all WE G Series if it fit the G26)
Great Gas Capacity
No Leaks O Rings are Top Notch


by Max B. on 04/05/2015
"As said below, a must have for the G18c or the G26 Advance, or any G series for that matter. A little bit of a pain to load, but totally worth it. It fits snugly in the magwell of my WE G18c with no play, and no risk of accidental dropping. The gas efficiency is also good and I can get at least a mag of full auto in 75 degree weather. Great buy, and excellent price!
by chris d. on 02/17/2015
"Great magazines!

Must-have for the full auto Glocks

With a mix of semi and full auto, easily blows off all rounds with enough gas to spare for another 1/2 to full magazine of ammo--and I am shooting in a 60 degree basement!

No leaks from either valve

The one downer--very difficult to load from the feed lips. And it is very difficult to get a neat double-stack when loading from the lower end of the slot.

Still highly recommended
by cole p. on 05/18/2014
"These mags are pretty cool i live in florida so its hot out all the time get a full mag and just enough gas for the last shot. the mags do not lock into a WE G-18C but they still star in just you have to pull them out. overall great mags 5*
by cameron m. on 06/14/2013
"I received the mag today, and put three successful fills through it. It has excellent build quality and has a great reservoir for gas. This DOES work with the Vfc/Stark Arms G19.
by Russell S. on 09/24/2012
"This magazine is great! It feeds very good and hasn't jammed on me yet. Also, it holds 50 rds which is cool.
It is very gas efficient and shoots all 50 rounds before you have to refill it, but that's fine in my opinion. If you want more ammo now and/or have a conversion kit for your glock, you need this!!!