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Angel Custom P90 High Speed Stock Extension w/ Sling Mounting Point

17 Customer Reviews

by Joseph D. on 05/29/2022
"I wanted to wait to write a review on this until ive used it for a while, I've been running this extension on my p90 for about a year now. I have to say it's probably one of the best upgrades I've done for the gun. I can fit a titan 11.1v 3000mah brick in it, its a little tight getting the battery in, but as long as you don't just jam it in you're good. Getting it to release from the gun can be a bit tricky when you want to take it off, but thats not really a bad thing because I have 0 worries about it coming off without me wanting it to if I have it dangling from my sling. It makes the gun a lot more comfortable to use as well, overall say something happen and it broke, I would buy another one without a moments hesitation.
by Kyle M. on 07/01/2021
"Great addition and definitely adds a good amount of battery space. Can easily fit a 7.4 1500mah battery. Probably able to accommodate an 11.1 if you get the right one. Took a couple times of putting in on and off to get used to it. A must have for p90 owners. Fits my Tokyo Marui with no issues.
by Miles O. on 10/12/2020
"It's a little tough to put on, at least for me, but this works great. Gives you plenty of room for your battery, and lets you slap a sling on the end. Well worth the price.
by Corey S. on 08/05/2020
"Great addition to a P90. Gives you more room for your battery, extends the stock for a more comfortable shoulder (for me anyway), and gives you a QD attachment point. Using a matrix QD sling point I haven't had any problems with it coming out though I haven't been too rough with it yet.
by Joshua A. on 11/04/2019
"Great item to have for the p90. I use this for a bigger battery and put the rubber butt plate over this to make it comfortable. It doesnt come with the sling adapter so you need to buy that separate.
by Shaun L. on 03/31/2015
"Excellent product. The texture is very smooth and non grippy (can be pro or con). Very very tight fit on TM P90TR, however there is a slight vertical play if pushed. So it will not fit completely flush with stock body line. Works regardless and feels sturdy. Have not tried QD sling mount and not sure if I trust it being of ABS/plastic whatever material.
by Tomas P. on 10/25/2012
"Very nice High quality polymer. Fits like a glove on my JG P90 TERMINATOR MOD
I can fit a custom 9.6V 2300 Battery

High Quality Textured Stock Extension
Fits 9.6V 2300 Custom Battery
Comes with hole for Sling Mount
Does Not cover up the standard sling hole on the body of the P90
UTG High Quality Sling Mount Fits perfectly in it.

Does not come with Sling Mount
Color is Dark Grey, JG P90 Body Color is Black

OVERALL 9.9/10 Just get it!!!
by David H. on 08/27/2012
"Excellent product. The build quality is very good and has a nice texture, kinda like rubber. It is very sturdy and snaps into place nicely. I highly recommend this over the other "slip on" rubber butt pad because this one is made of a solid material. It does not move around at all and sits flush with the back of the gun. Overall it does its job, adds a good amount of battery space. Also very nice if you are a bigger guy, like me. Makes the small P90 a little longer which is good for my longer arms.
by Tim D. on 08/06/2012
"I got this two weeks ago after breaking my stock butt plate in half.
Let me tell you, I will never go back to a stock plate! I can fit a 9.6V 2300mah easily and the sling adapter works with my bungee sling like gloves on my hands!
by Bruce C. on 07/30/2012
"Something you can't live without as a proud owner of a Tokyo Marui and a Echo1 P90
by Matthew M. on 09/23/2021
"Just to let you know I couldn’t get this to work with the new krytac p90 plus the Titan battery 11.1 300mah butterfly battery. Though I do appreciate the extra length it gives you and makes shouldering the p90 much easier.

I’m 5’8” in case that helps.

Waiting for the krytac version now.
by Jonathan V. on 05/26/2017
"This a good stock extension option

Looks great
Can add a chin pad
Bigger battery storage

Some modifications is needed to the rear clips for it to slide in and out clean
A little grease on the internal latch spring
by Scott D. on 03/15/2016
"Great stock extension that gives much needed battery space. Allows a 9.6v 2300mah custom type battery to fit.

Adds battery space
Connects flush to the body
Doesn't cover sling holes and adds a one point mount in the rear
Matches color on JG and Echo1 bodies
Great look

VERY tight fit- takes a good smack to get it off
Small release button ( pro for some)
by yuan h. on 12/22/2013
"A great little back piece for adding more wiring or a larger battery. Matte finish looks very good with P90, no shine at all, and release mechanism works well. However, the prongs that hold this piece to the gun are NOT strong enough and if you use the QD sling point, they will breat. This happened both times i purchased this product.
by Lucas M. on 10/15/2020
"Does not fit on Tokyo Marui FNH Licensed P90 w/ Built-In Red Dot Sight Airsoft AEG PDW
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