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King Arms 100rd Mid-CAP Magazine for P90 Series Airsoft AEG Rifles (Package: Single Magazine)

12 Customer Reviews

by Dingyuan Z. on 06/17/2019
"Works great on my Cybergun P90. For those who wonder how to carry these mags (which are way too long for AR mag pouches), get P90 mag pouches and mount them on your plate carriers. I mount them on my chest rig initially, but they are way long and protruded a lot, causing me having trouble getting down behind covers. Later I found that I can mount them on molle leg platforms, which works much better in terms of mobility.
by Jeffrey R. on 03/19/2018
"These are great Midcaps for my P90. Keep in mind that they are far too long to fit a standard AR15/M4 pouch. I was able to take some Army Surplus pouches, add material (thanks to my wife) and they are fantastic.

Not able to tell how they fit or work in rifle since my P90 in on Pre-Order.
by Rexman N. on 03/06/2018
"works as described, no problems here
by Samuel S. on 12/08/2017
"These are the best mags for the P90 in my opinion. They feel sturdy but are still lite. My P90 is the FN Herstal/cybergun P90 & i have 5 of these mags. Every one feeds flawlessly every single time. They also feed every last BB every time. I think the fact that the mag feeds down into the gun instead of up probably helps with that.
by David B. on 07/28/2017
"No problems with these mags, bought 5 of them and haven't had any feeding issues. Can be a little difficult to insert BBs when they are almost full, but just make sure you are positioning the speed loader properly. Make sure your BBs are the proper size-- I originally loaded them with some that must've been larger than 5.98mm, and I could only load 50 instead of 100.
by Dominic F. on 04/26/2016
"Great mag, works with the FN Herstal Licensed P90 Full Size Metal Gearbox Airlift AEG sold at this site. It holds exactly 104 bbs (I was pretty bored today) but only if you really jam it in there. It fits well and feeds just as well, even though it seems to expel them slowly if you hold the release button.
by Andy L. on 05/15/2015
"Excellent midcap I used for the KA P90. The inside of the mag is a long tube with a spring that winds back and forth 3 times.

Feeds great

After ~80 bbs further BBs become difficult to insert
by dion d. on 03/30/2015
"I used to use a JG mid highcap for my p90 becasue it held 300bbs, but that was crap so i picked one of these up and I suggest just getting these mags because no matter ho fast yourgun shoots the spring will always catch up.
by Donald B. on 06/02/2014
"I have a King Arms P90, and these mags are excellent! (I previously owned MAG brand ones which didn't work well.) They feed flawlessly so far with my high rate of fire, using a custom J P90 9.6v battery. Compared to other P90 mags, these are constructed very well and are very solid.

Excellent feeding (even with high fire rate)
Solid construction, no creaky plastic
Hold 100~ bbs
Fit perfectly in a KA P90
Durable plastic

No cons, except if they could hold more bbs, I guess that would be better :)
by Nick W. on 12/01/2017
"I ordered two, one works flawlessly, the other splits on one side if you put over 80 in it. The spring isn't compressing past a certain point and I couldn't figure out if you can even open the internal magazine to try to fix it. Overall I'm satisfied, I'll probably order a few more.
by Luke S. on 04/15/2017
"For a plastic body, this mag is great. Very tough, so no worries about breaking. Feeds decently, feeding problems 1/10 times.
by Drew J. on 10/23/2018
"mine only loads about 60 bb's before its to full and ive tried putting enough pressure to almost break the mag