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Angel Custom V-Type Airsoft AEG Hopup Bucking (Hardness: 70 Degrees / 375-500 FPS)

16 Customer Reviews

by Jon v. on 08/14/2020
"Added when I upgraded the inner barrel on my CYMA M14. Granted I changed both at the same time so can't say which had more effect, but I am super stoked by the improvement in accuracy and consistency.
by Kevin P. on 07/08/2013
"Awesome bucking, dropped one in a CYMA M14 socom before I gave it to my buddy. The gun came with a torn bucking _:( actually boosted the fps by about 5 on average, tighter grouping for an extra about 10 feet I would say. And it hasn't torn yet. I think the gun chronoed at about 360 380 with .20s so around 340 350 with the .23s we use. Didn't change the hop-up nub though. Definately recommended
by Tim S. on 01/26/2013
"Very good bucking. My hop-up is so much better now! I have great accuracy when combined with a tightbore and reflex
by Eric C. on 11/04/2012
"Best bucking I have used on my G&G GR16. I spent four hours today trying out 6 brands of buckings and these gave me the best grouping by far. I am now a fan of Angel products!
by Lisa B. on 08/15/2012
"this bucking is awesome i installed it in my friends m16 with a 6.01 madbull tighbore barrel and it can now shoot man sized targets from 150+ feet away with a matrix m120 spring highly recommended.
by Alex B. on 04/26/2012
"Best bucking I have used for my 350 FPS KWA SR-10 that I down-graded the spring for CQB. Off the bat it beats the stock and prometheus bucking's grouping by two inch at 40 feet.

And it hasn't ripped on me yet unlike the stock bucking. This is highly recommend for KWA AEG if you have it setup for CQB. Otherwise, you may need the 70 degree version for 400 FPS.
by Josh P. on 04/12/2012
"The best hing ever invented! It is superb with a tbb. Better than any other bucking including systema. I was trying to make my aeg shoot farther and more accurately, so I spent over $500 in upgrades to get to shoot over 200ft as accurately as possible which in the end didn't happen and I was pissed. So I was about to give up and quit until I saw this and figured I would give it a try. After I installed this I bought it outside and went to town! My gun was shooting at 170ft in a grouping tighter than 7 inches. The grouping was so tight I couldn't tell if it was only shooting one bb. I was amazed until it broke. I think I just had a defective part because it was shooting fine.


very durable

extremely accurate with a 6.03 barrel


by Charlie K. on 04/03/2012
"This is a great bucking!!! Put it in my Well L96 and it put the spin back in the bbs!

-Very durable

-Doesnt talk
-Doesnt make dinner
by Peyton E. on 12/15/2013
"Good but not great for full auto capible.
I installed this bucking with an Angel Custom 6.01x407mm barrel in my custom KWA M4 that shoots about 420fps solid, and it worked great! Gave me better accuracy and about a 30-45ft range boost so overall I couldnt complain. Since most of the areas I play at aren't CQB I ran semi alot for more of a DMR and Ammo conservitive role. But I flipped it into full auto when I was playing cqb and it jammed. So after i took the barrel out and checked it the nubs had been torn off with the bb and jammed.

So personally if your running a 450fps DMR (Like an SR10, M14, SR25, M16, Etc.) This is an amazing bucking! But for all you highpowered rate of fire players out there this bucking will probably not work for you.

Range Improovment
Accuracy Improovment
Compression Improovment
Not durrable under high feed stress.
by matt s. on 04/27/2012
"this is a great hop up bucking i bought it to put in my a&k dragunov. i have not had a war with it yet but it seems perfect for 200 to 300 foot shots. i strogly advise you to get this if you are having accuracy problems.
by Owen W. on 10/25/2015
"This would be 5 star expect it tears super easy. It Increase range and accuracy and it comes with a h nub. But I would just buy the krytac bucking cause it has v-teeth and doesn't tear as easily.
by matthew b. on 01/16/2015
"Did nothing for my G&P Rapid Fire II accuracy. Seemed to exaggerate a right spin. Suspect the bucking was not molded correctly, the "teeth" that push down and contact the BB never seem to both descend at the same time or evenly across the cut out in the barrel for the hop up to make contact with the BB. One tooth seems to get stuck and leave a poor contact surface and as a result, my shots pull right consistently and badly. I've removed, re-positioned, and re-installed the whole barrel/bucking/hopup combo several times now trying to get the teeth to both protrude evenly into the bb chamber of the inner barrel, but it doesn't change. Going to have to look into another option. Since it will cost me more to send it back than to keep it and call it a learning experience that created spare useless parts that have gone into a baggie for storage..I'll keep it. But I really expected a more favorable outcome from a $12 tiny silicon tube and a tiny plastic nub. Works for some, not for my gun. Made no increase in accuracy.
by Paul A. on 12/29/2013
"This a good bucking, but slip up once during install and it will tear. I recommend it, but be very careful when installing.


tears easily
by Ethan S. on 05/09/2014
"So I ordered 1 of these (pair of 2) and got 2 of them (4 total) which was pretty cool except for the fact that 3 of them ripped after one shot. Might of been my fault some how but when I put the last one in a lower FPS gun it was just fine. Not really "sniper" now is it?
by Mason T. on 03/08/2016
"I bought this bucking even after 2 of my team mates have had very bad issues with these and I guess nothing has changed. Now I know some people could say that I didn't install it right and or I was a stock or cheap hopup but this isn't the case. The hopup was a brand new lonex hopup, new tight bore barrel. All of these where installed by the local shop at the same time after not ten rounds the bucking tore and even before that the accuracy left a lot to be desired. I had to come to my attention when I was getting ready to begin the first round at a large milsim game and had to buy a new bucking and install it on the spot myself. Don't waste your time or money even trying to use one of these buy a Prometheus one and you should be good to go.