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Matrix Metal 300rd Hi-Cap Magazine for M4/M16 Series Airsoft AEG Rifles (Color: Black)

95 Customer Reviews

by Rebecca H. on 01/05/2020
"Very good Hi-cap magazine for a low price. would recommend for beginners looking to get their hands on a couple extra mags when they first get a rifle.
by Sam M. on 04/29/2018
"Operates as it should! No feeding issues that I have encountered yet and it has been a sturdy product.
by Aaron L. on 03/06/2018
"A fantastic magazine ! No problems what so ever.
by Corey A. on 02/10/2018
"Great quality. Fits most M4s. Fits my G&P perfectly. 5/5
by Trevor I. on 07/14/2017
"fit in my m4 quite well but you do have to crank it quite a bit to shoot for a while
by Nicholas P. on 04/14/2017
"I got these for my Echo1 M4 ST6. Fits great, feeds great, feels great. 10/10 would recommend
by Jens S. on 02/20/2017
"Worked great in some cheap basic M4 aeg I got a while ago. Now I hate Hicaps so no, I'd recommend investing in pouches and midcaps
by Riley B. on 02/01/2016
"Quite nice. I have used it in a Dytac, a G&G, and a We-Tech, and I've experienced little to no feeding issues (this actually fed into the G&G better than the mag it came with). It's taken some falls and gotten muddy and snowy, and it works fine. If you want a nice, durable STANAG mag with ammo for days (if you have a strict trigger discipline), look no further.
by Jacob B. on 02/27/2015
"These feed flawlessly in my KWA KM16BR, which has the 2GX Version Gearbox and Hop Up, so it should feed well in any other KWA 2GX models as well. My gun shoots over 20 rps, and it never skipped a shot or double fed.
by Cameron H. on 09/15/2014
"I have not bought this actual thing but my gun came with the same mag and the others I have bought. Overall its an amazing mag, I use it for my Black Ops M4 VIPER.

Feels very sturdy
Holds ALOT of ammo
Feeds the gun well

I have to wind that winder ALL THE TIME in full auto
Wobbles in my gun (Does not mean it will wobble in yours)
Seems to spray out ammo when I take it out. Please fix that.
by Ben s. on 05/26/2013
"These clips are great if your looking for a clip with lots of rounds this is it but I also like the wind up system on the bottom of the clip very nice I love the metal and realism of the clip but I decided to go with mid caps because I love hi caps with all the rounds but with mid caps you don't hear the rattling every time you move my objective in airsoft games is to be stealthy and midcaps do that for me I can sneak up on people and shoot them its awesome but that's my opinion they are great clips
by Ralph C. on 04/21/2013
-sturdy metal
-easy to crank
-no wobble
-no misfeeds

-is easy to scratch
by Renee L. on 04/20/2013
"Works great in my matrix M4. Fits in even better than the mag that came with it.
by Thomas K. on 01/30/2013
"These mags did not fit in my echo 1 XCR but overall very good. Worth the 60 bucks.
by hunter b. on 01/29/2013
"These mags are very good, im running them through my polar star, having the setting on my computer at 25 rounds a second and still feeding

full metal
feeds very well
no wobble (well with my gun)

a lot of winding (like almost all hi-caps)
but thats it nothing bad about them