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CheyTac Licensed M200 Intervention Bolt Action Custom Sniper Rifle (Model: Black)

64 Customer Reviews

by Stephen M. on 04/21/2019
"This one massive and impressive bolt action. VERY HEAVY and to get it shooting 500 on the spring bolt defo take some muscles. However if you were to buy this to be a good Airsoft Sniper, go for a plastic-fantastic VSR.

This is a standout piece, impractical to the max for play, just a heap of fun to play with though. You can't hide with it, there are better Airsoft sniper rifles and carrying it is a nightmare.

But it get's looks and let's face it, if you're buying one of these it's all about the looks. Plus a real taking point. A mate of mine went overseas for for a few years. We lost contact. When he came back, he contacted me right away and said "Hey mate, have you still got that Intervention", "Yup", "Please please bring it next game". I was stunned he still remembered it!

Couldn't care less about me, just the gun LOL

That's what this is about.
by Thomas W. on 04/19/2017
"This gun is unreal. Right out of the box it was shooting inaccurately. However when you change out the orange tip (very hard to get off) then it shot in the same spot every time. This was because the orange flash hider barrel hole was too big and the barrel would shake and move freely causing the rounds to go all over the place. l I was hitting a can at almost 250 feet out (I have a range finder on the side of the scope). When I opened the box I realized how big this gun is. Im a big guy so carrying this around wont be an issue, however if you are smaller or weaker it wont be easy. I do believe this is good for field play with some practice. Its full metal and you can't go wrong for 315$. Theres no shot the mag holds 100 rounds, Its probably from a tough new mag spring. I am running .32 gram bbs in it. For giggles I used .25 and they were going too fast for me to even see through the scope. I recommend high quality bbs and to put a fair amount of silicone oil around the bolt. Tighten the screw on the bolt early. It'll jam from time to time but with the open bolt design its easy to fix the problem quickly. 90% of the reason i originally bought the gun was for the looks with the intent to upgrade the internals. After I got it, there is no need to upgrade them right now. The internal barrel runs the full length of the outer barrel. The hop up is in a terrible spot. You have to take the scope off to get to it. Its a good quality gun and if you think you can handle 17 pounds over a day, id recommend it.
Orange tip is a fight to get off
The occasional jam is annoying
The mag spring is super powerful it causes jams and wont hold 100 rounds from the start
all the scopes looks too small of it
Poor hop up placement

full metal
full inter length barrel
powerful and accurate
shoots super far
its on sale right now
looks scary
very high quality build
by Daniel M. on 03/04/2017
"Excellent. The co2 bolt with this gun makes it shoot a ridiculously high fps, and accurate as well. The entire gun is solidly built, including the stock and bipod. Only complaint i have about this gun is the weight, it ways a good 17 lbs, so lugging it around may be a pain for some people. The stock spring bolt shoots about 395- 400 fps, and the co2 bolt got it shooting 735- 750 fps both measured with .2g bbs. It is also an excellent replica of the intervention sniper rifle.
by greg c. on 02/15/2017
"let me say this I got mine yesterday and I love it. the instructions are useless. mine came with a metal flash hider that wash separate from the gun. on the gun itself was a orange flash hider (like every airsoft gun I own). I give it 5 stars because it is amazing.

for your information the gun doesn't come with a case. also you will need a soft gun case because it doesn't fit in hard cases.
the only con is that the bolt is a little hard to pull back but other than that the gun performs beautifully.
by Stephen B. on 03/10/2016
"Well, Time for a review then. I absouloutly recommend this rifle if you want a cool looking sniper rifle. But, the FPS is wrong! Mine got chronoed to 312. I am upgrading it, because the spring that is following with the gun is junk. Sometimes the BB is dropping after 5 meters, other times it flyes 50 meters. So get a small spring to it with 500 fps and it will be good. AEG SPRINGS WILL NOT FIT! You have to buy a spring for a aired-cocked rifle. These springs aren't as wide as the AEG springs.

Overall the gun i amazing.

- Heavy (Rock solid)
- Deadly accurate (Get a good scope, i bough the scope here at evike)
- 100 rounds magazine. Very usefull, dont wanna carry these mags around.
- Bipod is awesome! (Spring re-ejected feet)
- Very long range after a single upgrade. (Only metal parts! Which gives you a wide choise of upgrades)

- The button that regulates the stock, only locks at the first and last points, not at the 4 others.
- The button that regulates the stock fell of during a war. So it got lost. Had to tape the stock in its full lenght.
- bad range before upgrade. The spring lives it's own life.
- 6,03 inner barrel. Not good for sniping. Mine is 6,01.
- Unrealistic ammo capasity (Very good and a little bad)

I give this a 4 out of 5. In the first place, you need to be a good airsoft player for sniping. Becase it is alot of issues with hop-up, springs and bolts. It is important to remember that this rifle is BIG! not a problem, i am not to big of a guy, but i can carry it around easily. Had it for 2 games. First war = 5 kills, 3 headshots. Second war = spring lived it's own life. So i just sat it on its bipod and used my Co2 sidearm. My rifle is upgraded now and shoots like a dream. I recommend this rifle!

(Written on iPad. Sorry for any spelling mistakes)

Thank you for reading!
by IVAN ALEJANDRO G. on 12/24/2014
by Kim S. on 06/14/2012
"Awsome sniper for sniping!!! But need extra mags!!! Gas and spring mags. Pleasr ARES it would be great to produce extra mags for this sniper. :)
by Stephen B. on 02/02/2012
by John C. on 12/28/2011
"This gun looks great. Power, realism, and size are all nice, and the internals seem great. I personally wouldn't mind the (not-so-light) 17 pounds of this weapon. In short, I'd look into buying it. except for the fact that I noticed that the stock/cheek rest is distinctly formed for a right-handed shooter, and I am left handed, and nearly blind in my right eye so sighting right-handed is a problem. Because of this I was wondering if there is a left-handed stock/cheek rest group available or included with this gun.
by Tamara L. on 03/09/2011
"this gun is AWESOME i tried it out on my friend (32 yrs old) he cried to death! If you got enough money, well this for ADVANCED players. Please be safe.
by David A. on 10/09/2010
"it is the same rifle except in shooter they used one that shot blanks. the CheyTac intervention was deemed the worlds best sniper rifle on the show ultamte sniper on the military chanel the m200 is pesonally my favorite rifle.
by Nick F. on 04/01/2010
"it is the same one from shooter and this gun is amazing my brother is an ex marine and he $5000.00 from a scratch off and he bought this it is amazing.
by Johnny K. on 01/23/2010
by Edward M. on 01/02/2010
"I must say Jason W. you know your facts. This is a superb gun, and has a beautiful design. It takes .408 Tactical rounds and has out shot a L96 AW .338 rifle, not to mention its extreme power with its long range shot. This weapon has a loud crack, and sure can make a 35 year old man yell. It is fully upgradeable, and has a full metal body. I just hope that maybe a $500 to $600 type was made. $1400 is a lot for this type of weapon. But you know how some people like me are. I have two kids and am in debt so I dont think I could ever buy this.
by Dave J. on 09/25/2009
"So here goes my order of guns, L96, M14, L85 (the 380$ version), ARES CheyTec Intervention M200 Gas Sniper. *starts to call mom on cellphone...*