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AIM Dual-Rail 4x35 Illuminated Compact Scope with Fiber Optics Sight / Rapid Ranging Reticle

22 Customer Reviews

by Blake B. on 07/12/2019
"This scope is ten bucks cheaper at amazon. And even for the price i paid im still happy. The scope features nice qaulity build and performance but thedamn thing is HEAVY. Not a good choice for my mounting it on a carry handle type weapon. I would recommend this scope to anyone
by Simeon B. on 02/06/2019
"I feel that it is a really sturdy scope, really clean lens, and overall its everything that i wanted.
If you're on the fence about getting this scope, i 100% recommend this, AIM Sports put time into making this really nice.


Pretty Cheap for how nice it is.
Being able to change color and brightness while fighting
Fast and easy rail attach and detach
Comes with an extra battery for the scope out of the box
Super clear,
Sturdy, Like a brick


The fiber optic sight on top can pop out really easy, so i used tape to hold it on for now
It's heavy, Which i love, but to some it may be a con
by Adam C. on 01/10/2018
"Once I received this scope, I realized that this scope is pretty damn heavy. Could be a bad thing for some, me, I like it. I like the weight being added to my gun, and with it being on the top middle, it balances out. Now, it fits perfectly, especially with the combination of a sight protector on the front top rail.
The different color options for the sight is a nice option, and also it has a green replaceable fiber strip for the top red strip.
Overall I think this is an amazing scope, especially for the price. The magnification is good and overall, it seems to be very well constructed.
I would recommend it to anyone looking for a good, affordable scope.
by Hudson B. on 11/19/2017
"Have it on my Kings arms M4A1 and its great took a little adjusting to get it to aim accurately with my rifle but once its dialed in its great.

The top sight is OK not the best but i really do not use it so it doesn't bother me .

eye relief is not that bad either.
by Bobby P. on 04/24/2017
"People mainly complain about eye relief... it's NOT that bad, it's about 3.5 inches. I, personally, like being pushed up into my rifle it makes me feel a lot more stable while firing. I own 2 of these one is on my M4 build and one is on my real AR - 15. Once sighted in, the optic is LASER accurate and the drop indicator for 5.56 x 45 is spot on. So let's get to what all these other reviewers do:

•LIGHT, not sure the exact weight. They may have stated that in the description.
•DURABLE! Dropping, banging, rain, mud, cold, hot... doesn't matter this optic stays strong and clear. Make sure after hard drops that it is still sighted in properly. As you should with any optic.
•STURDY, it doesn't "unsight" itself like some other optics try to do. And there's no wobbling, even after all the beating and rounds put through with this optic mounted.
•Doesn't drain battery life, you can use the same battery for almost a month of every single day use.

•If you don't like being close in and compact with your rifle, eye relief.

•Eye relief can go both ways it's all dependent on the shooter. I like to be pushed up into the rifle and be super stable.

OVERALLLLLLL I love the optic, it's amazing!! The 4x magnification is nice for any range honestly, it's enough to reach long range targets and is also usable in close quarter situations. Definite buy!
by Connor S. on 02/09/2016
"I've had this for about two month's. Its a great optic but if you wear a paintball mask its very hard to see through. The eye relief is not great but its ok. The fiber optic on the top is a great when clearing buildings. And I even use this on my Ar 15.

Can be used with real steel
Easy to sight in

Eye relief
by Evan H. on 01/06/2015
"This is a great acog it has 3 brightness levels for all 3 colors Red, Blue, and Green. The sight doesn't rely on only the illumination it has the crosshair lines that are easy to see without the illumination. The sight has great eye relief, I leave the adjustable stock on my m4 at the 4th setting and can see perfectly and it is very easy to quickly aim down.

Cons: the illumination can sometimes be hard to see in the sunlight. (But you can still clearly see the black crosshairs without illumination.
by Paul H. on 10/06/2014
"Okay, so I just got this scope, and it is perfect for any M4. It's only four power, but for all airsoft purposes, it's perfect zoom. It doesn't say on the site, but it's made by NC Star. Mounts perfectly to the AR carrying handle. 5/5
by James N. on 10/06/2014
"A GREAT SCOPE fits on most iron sites and is a great value. I higher recommend this scope
by James C. on 10/06/2014
"Great Scope! Fits right on the carrying handle of an AR / M4 or M16 without any other mounts. Looks nice and works great. Real steel quality made by NC Star. You can find these exact scope in real gun shops for 3 times the price!
by Sierra R. on 07/01/2014
"Awesome sight! Quick target acquisition and looks like a trijicon!! I use it on my real AR and Airsoft and it hasn't failed me. This is a real steel firearm scope so you will get an overkill performance without a overkill price tag!
by Gabriel M. on 11/14/2013
"This is a great scope, I recommend this for long range, not rushing, has excellent zoom and nice finish and like skylar said, it will rust so take care of it
by Cory C. on 06/25/2012
"I purchased this optic a few months ago and I must say I love it. The sight is very clear and the zoom is really helpful. The ssight does have 3 colors (red/green/blue) with 3 brightnesses each. Even with the illumination off it works well in the daytime. The fiber optic sight on top works perfect for a quick reaction sight. My favorite part about this optic is that you can follow the entire path of your BB. All in all I say it's very worth the money if you have it.
by ben d. on 02/16/2012
"Great buy, altho its kinda different than what it says in the description. It illuminates red green and blue and has 3 brightness levels for each color. Overall great buy completely satisfied with this product.


Illuminates 3 colors
Comes with two batteries and a cleaning cloth
Built in iron sight
by Caleb M. on 05/04/2017
"Feels great real durable feel like it could take a fall on concrete screws dont feel like they are gonna break when tightining up looks good looking down the sights the iron sights on top is kinda a pain but its not a main part that im too worried about havent really wanted to fool with the glass i would say is a must buy