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KWA ATP Full Size Airsoft GBB Gas Blowback Pistol (Model: Semi Auto)

57 Customer Reviews

by OZGUR C. on 12/18/2019
"This gun is a solid as a rock !

Accurate and range succesfull . New gas systems (NS2) successful. Even better than before.

Its fit standart glock holster. And yes, the orange tips it may change.
by brady p. on 05/23/2019
"Can you remove the orange tip?
by Noah G. on 05/13/2018
"I just want to start off by saying that if your looking for a pistol to have fun with this is a blast to use. Iíve owned this pistol since August of 2017, and with this pistol the only real problem that Iíve encountered is, if you slap your mags into this gun like I did, just by force of habit when Iím on the field and have to reload quickly your going to wear out the mag release up to the point where every time I shot the pistol it would release the mag entirely, because since the release switch is polymer and the mag metal it describes whatís bound to happen. But luckily, Itís not to hard to replace that part. My point of this review is just to say that if your looking a pistol that extremely fun to use this is it, but one thing that you need to know is if you decide to invest in this pistol your going to need more mags because one is not enough to tame this beast with the fun switch. When you decide to buy this pistol, Iím just going to warn you that by chance you come across someone else with this pistol and is kind enough to let you play duel wield with them theirs no going back because after that point your contemplation about adding another gun to your arsenal when you thought to yourself do I really need another one, and the simple answer is. If you enjoy the sport enough to help fuel your addiction than go for it, but in the end no matter how many comments you read, itís all up to you simply because everyone has different opinions about certain aspects of anything.
by Todd W. on 02/14/2018
"I chose this as my sidearm.

I wasn't impressed with the guide rod. I replaced that with steel. Gives it a bit more snap. I also upgrade the outter barrel with the Gold Angel one, that gives it a nice sound while shooting and a bit more weight for realism. This gun seems to shoot well, inner barrels are cheap for upgrades.

Breaks down easy, easy to maintain. Solid gun.

Magazines are a little different, have to pop the cover to fill with Asura gas cans, or at least mine. Not really a big deal though.

Still a great gun.
by Todd W. on 02/14/2018
"I chose this as my sidearm.

I wasn't impressed with the guide rod. I replaced that with steel. Gives it a bit more snap. I also upgrade the outter barrel with the Gold Angel one, that gives it a nice sound while shooting and a bit more weight for realism. This gun seems to shoot well, inner barrels are cheap for upgrades.

Breaks down easy, easy to maintain. Solid gun.

Magazines are a little different, have to pop the cover to fill with Asura gas cans, or at least mine. Not really a big deal though.

Still a great gun.
by Todd S. on 08/11/2017
"Great buy it, and all you dreams will come true, except the ones that suck
by Todd S. on 08/11/2017
"This thing is awesome!!! Here's my pros and cons
Study (like ridiculously sturdy)
Full auto
Easy reload mag
Good hop up (its perfect if u turn it all the way down)
Light( for a gun that feels completely real)
Green gas ( kind of debatable)
14mm- threads
Come with a really good and descriptive manual
Comes with adjustable jockstrap
I have it

Weird gas valve set up( u have to pull off this one thing to fill, this is my first green gas gun so idk if that is normal)
Won't really work with muzzle attachments
Select fire switch is kind of weird, and it doesn't have a safety
Mags take forever to fill with gas to where they will last long
You don't have it

Also as a side note, get a ton of extra extended mags or regular mags, it devours those bbs like they r nothing
by Guillermo M. on 08/08/2017
"Excellent pistol. A little bit lighter than expected but very well balance. Recoil is very realistic and mag hold gas up to 2 rounds of bb's after need to refill.
I know there're may upgrades, however I'm almost 10 of 10 satisfied the way it shoot as it came in the box.
It only need a little sight adjustment but hey... Even the real ones need some adjustments ah...
by Dragon S. on 01/11/2017
"This gun is by far the most amazing and spectacular thing i have ever seen. It is so sleek and runs beautifully. I have only a few cons on this gun but they are very minor. There are mainly good things about this gun. I first bought a Beretta the same price for this "glock" ACP. Me and my friend had a battle using our pistols. He was using the Elite Force 1911(the tan and black, with threaded barrel). From probably 50 ft i nailed him in the shoulder. He said it stung like a B****.To start off here are the pros--

1. This gun is low maintenance and runs amazing
2. I fell in love with this gone seeing the fact that the full auto is as accurate as the single fire.
3. What real blew me away is how light this gun is and how hard it hits.
4. This gun has no recoil and that's why it is so good fully auto, you can pinpoint someone.
5. As i said before there is no need to rank it from beginner to intermediate. This gun strictly if you want to F**** someone up.
7. The mag locks down allowing easy bb filling.

Stop looking for a handgun and settle on this. I know there are other reviews about guns with this whole con - you don't have it, the pistol is amazing. The manufacturing company did a splendid job of making a kick ass handgun. OK CONS--

1. You are going to need heavier BBs for this handgun. Point 2s wont cut it, they simply fly upwards after around 30-50 feet. I have not yet found the perfect sizw but my friend as i mentioned earlier loaned me some .4s. So i will see how those work and report back.
2. You are going to need more mags, one will not satisfy this beast. Yes they are pricey but this gun is 110% worth it. The mag only can hold maybe one and a half refills on bbs until the gas runs out.
3. YOU DON'T HAVE IT ( im sorry)
by Martin M. on 05/19/2016
"Long story short, what an AMAZING PISTOL!!!! Shoots outstanding and would not disappoint you! I love the build and look of the gun. I was given many recommendations on the gun and cons about it but hey, not everything in life is perfect.

Light weight
Sexy looking
Shoots tremendously
Not to much of a Gas hog
Cheap to fix mags
18 round mag
Smooth blowback

Expensive mags
Pistol holsters are a hit or miss. Tried looking for drop leg hard shells but couldnt really find one to fit the ATP smoothly.

That's all folks.
by Benjamin R. on 04/13/2016
"This is once again a wonderful KWA made pistol.
by Roman P. on 06/30/2015
"I have this pistol and it is great. Not only does it look amazing, but it works great. However, i have had to send it back once because it was not kicking hard every shot, some shots the slide barely cycled and some shots it cycled great.
.easy hopup adjust
.snappy kick (in comparison to my friends we hi-capa and my other kjw m93r)
.metal slide
.shoots hard
.kwa mags are great
.trigger safety
.magazine spring locks at bottom of bb chamber
.has rails( however the rails are not standard ones and do no hold most accessories that go on regular-sized rails)
.had to send back once
.mags cost a lot
.not the most reliable sometimes
.warranty doesnt cover it is propane is used( i use propane so when i sent it back i just ran some green gas through and blew through the gas release )
All in all: get this gun, it is really nice and if it does happen to break, kwa has a nice 45 day warranty(the warranty saves the rating that i gave it)
by Race B. on 06/05/2015
"Buy this pistol! Great for anyone! My friend has this pistol and he has let me use it plenty of times to get a great feel for it. I speedsoft/rush so I would use this as a primary in a cqb field. It is very consistent and has a nice blowback feature. Easy to use, clean, and reload. I would definitely recommend this for a first pistol.
by Corey G. on 02/14/2015
"What can I say other than this is the pistol to have! I have fielded this on a variety of fields. Great as a back up. The select fire option is a great game changer. This pistol has gotten me out of quite a few jams. The biggest and only con is the extra mags are expensive. But the high caps are very nice to have.

Overall Great pistol and highly recommended!!
by Michael F. on 06/26/2014
"I love this pistol. My first GBB was the WE hi-capa 5.1 dragoon. Great pistol, but could be better. Then i got the WE cqb alpha (same gun as the first, but upgraded for better grip and accuracy). Both of which are great guns, i love them both. The biggest problem is they are very heavy, lot of metal on them. Nother big issue, as cool as the split slide design is, there are NO hard shells compatible with it. Plenty of soft shells, but i hate soft shells. Soft shells are easy to quick draw, but putting it back can take several seconds (which is like several minutes in the heat of battle).

So i invested in an entirely new pistol for three mains reasons. 1, i wanted a glock style gun with a lower percent of metal (lighter weight). This gun meets that and shaves maybe a pound, not a lot, but on a load out of about 30-40 pounds, every pound counts.

2. It needs to be able to fit into a hardshell holster. I got the serpa holster from airsoftgi, hands down the best secondary set up i've ever had. I use this on my sniper (500fps) set up, and i can easily remain effective with this gun from 0-120 feet. If i need to i can push it past 120 feet, but that'd likely take a lot more shots, and or spray a cloud at them. I can literally draw and holster this gun more then once per second, that's how easy of a holster/gun fit this is. With my old gun sure the draw would be like .5 seconds, but to holster it would be anywhere from 5-30 seconds, and usually requires both hands to pull the button into the right spot.

3. This wasn't a "must" but the full auto appealed to me. Biggest thing is keep in mind the ROF on this is fairly high, so with a standard mag, you get maybe 2-3 seconds of trigger hold before all the bb's are going downrange. Even doing controlled bursts, it's maybe 8-10 bursts (MAX) before it's gone. If you intend to use full auto AT ALL, much less frequently, definetely invest in the larger pistol mags.

This gun is a GBB and does have some kick (for an airsoft pistol), so don't expect to hit much with full auto past 70 feet. Grouping can be several feet unless using controlled bursts. With the extended mags, kick is reduced.

The only real complaint i have with this gun, is how the semi/auto/safe (select fire) switch gets stuck pretty often. The solution is pull the slide back, and then switch it while the slide is still back.

Note that with all guns, this does take some breaking in, as well as the mags. It might jam a few times at first, double feed, etc, but after about 50 rnds (per mag) all runs beautifully.

Note, check your fields rules on full auto (many fields say full auto 25+ feet of minimum engagement, so clearing rooms means semi auto rendering full auto kind pointless).

Lighter then a lot of 1911 and other full metal models
AMAZING with a quick-draw hardshell holster
Accurate (for a pistol)
Full auto is a lot of fun

Select fire gets stuck sometimes