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Lonex Aluminum One Piece Metal Hopup for M4 M16 Series Airsoft AEG Rifles

24 Customer Reviews

by Joshua H. on 01/06/2020
"A great hop up unit, steady and firm to make great consistent shots from afar.
by Peter M. on 12/07/2017
"I installed this in my G&G Combat Machine CM16 Raider and the accuracy is of the charts. I paired with a Madbull Shark bucking and nub and it's a LASER BEAM!
by Cole M. on 06/18/2017
"I have installed this in my G&G cm18 and the accuracy and range haves increased as well. I paired it with the angels custom 6.01 tightbore barrel and it's awesome. Highly recommend this hopup system for people who looking to increase range...
by Caleb K. on 03/30/2017
"VERY solid. Coming from an experienced speedqb player. Tight fit. You need to slam that thing into your barrel. No wobble whatsoever. Wheel stays very still. Looks dope. Feeds pretty decent. Coming from a polarstar jack with speed trigger.
by Dana T. on 03/23/2017
"I purchased this hop up chamber almost a year ago, and I must say it is simply outstanding for use in an AEG. I have since switched to a ProWin Hop Up, due to the fact that I installed an HPA engine in my gun, and the ProWin is a better option with my particular set up. Regardless this hop up is a great option, and I would highly recommend it.

Pros: Holds sturdy, and is extremely solid.
Very consistent.
Does not wobble or slip.

Cons: It is so perfect, it makes me suspect that dark magic is involved.

All around it is excellent, and I'd absolutely recommend it to anyone.
by Justin B. on 12/03/2015
"This is a seriously awesome hop up. The basic principle for accuracy in airsoft guns is, the less movement there is, the more accurate the gun will be. This is particularly important for the hop up because it has the most potential to move around. The Lonex hop up comes with a hop up arm and retainer ring for the barrel that are both intentionally over sized so that you can sand them down and get a custom fit done by hand. This allows the end user to make a much tighter fit than would be possible with mass manufacturing at this price and therefore minimize movement, resulting in an impressive increase in accuracy. The unit its self is a snug fit in my WE basic M4 AEG further improving accuracy. Now onto the real power of this hop up, range. Combined with a G&G green bucking, the range on my M4 doubled from about 100-120 ft. to 200-250 ft. compared to the stock hop up all else (BBs used, compression parts, barrel ect.) being constant. All in all this hop up and the G&G bucking are the best $30ish (depending on coupon codes) I have ever put into my gun.

-Pretty good quality (not exceptional but definitely satisfactory)
-Purpose built for improving accuracy and range as much as possible
-Room given for custom fitting parts
-Great price and high value

-Would have been nice if it were anodized instead of the nickle plating is seems to have

-Full assembly required and no instructions are given

Bottom line, I'm totally satisfied with this hop up and I wholeheartedly recommend it.
by Demetrius J. on 08/30/2015
"This is everything you'd expect out of a high quality hop-up chamber. The tolerances on the parts are perfect, no wobble between them. I can set my hop, and not worry about the wheel coming loose and messing up my setting. The aesthetic of the parts is also very nice with shiny aluminum and blue plastic parts!

-Well constructed
-no wobble in parts
-Aesthetically looks great
-Nice packaging

-Locking tab might need modifying
by Lucas W. on 08/13/2015
"just got the hop-up in today and am satisfied 100% not much else to say, used it with a brand new fully charged tenergy 9.6 1600 MaH NiMH battery, an a&k 70 round mid-cap mag and a Mad Bull 60 Degree Shark Hop-up Bucking with fishbone spacer that I also got in the package with my G&G G4-A3 (M4 Platform) and it all worked together very smoothly, fired all 70 rounds on both single and full auto flawlessly.
by Braxton T. on 05/30/2015
"LOOK NO FURTHER!!!!!! This hop-up is the best in the world (personal opinion) I installed this in my custom G&G Combat Machine and it improved my accuracy at those 150 ft+ ranges!

You don't have one yet, Yeah you reading the review go buy it now!!
Needs to be put back in stock ASAP!!
by Ross D. on 04/07/2015
"This is hands down the best hop up unit on the market. It is very well built and will out shoot a pro-win any day. A word of warning. This unit does require slight modification to install. THEY ALL DO. You will need to sand the arm down a little bit on each side for it to fit. This ensures that you the user have control over how tight the arm fits. You want it as tight as you can get it while still allowing the spring to push it back up.

That said with all the additional o-rings, tight fit around the bucking, shims for the wheels, and the ability to eliminate all play in the arm makes this hop up absolutely incredible. And the price can not be beat.

I'll leave you with this, I have installed this in 8 different m4's, they're owners have never been happier. I would recommend the madbull red 60 bucking with H-nub too if you need a bucking.
by Josue P. on 05/05/2014
"I bought this exact same hop up unit off of amazon and it's a great upgrade from your stock hop up. It's very consistent and reliable however...I found that the nub that came with it wasn't the best. Upgrading for 8 bucks to an H-hop up when you buy this would be a major plus.

Overall for efficient hop up for the price
by Chas G. on 01/02/2014
"Love this Hop-Up! I replaced my plastic Lonex hop-up unit with this Enhanced version along with a 6.02 x 363mm tightbore barrel and MadBull Blue bucking. What a very nice package. The gun is very accurate and reliable now. The hop-up unit feeds very well and I almost never have a jam. Its a pleasure to shoot and know that I can hit pretty much evrything that I am aiming at within my guns range. And at $16 its a complete steal! Get it!
by Michael F. on 12/05/2013
"This item is great, but I have to share a set with you guys. Before this set (including this item), my gun had a roughly 3 foot spread at 100 feet. wtf right? Single fire was a pipe dream, I have been forced to play "spray and pray", which is both ineffective, and goes through ammo about 100x faster. I mean i would burn through 3000-8000 rounds PER GAME, and rarely hit anyone, unless they were 50-125. Now i go through about 1000 rounds tops unless i really want to suppress someone, and i easily kill anyone within 250, and push to 300. Not only am I more lethal, but it's more cost effective since i go through a 5th of a bag, rather than 1-2 bags. My gun now shoots a 1 foot group at 200 feet... Omfg it's amazing. Now i'm a single fire player. It's an entire new world, and I got all the parts from Before these upgrades I was at 450 fps, so you think my grouping would be better than 3 feet at 100 feet away. After these upgrades it might be about 460 (mainly cause an extended inner barrel) (by the way all of my shooting is just standing fire, so it's likely even more accurate then that if prone/propped up/in a gun vice).

The main concept to accuracy, is to have no movement in the barrel, hop up, hop up bucking, etc, and all of it needs to be 100% consistent. If there is even 1/100th of an inch of movement somewhere, it can throw off your grouping by a lot! So on you tube when you see them trim the bucking so it's smooth on the inside, DON'T do that. You want that notch so it doesn't slide around. The more solid of a fit around the bb your hop up has, the more consistence upon leaving barrel aka more accurate it'll be. This entire set is 97.50 (before coupons, after coupons it was about 76$ for me). I recommend this set up for 450 fps buildings. Using it in a cqb with a shorter barrel will still increase accuracy a lot, but it won't be sniper range (push to 300 feet). A 320 fps with 8 inch barrel might be 200 feet, push to 225-250. I don't know cause I don't have a CQB build, but that's my estimate. You'd lose roughly 100 feet worth of range/accuracy. I use .28 bb's and make sure you get "precision grade" not match grade, not generic brands, get precision. This means they are about 5.96mm in diameter, and they are ALL the exact same diameter/shape. match grade is i think are made 5.86-5.94 or something. This means the entire bag is inconsistent, meaning they won't be 100% accurate. Generic brands are far worse. Weight wise for my 450 fps build you can try .3, maybe even .32, but no more than that. I like .28's cause they are still great for this build, and .28 is the heaviest weight before a major price jump for the bbs. Now here is the process/parts you will need.

1st is a good hop up. I believe in metal hop ups both because they are more stable, more reliable, and they last longer. I mean a plastic hop up might not seem to wiggle much, but even the smallest of movement can translate into a +5 inch larger grouping at 200 feet. "I used the ASG Lonex Ultimate Aluminum One Piece Hopup for M4 / M16 Series Airsoft AEG". This hop up comes completely disassembled which was intimidating to me as I've never done more then put in inner barrels, and new motors. Trust me though, it isn't rocket science. Worst case if you have an airsmith friend, this entire set up will take them less than a half hour. Put that together but don't use the hop up spacer that comes with it. Use the 3rd component.

The 2nd and one of the most important pieces is the hop up spacer. I use the "Angel Custom CNC "H-Hop" Hopup Spacer For All Airsoft AEG (Set of 2 / Black & Clear)". Most hop up spacers are a soft rubber or plastic, and flat across. This means they "flex" against the bb. While this is a good concept in theory since it'll hug against more surface area of the bb, trust me it's bad. "Flexing" is inconsistent. One bb might fit through perfectly, another one just slightly less perfectly. I mean it can be like 1/10th of a mm in difference, but again this can easily throw off your grouping by +5 inches at 200 feet. These hop up spacers are hour-glass shaped, so they still fit around a bb very well. The key difference is they are a hard plastic. So they don't wear down as fast, and they are completely consistent. Every bb goes through not perfectly, but the exact same as each other, and that's what counts!

The 3rd component is the " G&G Hopup Bucking for Airsoft AEG w/ Cold-Resistant Material" A friend recommended this bucking, and now I understand why. For one it's a slightly better fit on the barrel, but this slightly better fit means better grouping/air seal. Second, it is durable material. It won't wear out as fast as most other bucking. It's basic friction. The hop up pushes the bucking against the bb, so with every bb that runs through, it gets more and more worn down.

The 4th is a good inner barrel. I got the "Angel Custom G2 SUS304 Stainless Steel 6.01mm Airsoft Tightbore Inner Barrel (455mm / AEG)". This barrel is godly among the barrel world. For one the packaging it comes in is literally perfect. I mean just the package is a very hard plastic that it free floats inside, and evike put an additional card board tube around that. Don't know why cause it's already nearly indestructible, but evike takes care of its products even in shipping. The length 455mm is just a hair under 18 inches. With my build, that's literally just to the end of the suppressor, roughly 1/8th inch from the end. PERFECT! This barrel is a tank, it's very durable. I mean you can literally swat someone with it repeatedly, throw it back in your gun, and it'll still run like a dream. Also it has no finish on it, meaning it won't wear over time. Nothing to wear. My gun has a mock suppressor, but either that or a barrel/flash hider, one thing that is very important. Tape around the end to increase the outer diameter of the inner barrel, until it fits snug inside the outer barrel/suppressor. The point of this is to make it have no wiggle. The less wiggle=more accuracy. This can literally effect your gun so much that it'll take your accuracy from 18 inches at 200 feet. To 10 inches at 200 feet. Keep in mind this is from a standing position. Note you can go with a shorter barrel, it's likely that range will drop about 10-20feet for every 1 inch shortened in the barrel, but this length barrel is recommended for only 450fps and up, and with good internal compression (nozzle, cylinder, piston head, etc). The concept is that with such a long barrel, you need that air to be forced through fast enough to get it through the barrel fast enough, that it won't be sucked back by the vacume. Longer barrel means more air in it meaning more vacuum it creates, so the bb has to go through it fast before it is sucked back. And you need good air seals cause if your cylinder leaks at all, it means though the air might still push through at 450 fps, it won't be as much air. Longer barrels need every bit of that air.

Last but certainly not least, is an item you can't find on evike, but any walmart or home depot/lowes should have some for cheap. It's called "teflon" tape, this is very thin tape that fits to the shape of almost anything. You want to put this between your inner barrel and the front of your hop up (where that metal ring goes) and anywhere else that is loose. If it has enough space, wrap some in. I also wrapped some on the end of the outside of my hop up, against the inner barrel. This is to help secure the hop up against the inner barrel, secure the entire set up inside the outer barrel, and help with air compression.

I highly recommend this set up, built this way, with these exact parts. If you have a stock gun (even a high end kwa, G&G etc are still "stock" guns) you will notice a world of difference.
by Reagan L. on 09/12/2013
"Just installed this hop-up in my G&P M4, and let me tell you this thing works great! It took me a couple tries putting it together, but Evike has a youtube video on it and it helped a lot! 10/10. For $30, its a steal!

High quality
Works amazingly!

Comes dis-assembled, but not to terribly hard to put together
by Shaun N. on 01/21/2018
"though I've used this hop up in many AEGs and its amazing, for HPA guns (P* set ups i say) it doesnt hold it hop with it and I've tried different bucking and barrels. I just don't get the range I like with it. I'm probable getting a little over 100 feet ok not bad range for me it not enough. So I'll stick with ProWins for HPAs, not saying this is a bad unit. It really isn't it just don't hold the way i want in a HPA. all in all I give this a 4/5