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King Arms Colt M4A1 Carbine Airsoft AEG Rifle w/ Nylon Fiber Receiver, Battery & Charger

15 Customer Reviews

by Taylor C. on 09/28/2014
"I just finished a whole day of nonstop airsoft with this gun. It is a very tought and sure firing weapon!!! It competed with 400$ guns very well. At its max range it can be a little innacurate but if you are smart and get the 9.6 butterfly battery for it then its rate of fire will make up for it. I laid out real hurt today and drew some pretty good blood. This gun is the best budget gun for field aorsoft you can get.
Pros: 380-390 fps
Had no malfuntions through a therough beating
Deals pain
Great ROF not stupidly fast but still fast

Could have better range and if I add a tightbore it will probly be over the chrono pf 400 and be illegal for any courses
by Steve G. on 04/20/2014
"King arms m4a1 is the best m4 in the $150-$200 price range.

Great rof with a 9.6 (15-17 rps)(900-1000 rpm)
Good fps (385-395 w/.20)(345-355 w/.25)
Nylon fiber is incredibly strong
Flash hider is easily removable
Little to no wobble with stock, mag, and handguard
Mag is extremely high quality
Battery is pretty nice for a stock battery

Delta rig is hard to pull back

Best aeg I own and I own quite a few
by Caroline P. on 06/19/2013
"Greatest gun i own! absolutely love it. the accuracy and range of this gun beats any gun i own. Its light weight makes it very easy to maneuver on the field. i know the player makes the gun but with this, my kill to death ratio is 13:4 in one day. The battery is decent. Works well. Charger...uhhh... yah. no need to get into detail throw it away. The fps was about 370-385 for me when i chrono'd it. Absolutely love it... Keep up the great work king arms. Happy airsofting everybody
by Jared D. on 05/28/2013
"Recently received this gun off a friend for very cheap. He had the gun for a little over 2 years and loved it. Lucky for me he let somebody else use it who shot bad .12's threw it and it started misfiring every other shot, and that was due to such a high fps on such a weak bb. I through in another stock bucking I had from an old M16 project and it started firing. With a new bucking after 2 years it sounded better then some guns do brand new.
High quality recievers
high fps
Good rof with an 8.4

not airsoft idiot proof
by Tim H. on 02/20/2013
"Very nice weapon. Good rof on a 9.6 out of the box, even better with deans connectors. Accurate and hard hitting as well. Solid as a rock, and feels very much like a real ar15
by Dana F. on 11/28/2012
"This is a great gun especially for the price. Mine is shooting around 410 FPS with .20 gram bbs. Now for some pros and cons.

Great range. It shoots a great group at 150 feet with .25 gram bbs.
Good Rate of Fire.
Good FPS.
Great weight.
Very Durable.
King Arms chronos your gun when they send it out of the factory.

Paint chips slightly. (Not really a con for me)
Stock and handgaurd wobble.

It is a great gun and if you are wanting an M4 for under 200 dollars, get this gun.
by Detreich F. on 11/27/2012
"Great gun! I have had it for over a year and I haven't had one problem with it!
Pros: good ROF
Great FPS
very realistic
Cons: mag a bit loose in gun but it doesn't affect feeding.
by Cody R. on 08/24/2012
"This gun is absolutely amazing, I would suggest buying a smart charger and a 9.6 maxtix num-chuck battery, You want be able to find a better gun stock than this that is not over 400$.

400 fps with .20s

Hard guard moves a tiny bit, but it doesn't effect anything any won't get any worse. - No Issue

11/10 for a stock gun.
by Gabe H. on 03/30/2012
"This weapon is awesome, its a great M4 no problems at all everything is great and im now ready to upgrade the heck out of it!

Pros:M4A1, awesome price, very nice looking, Great ROF, very customizable, great AEG, awesome parts, great weight, realistict.

Cons: Trigger pull could be a little nicer on semi meaning you have to pull the trigger a longer distance
by Rommi A. on 02/06/2012
"this gun is the best gun ive ever had!!!!!!!!!!!It has great externals and internals. i suggest upgrading the barrel to a prometheus 6.03 it makes the bb groupings tighter by a foot or two.
ACCURATE with that barrel i told you to get
great rof with a 9.6v
nice solid externals
just about the best m4 ive ever seen
trigger response time a little slow(that might just be me though)
other than that none

especially for the price this gun is amazing YOU NEED TO BUY ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
this gun is accurate up to 200-210 feet and the rate of fire is like 15or 16 per second!
if you get this buy more mags the mag it comes with isnt big at all
by Cody B. on 01/15/2012
"I got this for Christmas and right after I opened it, I went outside to see how it fired, and even though this is my first AEG, I have used many others, and I have to say, this is by far the best one I have used. it has a great ROF, great FPS.
by James P. on 01/01/2012
"I just bought this gun 2 days ago. It works like a charm. Best m4 airsoft gun i've seen i played all day yesterday had no problems at all. Very accurate. good ROF and good all around gun
by luis jesus a. on 11/06/2011
"Exelent replica .... with a 9.6 v batt, good rof and 400 fps with 0.20g , and the best part , no made in china :)
by Mary M. on 06/02/2011
"If you are looking for an M4 airsoft rifle this is it! Although the receiver is plastic it is a high quality plastic and is awesome. The gun has Colt trade marks and nothing about airsoft on the gun, there is no 6mm on the side of the gun and the best part, no made in china!
The gun performs nicely with an 8.4 and the fps is great for an m4, im guessing around 400 fps. My favorite part about this gun is the accuracy, it is capable of plinking quarters at a good distance. The hop up unit is great so far, i was able to adjust it and hit targets that my A&K Dragonov could hit but at that range the m4s fps is miniscule compared to the Dragonov's. Great gun!

I highly recommend this gun, it is so far the best AEG i own.(i have 7 other aegs including three cyma ak varients, SRC g36k, JG mp5 SD, DE UMP, and an ARES TAR-21)
by Michael L. on 11/04/2011
"Great gun, only bad things I noticed was the stock is a bit wobbly same with the forgrip and the mag doesnt always like to stay in. But everything else is great, and with the 9.6 big type battery i put on the back the ROF and FPS dramaticly grew. Hands down for this price, this is the best m4 right out of the box.