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Revision Desert Locust Goggles (Type: Basic / Black / Clear)

25 Customer Reviews

by Tyler A. on 10/25/2020
"These goggles were a huge step up from my last ones, my old ones would fog nearly immediately when I walked more than 5 steps but these goggles are fantastic, they never fogged once and considering I was at an outdoor field in florida with heat and ungodly humidity thats pretty impressive to me I hope these goggles last me a long time
by Hayden S. on 02/10/2019
"These goggles are incredible! I've had multiple forms of eye pro before but I think I've settled on these. The lens is incredibly durable and replacements are inexpensive. Along with that the anti fog coating works incredibly well, but you HAVE to remove the foam on the vents. Do that and they'll never fog.

-Don't fog (once you remove the foam)
-Look cool as hell
-Comfortable (If you adjust them right. People with bigger heads may find discomfort on their temples if they're too tight)
-Inexpensive lenses
-Can be uncomfortable if too tight
-Not designed for airsoft so a lower mesh mask will leave a gap on your nose that can be shot
by Will G. on 09/13/2017
"Little to no fogging (depending on weather), comfortable, and they work almost flawlessly with my Striker Gen 2 mask.
by Kevin K. on 07/27/2017
"Everything works fine it's just they are really big goggles, so keep this in mind when purchasing.
by Ben T. on 06/02/2017
"So nice I bought it twice. One green and one tan. Excellent construction. No fog at all. Great ventilation. Completely unobstructed field of view. Love these and they are well worth $60. I like these way better than my low profile, expensive Oakleys.
by samuel e. on 02/04/2017
"I got these goggles yesterday and omg they feel amazing they have absolutely no fog u could stare at a lightbulb with the solar lenses

never fog (like ever)
pretty cheap
good lenses

cons a little uncomfortable
but still worth it buy these know
by ethan k. on 05/04/2016
"These goggles are very good and worth $60 in my opinion.
-They have just enough of a tint to block the harsh sunlight, while still allowing crystal clear visibility
-Instead of foam directly on your face, these goggles have a rubber seal surrounding foam which prevents sweat form blocking air flow
-These things haven't fogged on me after 2 separate full days of airsofting

-At first, the rubber seal can be a little annoying as it is relatively hard when it isn't broken in.
-The price may be high for some, but for goggles this good, I do not care.
by Rebecca H. on 07/14/2015
"These are excellent goggles. They do fog up occasionally, but that just happens with pretty much all goggles out there. It helps if you rip off the foam dust filter. The lenses are easy to remove and replace. Where they excel, however, is ballistic protection. The lenses are very thick polycarb, and I've heard that they can stop light birdshot, although that may not be true. Tested the lens by shooting it with a .43 @ almost 400 FPS, and there were no markings or dents.
by shengfu w. on 07/03/2015
"These are one of the best things I've ever bought in airsoft.
-EXTERMELY comfortable. It has a rubber seal around your eyes instead of that foam.
-plenty of vents
-they only fogged once, and usually when my goggles fog, they smudge and forever ruin my goggles vision. Not this goggle! It fogged once during a slow match in the woods, and when I cleaned it, it was clear for the next six hours of play.
-really large field of view
-looks cool.
-band can fit around your helmet, and I put the dust cover back there because it ----looks nice.
-I finally got a goggle that doesn't dent from BB hits!
-this is really more for helmet loadouts. If you wear a hat or something, this looks really weird and big. If you wear this on a helmet it looks awesome. So this doesn't go with a hat. If you had a hat then I would get one of the lowpro style goggles.

If I had more money, I would upgrade this with thermal lens to maximize the fog repelling ability of this goggle. It dosent fog very much, and when it does it is very easy to clean off, but it's always a problem. I would get thermal lens with this.
by Matt S. on 06/20/2015
"Updated review, after having owned them for a few months.

Great goggle. One of the best on the market, the others being more expensive. These don't fog if you:

-tear out foam dust covers out from the sides
-prevent hair from dangling over the goggle
-wear them tight to the skin to prevent sweat drips
-wipe them with revision anti-fog wipes (you can buy these on evike)

On the APEL, more than enough protection for airsoft.
Don't fog at all if you do aforementioned steps.
Look awesome.
Wide field of view.

by Matt S. on 05/13/2015
"These goggles are the highest of quality of course... Why else would the US Military be using them? They're very comfortable and do not fog at all. They're also very cheap here, compared to the revision website.

Price is low here
Good protection

None at all.
by Austin A. on 04/05/2015
"Best goggles on the market.
Great Seal
Lense can take anything and still wont mark (we shot it with a shotgun and held!)
Durable and rubber frame
elastic strap fits any head width.

Take the foam off right away, the reason they can fog is the foam. I did and they never fogged again.
Strap after 2 years is starting to show wear as some thread is showing.
Replacing lenses can take some time to learn
Price of spare lenses

Overall I had this after my utg goggles lense cracked and I can say that these are perfect. Just take the bloody foam off the frame and your set for a non-fog perfect set of goggles.
by Blake S. on 03/25/2014
"These are by far the best pair of goggles I have ever owned.

they don't fog
great protection
makes you look awesome

fingerprints are very visible
by Aaron F. on 07/07/2013
"Great goggles overall, though I did get some fogging after a long while. They are very iron sight friendly and perform nicely. I wish it had a more sleek look. If the strap holders didn't stick out, it might look better.
by Sam S. on 07/29/2012
"These goggles are great! You can see everything so clearly and they are very comfortable. The only problem is the price, but they are definitely worth it. If u buy these also get the revision lens cleaner and Evike also sells a goggles quick-release system for helmets. These goggles also exceeds U.S. Military Ballistic requirements so no bb will break the lenses. All in all these goggles are great and you should definitely get them.