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Condor Tactical Double 40mm Grenade Pouch (Color: OD Green)

12 Customer Reviews

by Matt B. on 10/25/2019
"This pouch is well built, and fits my Airsoft Innovations Banger Grenade perfectly. It fits tight enough so it doest move around a whole lot, but loose enough that I can pull the grenade out easily.
by Aaron C. on 12/11/2018
"You cant ask for much more they fit the 60 BB rounds and the 96 round ones I have
by Kevin P. on 08/06/2013
"These are great. Made by Condor/good stitching. Fits a speed loader or a radio as well... Takes 3 rows of molle.... Yaaaaa get someee
by Tyler H. on 04/01/2010
"Just got this item: It feels very high quality material and sturdy. Nylon and tightly stitched. Will work perfect with my set of three 40mm shells. Has velcro and buttons for double the amount of security for your grenade shells. Could also accommodate smaller pistol mags. I'm very impressed with Condor's product line of equipment and gear; I will be purchasing more of their brand in the future.
by Joseph D. on 01/03/2009
"These pouches are very nice. The only thing is, a 40mm grenade may fall out if placed in improperly or if you play a little rough. I no longer use my 40mm pouches for my M203 grenades, but rather for my 'Nam 190rd magazines. They fit in the pouch snugly and are always within reach.

Note: This pouch is not 'Nam era, so do not use it for Vietnam games, buy a Vietnam M16 Mag sling for actual 'Nam games.
by Michael J. on 10/03/2008
"This pouch is perfect to hold two grenades. It attaches to MOLLE and Belt.
by Reed B. on 10/02/2008
"does this attach to your molle vest, or do you attach to a belt?
please email me the answer

[email protected]
by Blake C. on 07/22/2008
"Let me start by saying that this item is a must have. If you have a m203 launcher with a tone grenades, this is what you need. It holds all most any grenade you can by on the market today. all the way from a stinger grenade to a king grenade, it will hold it. It can also other things as well, for instance i us it to hold my hi-cap mags for my G18c a.e.p.This allows quick access to spare mags and grenades instead of digging around in your pockets looking for it.
by Luke Macdonnell Y. on 01/05/2018
As always Condor made a great pouch, yet sadly this pouch cannot fit Thunder B shells, So I suggest looking some where else, still none the less a great product for other items to carry
by Chris L. on 03/18/2009
"This pouch is pretty good. The bottom is elastic so you can fit many different lengths of grenades in it. It also has a pair of snaps on the pouch which also accomadates the larger grenades. You can actually fit 2 grenades in each individual pouch, for a total of 4 grenades for this particular pouch. just stack them butt to butt and slid them in. As soon as you remove the top one, the bottom one slides securly into the first grenade's position. The fabric is stout as well, and is stitched nicely.
by Daniel H. on 05/03/2008
"I originally bought these to hold Marui MP7 magazines. The pouch's construction is great, and it will hold MP7 mags and 40mm grenades well. The only gripe I have with the pouch is that the pouch is not fully sealed, but instead has an elastic loop covering the bottom. I've found that if you stick smaller items in the pouch (such as Glock 19 mags), they might fall out while running(as has happened to me on sever occasions). Other than that, they're great.
by Guillermo P. on 02/20/2021
"Cheap material and workmanship you get what you pay