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Matrix "Flash Mag" Hi-Cap Magazine for AK Series Airsoft AEG (Color: Black / 500rd)

32 Customer Reviews

by Mark K. on 03/15/2018
"Works well, metal, and cheap price.
by Gregory N. on 03/11/2018
"Not compatible with the cyma ak47 CM. 028 I can't really give it a review since i wasn't able to use it seems to feed pretty quickly with the pull chord
by Benjamin O. on 02/16/2018
"I have a useless clip now because it doesn't fit my gun.
I have the Crosman Gameface 76 AEG.
I bought it because it said "and other compatible AK's".
I gave good review because I cant test it and It would be mean to say it sucks.
If would change their description to say "doesn't fit crosman GF76" I would appreciate it.
by Daniel S. on 05/02/2017
"Came from evike pre-opened and dented. I submmitted an RMA and evike sent me a new one. so i got 2 high-caps for the price of one. I've put around 10,000 rounds through the pre-opened one and have had no issues so far. Good mags would highly recommend them
by Scott K. on 02/15/2017
"This mag gives +1000 damage to mythical creatures and +20 magnificence to operator beards...a highly effective tool in the hands of the right individual.
by Christy D. on 06/07/2016
"Very nice, sturdy mag. Very good metal and easily tops any other plastic mag, plus it's a flash mag.

Sturdy, and strong
Flash mag
Looks and feels nice

by Kyle G. on 05/01/2016
"This mag is amazing. I bought these with my cyma rpk and they work great. When you're the support gunner and having to cover your team, you can't go wrong with these mags in your gun.
by Nic S. on 03/20/2015
"This Mag is a Great Mag! I bought 1 as just to test it on my CYMA CMO28 and it feeds Amazing. The Durability is very strong because of the metal. I am Pretty Sure it will fit any CYMA AK-47.

Feeds good


by Theodore R. on 04/10/2014
"Just got these!

They feel pretty sturdy, fit snugly into my AK and so far have worked well.

The cord can be a bit hard to grab when you have your gloves on, even with my fingerless gloves it can be hard to grab onto, so putting some tap or something on it like others said was pretty helpful.

I would for sure buy these again!

Best part of these, one of them came with a free BB! So you have a chance to get a preloaded one. Not sure if it was from a quality test or maybe a refurbished, but it works well enough!

The only issue I've had so far is one of them that came in had the metal plate on the bottom of the mag to tight. I had to bend the "pin" or whatever you want to call it backwards so it wouldn't be as hard to open.
by Christopher W. on 11/25/2013
"Love it absolutely. It feeds perfect although mine like probably many others doesnt continueously feed all the bb's i had to keep pulling the string after about 100bbs or so. However i can tell you for all the whiners out there... WHO CARES!!! i get to shoot about 100 bbs before i have to pull the string again... WIN!!! While others are sitting there having to wind the tedious normal high caps i pull a string fire more bb's than you before i have to do anything. I use it in my Echo 1 Covert ak47 absolutely no wobble at all. Nice and snug full metal design. My bottom latch doesnt move like other people say theirs do... however if you have that issue you can remedy it with a little electrical tape and a rubber band that covers the latch. For 12 bucks ill be buying more of them.

Full metal with little to no wobble
Feeds perfect
Large capacity

Cord like most say( I attached a piece of tape made it flat now i have something easier to grab as well as tuck into the mag)
Mine doesnt work as well as others say meaning i have to pull more than others say... still better than a normal high cap.
by Patrick H. on 07/09/2013
"First off the mags are Lancer Tactical. Slightly surprised me but I still kept an open mind! First impressions on build quality were awesome. Nice metal construction and quite solid too. The only plastic parts are top feeding assembly and the guts of the mags.

Pros: Nearly Full Metal Construction
Large Capacity/ Easy Fill
Couple pulls and ready to shoot
Price Friendly
Feed Flawlessly

Cons: Tiny pull string head. Difficult to pull w/ gloves
Bottom latch rattles/creates extra noise
by Andrew M. on 06/02/2013
"This mag is awesome i got it the other day and I fired an entire mag without problem it fits perfectly into my CYMA AK-47.
The only problem i have is reaching the little chord while holding my gun.
other than that this is a great product and i recommend buying it.
by Nick D. on 07/02/2012
"These Mags are amazing! I bought two, and the first thing I noticed was that the mags are very realistic looking, they have more of a grey finish and look old. Not shiny black like in this picture. This gives a tarnished look that most AKs go great with. Another realism factor is that they have no winding wheel on the bottom, looking just like a real steel mag once it's in the gun. Another awesome feature is that all you have to do is pull the string a few times and you can empty the whole mag without winding again, rather than the frequent scrolling of standard hi-caps.

Amazing finish! (look old and tarnished, unlike the pic. above)
No winding wheel, obviously. Good for props if you make movies.
Easy to use, pull the string a couple times with meaning and you can empty a full mag like a mid-cap.

Only one very minor con that doesn't even matter: the capacity is slightly smaller than standard AK hi-caps. But this doesn't even matter because you still have more bbs ready to fire than most aeg rifles.

Overalll, I really recommend this mag. It surpassed my expectations and I have already won many matches using them. By a few, you'll really be surprised by how these mags perform.
by matt w. on 12/11/2011
"I ordered this about a week ago and its freaking amazing. when i first got it it would click into my gun so i had to file down some of the magazine to get it to fit but once it did it worked like a charm. six pulls and i can empty the full mag without rewinding.
by Brendon N. on 12/14/2019
"One of my mags came defective. One of the teeth on the feed gear inside the mag had its tip broken off, making at slightly too short. Every time that tooth would try to feed a BB into the magazine tube, it would jam. Fix was easy, but kind of a PITA. I had to disassemble the magazine and file that tooth off. It took some time to figure out exactly how to reassemble it easily.

These mags also bo not fit LCT AK's perfectly out of the box. The locking lug seats the magazine too far back to feed reliably. The magazine catch lip is also too thin, and needs material afixed to it to be at the right hight. I had to file off about a mm or two from the front lug, and glue about 1mm of material to the catch lip.

After my fixes and modifications, both mags work and fit perfectly in my LCT. Solid magazine's overall for 10$.