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MAGPUL Magazine Assist for 5.56 Magazines (Color: OD Green / Set of One)

28 Customer Reviews

by Omar B. on 08/31/2018
"Like every other review, difficult to slip on, I used a thin flat head and spiraled it around the mag as I put it on. Still couldn't quite get it on all the way, but still looks nice and even better if you have matching tan or OD furniture
by Gregory N. on 03/11/2018
"I just plain agree with the guy above me I might even get a couple more just to keep things uniform
by Sean K. on 01/04/2018
"Very good mag assists!!!
you can put them on quite easily but its very hard to get off
by Holdent P. on 10/30/2017
"I use these on my Elite Force mid caps. Honestly they are functional but another feature of these is that they make your mid caps look pretty cool. Very easy to pull them out of your vest or any pouches that you carry your mid caps in. Once they are on your mid caps it is very difficult for them to come off, so you never have to worry about trying to pull your mid caps out of your pouch or vest and having a problem. Very good texture to them and very inexpensive in my opinion.
by Timoteo M. on 07/12/2017
"Awesome mag assists. Love these. They fit nice and snug around the sides of the magazine and by that I mean that the bottom is open so you can wind your hicaps. I like them because I can just hook a finger and pull them out with no issue or drag.

The only con I can think of is I have an LM4 and in order to fill the mags with gas I have to take them off and they're pretty tight. Also, you can't slap the bottom, so it can take some getting used to.
by Cameron D. on 05/23/2017
"Definitely a good upgrade to magazine swaps. Makes it much easier to grab them from taco pouches or kydex holsters. Also these look hella tacti-cool.
They're a pain in the wang to get them on in the first place, and once they're on, you cant access the maintainence screw in most mags. But on the upside of this, they definitely wont slip off... like ever. If you wanna take these off you're gonna have to work for it or use some tools.
Made of that fine-ass high-quality rubber that Magpul is known for, and definitely fills the bill it sells. Would reccomend if you wanna shave a few seconds off your reload time.
by Bryce P. on 04/07/2017
"Quality construction
Extremely tight fit, which is good, but I mean TIGHT. It will be hard to install. However that way it will not fall or pull off easily mid game.
by steven o. on 04/07/2013
"great looks on gun easy price buy when its in stock 5/5
by steven o. on 11/01/2012
"very nice looking definatly get it no cons all pros
by Josh K. on 08/30/2012
"These are great. I got like 12 for my m4 and AUG. Work great

-Tacticalness (It is NOW a word)
-Helps with epic reloads or reloading like a boss
-Really tight fit means its not gonna fall off

-Pain in the butt to install on just about any M4 Mag. Its REALLLLLLY tight so youre gonna have to wiggle it on their pretty good. If you have magpul emags youre gonna have to take off the baseplates for these to fit. May apply to other mags with base plates.
-Doesnt work on AUG HICAP mags that well. The reason is that if you look an AUG Hicap it kinda has a lip on the bottom. Once you slide the plate out, put the magpul on, and put the plate back on, it doesnt leave a ton of space for you to slid your finger in to turn the winding wheel. Should work fine on midcaps though.

Besides that, these magpuls are boss.
An essential if you are going for a tactical look!
5/5 stars
by erik s. on 07/03/2012
"these are amazing fits on mags great makes them look more tactical and cool it does everything it says it does awesome buy these right now!
by Jeremy B. on 12/20/2011
"WORKS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! honestly this is the best choice i ever made, no more dropping mags on the feild! I highly recommend these to anyone with an M4 type gun!
by Hicham E. on 12/14/2011
"For all of you skeptics out there, be a believer. These little mag assists are extremely useful for quickly switching magazines. If you really take a look at the design, MagPul actually put a lot more detail into these diminutive accessories than what meets the eye at first. The lower part of the mag assist where you put your finger has a hill-like shape to it and a nice grip texture to it. When you look at it, it seems like the whole thing has a rough texture to it, but its smooth and has a cool feel to it. The trademarks enhance the overall look of it. One side says 5.56 NATO CAGE 1LX50 and the other side says MAGPUL PAT. 6,212,815. I hear that the common belief for the mag assists is that they are easy to slip on and you need tape to keep them secure onto the magazine. I will tell you that's NOT true. First off, they are pretty difficult to get on an M4 magazine. You kind of have to get one end in and then stretch the other end to get it on the other side of the magazine. Then sliding it down to the correct position is pretty easy. Contrary to popular belief, you do NOT have to use tape to keep it on, at least for M4 mags. They stay extremely tight onto the mag, and the only way to get them off is by pulling it but not pressing the mag release. Overall very good product, especially for the fact that they only cost $3.31 a piece. I would recommend this to anyone who needs to speed up their magazine-switching time and wants to spice up their good.

P.S. - They look REALLY good on tan mags
by david l. on 12/06/2010
"best thing ever. no more fiddlin around trying to pull me mags out of tight pouches.
by Christopher M. on 02/09/2010
"Very tight fitting on my M4 mags. So kind of a pain to install but of course you don't want it to slide off hahaha.

Looks great and does the job. A must have if you want to be the best