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Evike Custom 500 FPS M14 Airsoft Gas Blowback Sniper Rifle by WE (Metal / Imitation Wood)

6 Customer Reviews

by Alex W. on 07/02/2017
"I mean, sure, it's an m14, so it's nice, it's also a gas blowback, and that's good and all, but there is one more thing.

One thing about this gun that cannot be eclipsed.

The price is dank m8
by David Y. on 06/14/2017
"I purchased this about a year ago and with one major exception, it's been an excellent replica of an M14.

This gun is HEAVY, and I am no weakling myself. It is by far the heaviest of any of my AEG/GBBR's, and that's without any optics. It would be pretty difficult lugging this thing around all day, and its length makes it impractical for CBQ scenarios. Due to its weight and length, it's difficult to aim down on your target quickly. A sling is pretty much mandatory.

However, once aimed in, this gun is VERY accurate. Out of the box, this is the most accurate of all my GBBR's. I am more accurate with this gun on iron sights than I am with other guns with scopes, and that's with the stock barrel and bucking! With the enhanced high output nozzle, this GBBR is also by far the hardest hitting. It works well with all bb weights but obviously with a gun like this, the heavier ammo the better. There is little magazine cool-down. I can get two mags (40 rounds) out of one fill and haven't pushed it beyond that. I imagine with the heavy bolt and rotating cover that it moves, this gun is somewhat of a gas hog but I'm happy with two mag's worth. The gun loads reliably without damaging the bbs. I never experienced a jam (unlike my GHK AK's, which required quite a bit of mod work to load reliably).

A couple of things I didn't really like: the polymer stock, although heavy and very sturdy, looks and feels somewhat artificial (which it is). You can replace it with a real wood stock, but that gets pricey and they are hard to find in stock. I bought a real M14 surplus stock for $25 but have not modified it to fit yet. Another weak area is the heat shield. It looks completely out of place and frankly, fake. However, that is easily remedied by sanding, priming, and spray painting it a flat black (or whatever color you choose).

The bolt catch/lock-back works reliably during operation. However, it doesn't replicate the real M14's action when the bolt is pulled back manually. There are "real M14 bolt" parts from RA Tech which will fix this oversight, and they are not too expensive.

The receiver is unmarked, meaning it is not laser etched with the "U.S. Rifle/Springfield Armory" details. A marked steel upgrade from RA Tech is available but will run over $400 before discounts, so that's unfortunate.

But by far the biggest flaw with the M14 is the trigger box. I don't know what the designer was thinking, but you could not draw up a more fragile design. The housing comes in two pieces which will separate with time as you use the gun. Eventually, it'll fail (estimates run from 1,000 to 3,000 rounds). There have been reports of it causing accidental discharges as it deteriorates - a very dangerous situation with any gun. There are fixes for this, but I just went ahead and bought the RA Tech trigger box. It is pricey at $200, but there usually is a good discount coupon on Evike, making it the cheapest place to buy this item. The RA Tech unit drops right in and is more smooth than the stock unit. The trigger itself is slightly rounded and feels more comfortable. This is really the only upgrade you will need for the WE M14, and it's really worthwhile.

In summary, the WE M14 is an amazing performer. It is very hard hitting and extremely accurate. There are some things which could have been done better aesthetically, but they are fixable. Internally, the trigger box must be replaced at some point (or fixed, if you have welding skills). This gun is a real conversation piece and I would say it's very unlike any AEG or even GBBR.
by Henry C. on 02/22/2015
"I got this M14 over the summer along with a WE tech AKS74UN and i got to say it is a fantastic rifle, even though I had a small problem with it wobbling, it was easily solved. If you want a rifle that is great at range and is a select fire dmr, or if you want a rifle to complete your Vietnam war load out, or to just have a retro gbbr, then this is a rifle you should look into, and if you don't like the barrel length, RA tech has a socom barrel kit for around $90 other than that, great rifle, great high school grad present and rock on WE tech!
I forgot to add that this is also a long rifle and a bit heavy, and I'm 6'3" and 135 pounds, so I have no problems handling it, but if you're a little smaller, you should double check into it.
by Goerge G. on 04/03/2013
"This is less of an airsoft gun and more of a real rifle, its built like a tank and the sound is like music(only louder). It is very powerfull and surprisingly accurate even when the hopup isnt adjusted. However I was actually expecting to be heavier with all the reveiws for the normal version of this gun complaining about weight, I actually find the weight perfect.

good weight
super realistic
good fake wood

mag is a different color (matches my sling perfectly though so i don't care)
giant ugly flash hider (I just painted it black)
the heat gaurd is really shiny and unrealistic compared to the gun
by enrique d. on 09/25/2011
"This is a very good gun. Highly recommended. Shoots very hard and dead accurate(I recommend you buy a red dot sight, because a scope takes too long to aim). The only cons I can think of are that, after upgrading the mag to 30 rds, the bolt does not lock every time, and it is really heavy(around 14 lbs).
by sam r. on 04/17/2014
"I had one of these for 2 years. Without going into a huge in depth review I can simply say this... This gun is like a german sportscar: When the it works, it is a lot of fun; when it breaks it's expensive. I had roughly $90 in repairs (REPAIRS, not upgrades) before I sold it for a $150 loss. These are 'nice' guns but very much BUYER BEWARE.